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The Tester

Artist, voice actor, melon farmer -- that's Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson in a nutshell. He launched into stardom on the Flash repository Newgrounds with his Awesome series, videogame parodies ranging from Metal Gear Solid to Knuck... read feature

The Tester gets all Fear Factor-ish on PSN next week

Jan 31
Sony's PSN reality show "The Tester" might be my favorite guilty pleasure. The last two seasons have provided more laughs than I can recall, and simultaneously made me cringe at the thought of belonging to the same soci... read

Get a chance to work for Sony via The Tester Season 3

Aug 04
Sony has let loose that a casting call for The Tester: Season 3 has begun and the winner will get a job at Santa Monica Studios. You may be familiar with their work if you've ever played a little gem called God of War. If you... read

E3 10: The Tester gets second season, casting call open

Jun 16
Loved The Tester? Hated it to death? Were totally indifferent to its existence? Well, it doesn't matter what you thought about it, because Sony's green lit a second season of The Tester, set to air this fall on the PlayStatio... read

On April 19, Will "Cyrus" Powers will start his job in the PlayStation Quality Assurance department in San Diego, California. He didn't get the job by simply applying and acing your standard job interview, and he didn't ha... read feature

'The Tester' Recap: balls and megaphones

Feb 26
This week's episode of SCEA's "The Tester" reminded me what would happen to another reality show, "Fringe," if it lost its star Michael Cerveris. The writers would be at a loss -- nay, in a crisis! Cerveris' big bald head and creepy child molester stare is the reason the show exists. He's its lifeblood, much like "Barmy" was to "The Tester" before receiving the boot. read

The second episode of 'The Tester' hits PSN

Feb 25
Somehow the producers of fledgling SCEA reality-show, "The Tester," have figured out a way to keep new episodes coming despite already offing its star, the charmer turned bird expert "Barmy." The second episode of the series ... read

'The Tester' Recap: 'Barmy' goes home, cries

Feb 19
I haven't watched a reality TV show since the inaugural season of "Lost." I didn't like it. I thought the winner should have been the bald voodoo doctor instead of whats-his-hole, the guy who generated sympathy by doing his s... read

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