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The Almighty Dollar

Game Republic has closed its doors?

Jun 16
Game Republic, the studio behind such original titles as Folklore and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, has sadly disappeared from the face of the earth.  The company's website has been taken offline and its Tokyo offices ... read

Wii U only supports one player because of price concerns

Jun 16
Nintendo has revealed that the Wii U will only support one controller at a time because of price concerns. Nintendo apparently has the technology required to support four controllers at once, but the publisher claims it's too... read

PS3 sales up in spite of PSN downtime

Jun 14
Your personal data was compromised, but don't panic! Sony was doing just fine. The company proudly boasted that PS3 sales actually rose during the PlayStation Network downtime, promising that its system is "stronger than ever... read

Sony to no longer make PS3-like, expensive consoles

May 27
When Sony proudly announced that the PlayStation 3 would cost $599, way back in 2006, the world laughed and Sony didn't understand why. The console was an expensive investment but a significant number of consumers didn't like... read

PlayStation brand makes $435 million profit

May 26
There's been a lot of bad Sony news recently, so the fans and fanboys may like to know that the company has seen a big profit on the PlayStation brand for the 2010 financial year, raking in $435 million (or ¥35.6 bil... read

Sony: PlayStation Store to return May 24

May 19
Sony has told publishers to expect the PlayStation Store on May 24. That's according to a memo sent to various companies, which of course found its way to the proles of the Internet.  As previously revealed, Sony plans t... read

Brink dev: 1% of games shouldn't make 99% of the profit

May 14
Brink developer Splash Damage has criticized the near-monopoly that certain games have on the market, lamenting the state of affairs that sees a small fraction of titles rake in the majority of the money. According to the stu... read

Microsoft buys Skype, bringing it to Xbox Live

May 10
Microsoft has sunk its razor-sharp fangs into everybody's favorite Internet-talking-thing, Skype. It cost the company $8.5 billion, which is silly money, and the company aims to bring the service to Xbox Live.  "Skype wi... read

PSN outage costs Capcom 'hundreds of thousands'

May 09
Capcom has confessed that the PlayStation Network breach and subsequent downtime cost the company "hundreds and thousands" of dollars, which could easily become millions.  "I’m frustrated and upset by [the outage] ... read

Hulu Plus offering a week's credit to PSN users

Apr 27
It's a small comfort, but here's a bit of positive news concerning the ongoing PSN debacle. Hulu Plus will be offering a week's credit to benefit those subscribers who accessed the service via PlayStation Network.  Since... read

Final Fantasy III comes to iOS, is quite expensive

Mar 24
Square Enix has released Final Fantasy III for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The publisher is known for charging silly amounts of money for its mobile games, but this may have broken the record -- Final Fantasy III iOS wi... read

Easy Studios: $60 game prices are 'exploitative'

Mar 22
Do you like paying $60 for the latest videogames? Easy Studios boss Ben Cousens hates that you do it. Criticizing the current price of games as "exploitative", Cousens believes the free-to-play model is superior.  "I can... read

Looks like I may have been wrong about Knights Contract

Mar 21
You might remember that we reviewed Knights Contract a few weeks ago, and I called it a broken, sloppy, dull, pointless waste of space. I urged you not to buy it, but apparently I was mistaken -- given its current price ... read

THQ doesn't want to 'kill' pre-owned game market

Mar 17
THQ has been one of several publishers to embrace the "online pass" scheme that combats used sales by demanding secondhand buyers pay $10 to unlock a title's online content. Despite its fight against pre-owned, however, the p... read

THQ stock falls following mixed Homefront reviews

Mar 16
THQ has sunk a lot of time and money into Homefront, the recently released "alternate history" shooter. Unfortunately, it seems that the effort may blow up in THQ's face, with investors allegedly "spooked" by the game's ... read

Microsoft to punish MS Point exploiters

Mar 12
This past week, we brought word that cheeky exploiters were dishing out free Microsoft Points any time somebody refreshed their website. As gamers sat back and refreshed their way to dozens of point codes, Microsoft lost some... read

Nintendo 3DS breaks preorder records in UK

Mar 04
Did anybody doubt that the 3DS would be a success? Perhaps the most ardently hateful fanboy. Unfortunately, impotent online rage isn't enough to stop the system's momentum, with word that it's broken Nintendo's all-time preor... read

Geohot: Don't blame me for PSN cheats, gimme some money

Feb 21
George "Geohot" Hotz has become something of a celebrity for his part in the cracking and distribution of the PlayStation 3's security code. Thanks to him, many hackers have torn their PS3s apart, and not all of them have don... read

Apple officially lets Apps charge subscription fees

Feb 16
It's time to shove a cork up your arsehole, folks, because Apple just kickstarted the buggery of a lifetime. The App Store now officially allows in-App purchases to extend to subscription fees, meaning that some of those game... read

Sony dropped NGP features to keep it 'affordable'

Feb 14
Sony has revealed that the impressive specifications for its PSP successor could have been even more astounding if price wasn't an issue. The NGP apparently had a few more tricks up its sleeve, but they were nipped in the bud... read

Boy spends over £1000 on Xbox Live, mother blames MS

Feb 09
An eleven-year-old boy racked up an almighty £1,082.52 on his mother's debit card after an Xbox Live spending spree. Rather than blame the child, or herself for being so stupid, the mother in question has scolded M... read

Debunk: No, GameStop WON'T sell the NGP for $1,000

Jan 27
GameStop has started to take preorders for the freshly revealed PSP successor, codenamed the Next Generation Portable. However, some people have gotten their panties in a bunch over the price estimate, which lists the console... read

Sony: NGP will be 'affordable'

Jan 27
So the NGP has been announced, a successor to the PSP with quad-core, 3G, twin sticks, a touchpad, intense graphics and motion sensing. As we find ourselves drowning in specifications, only one question remains unanswered -- ... read

Pachter: Nintendo will regret low 3DS price

Jan 21
The $249.99 price point for the Nintendo 3DS has been heavily debated since it was announced this week. While many find this a fair price, there are plenty who believe it's too high. Naturally, Michael "slit testes" Pachter h... read

Nintendo UK: 3DS is definitely worth the money

Jan 19
While most US gamers were mildly pleased with the 3DS' $249.99 price point, those perpetually unfortunate European gamers are less than thrilled. Nintendo UK, however, has defended the projected £219-£230 pri... read

Infinity Blade becomes fastest grossing App of all time

Dec 13
Who knew that mobile gamers could be graphics whores? Epic's ambitious iOS debut, Infinity Blade, has become the fastest grossing App of all time, helped in no small part thanks to its hype, critical acclaim and strikingly im... read

Pachter demands online multiplayer subscription fees

Dec 07
Industry analyst Michael "The Pink Jackal" Pachter has been obsessed with multiplayer charges for the past year, demanding that we gamers need to accept them as a reality, and constantly telling Activision to slap a subscript... read

Microsoft has revealed that Kinect is a hit, netting 2.5 million sales in 25 days worldwide. With a little help from Black Friday and plenty of aid from Microsoft's infinite marketing budget, the gadget has given its maker pl... read feature

G4 gets exclusive multi-year coverage deal with E3

Nov 29
G4 has basically bought E3 for the next few years, signing a deal that will grant it exclusive showfloor video coverage. Basically, they get a 24-hour live feed and everybody else can leave their video cameras at home.  Personally, I'm looking forward to the day that E3 just bans everybody else from attending and hosts the show in Adam Sessler's kitchen. read

Dtoid (the show): Thanksgiving! Sales! GRATITUDE!

Nov 24
Hey! We did a Thanksgiving episode! Tara got dressed up in traditional Native American garb, and she looks amazing. Me? I look sort of like Nicolas Cage from The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I guess it could have been worse. They ... read

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