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Takeover time!


Josef from Machinarium is in Super Meat Boy PC

Nov 13
Have you played Machinarium? If not, you should do that. The game is amazing. I can't wait to buy it (again) when it comes out on WiiWare. In the meantime, I've got this appearance from Josef in Super Meat Boy PC to tide me o... read

What is Destructoid? It's this thing! We publish it. We love our readers. We have unleashed a string of contests so awesome that babies and whales are reportedly melting. But first, a matter of business. I'd like to remind ev... read feature


No sleep had! We gamed all to night benefit cancer fund

Oct 18
Update:  We're live!  ... but just for another half hour!We have raised over $4,000 in the last 24 hours but that's still a tiny amount to what's realistically needed to cure c... read

Romero 'sorry' for initial reaction to Zenimax deal

Jun 25
Ranty game developer and former id prodigy John Romero has apologized for yesterday's Twitter-based outburst upon hearing that Zenimax had bought the Doom developer. Fresh off a podcast interview that's due out on Friday, Rom... read

Romero: Zenimax id buyout is 'disgusting'

Jun 24
Well, it didn't take him long. Outspoken game designer and former id man John Romero has stuck his oar into the Zenimax/id buyout situation, sharing only one adjective on the idea of Bethesda's parent company owning the famou... read

Rumortoid: Apple interested in Electronic Arts

May 05
I've often said it'll be a case of "if" and not "when" on the subject of Apple getting into the game biz, and if recent "chatter" is to be believed, the home of the iPod may be looking towards ac... read

Download the DTOID PlayXPert in-game software

Apr 07
It feels like just yesterday Destructoid was first telling the masses about PlayXPert; an in-game overlay tool designed to put a little less wear on your alt+tab keys. Just recently we got the chance to once again c... read

Capcom holds back on d-pad to guard against takeover/acquisition

Apr 17
Every Street Fighter knows that a strong defense is every bit as important as a strong offense ("scoops! Häagen-Dazs!") is. It doesn't matter what kind of moves you have up your sleeve if you're not ready to de... read

CNET blasts EA and Take-Two for using the press

Mar 26
There's a joke in this and I am going to mercilessly ram it into the ground for no reason other than to be an ass. So brace yourselves ...CNET, a company that has absolutely no experience in being used by videogames companies... read

EA strongarms Take-Two, goes public [Update]

Feb 24
Whoever said that weekends are slow apparently forgot to consult with CEO John Riccitiello. He drops the bomb on us this Sunday, going public with the news that EA is deadly serious about adding Take-Two to their po... read

Square Enix plans for world domination, acquisitions

Feb 01
While I'm a JRPG fan first, and while I love most of what comes out of Square Enix, I've always pictured them as a sort of Shinra Electric Power Company (from Final Fantasy VII) in the making. They started out small, with the... read

EA can't wait to expand in Japan

Sep 20
Still trying to forget about its past fall from grace, EA is looking to further expand the reaches of its empire in Japan through a few well-placed acquisitions and partnerships of "mutual benefit." You know, the ty... read

Could Ubisoft be in line to own Lara Croft and company?

Sep 06
We just told you about the possibility of SCi Entertainment/Eidos being taken over, and now it looks like Ubisoft was the one making a bid approach.The Guardian just ran an article that says that the bidding is "believed... read

Eidos (SCi Entertainment) to be bought up, share prices climb

Sep 04
The Telegraph says that SCi Entertainment's (think Eidos brand: Tomb Raider, Hitman, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men) stock prices are flying high after word got out that an offer for the company is in the works. SCi said: "Fol... read

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