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Microsoft photo

Microsoft is skipping TGS this year

It skipped announcements at E3, too
Jul 10
// Chris Carter
To the surprise of no one, Microsoft is skipping out on spending thousands to make an appearance at TGS (Tokyo Game Show) -- taking place from September 17 to September 20 this year. Speaking to Famitsu (translated by Gematsu...
Sega not dead photo
Sega not dead

Sega pledges 'quality,' console game announcement at TGS

Not just mobile and browser games!
Jul 07
// Steven Hansen
Sega bowed out of E3 completely this year as the company continued to wind down relevancy as a developer and publisher of moderate to big budget video games. But wait! Earlier this morning, we reported on Sega boss Hajime Sat...
Mobile gaming!  photo
Mobile gaming!

The cell phone in this year's Tokyo Game Show promo art seems very intentional

Mobile gaming!
May 21
// Steven Hansen
The Tokyo Game Show has revealed this year's promo art meant to go with the theme of "playing games with more freedom," hence the high flying hover board and, presumably, Puzzle & Dragons stuffed mobile phone. And whateve...
TGS cosplay video photo
TGS cosplay video

TGS cosplay nailed Sora's goofy ass clown shoes

Adorbs Ico, ass-kicking Street Fighter, Metal Gear and plenty of other cool costumes
Oct 06
// Steven Hansen
Those Sora shoes at 30 seconds. The coolest, grossest thing. Also, we need some new filming techniques for cosplay videos beyond "slow mo, then drop the bass and spin around people a bunch." Where's the Citizen Kane of cosplay videos, you know?  Any of ya'll dressing up for Halloween? I'm going to be a joke. 

Final Fantasy XV photo
Final Fantasy XV

Hajime Tabata clears up some concerns about Final Fantasy XV's battle system

'You aren't invincible.'
Oct 02
// Brittany Vincent
After the lengthy trailers and gameplay demonstrations of TGS 2014, Square Enix played host to a Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Extended Talk Show earlier this morning, during which Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata was on han...
MGSV photo

Adopt a wolf cub in Metal Gear Solid V and he'll grow up to be badass

This wolf has an eyepatch. Seriously
Sep 19
// Alessandro Fillari
I was blown away by the extended Metal Gear Solid V gameplay demo from TGS. I knew the game would be huge and comprehensive, but it just keeps surprising me with how much content there seems to be. And we've only seen the tip...
Zodiac multiplayer photo
Zodiac multiplayer

Turn-based JRPG Zodiac's MMO-inspired multiplayer explained

From former Final Fantasy developers
Sep 19
// Steven Hansen
Once you get past the beautiful artwork and big names -- Final Fantasy composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII), series scenario writer Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VII) -- Zodiac does start to ...

Project Morpheus seems to be lagging behind Oculus Rift a bit

Sep 19 // Brett Makedonski
The second game took the VR experience from the ocean to the sky. War Thunder, in this capacity, is a flight simulator that’s been optimized to work with two impressive controls – a pilot’s stick and a large throttle. Tasked only with flying past checkpoints that were marked by blue smoke, I slowly but surely weaved around mountains and hit them all in order. There were other planes firing bullets, but they never hit me, and I never really saw them. Maybe that’ll be fleshed out more if the project is eventually developed as a full game, but it served no real purpose for this demo. Judging by these two demos, it seems as if Project Morpheus just isn’t at the point that Oculus Rift is yet. There’s still a considerable amount of screen blurring when moving your head – something that sticks out like a sore thumb when you see it first-hand. Additionally, the resolution didn’t look as sharp as the titles I’ve played on Oculus. However, it almost feels like a shame to have to make comparisons. Virtual reality experiences continue to be incredible each and every time, no matter what game is on display. These two were no exception. Project Morpheus may not be as far along as its competition yet, but it’ll get there eventually. And, when it does, everyone will win.
Project Morpheus at TGS photo
Still enjoyable, though
As the virtual reality races wages on, different prototypes keep coming out for Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift. I had yet another chance to play two new titles on Project Morpheus at Tokyo Game Show. While they were certain...

TGS photo

Explaining 4th dimension mechanics in translation is probably hard

Sense of Wonder Night
Sep 19
// Steven Hansen
Tokyo Game Show held its annual Sense of Wonder Night, an awards show for unique sorts of games, typically indie. Ten games were up for the prestige of being the most wonderful (in the less casual sense of the word).  W...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate brings a lot of verticality to the table

Sep 19 // Brett Makedonski
[embed]277922:54837:0[/embed] Over the course of 15 minutes or so, we implemented whatever attacks we could to eventually weaken and defeat this monstrosity. Some ranged, some melee, one buckin' bronco, we chased him from area to area and successfully slayed and plundered him. Three cheers for teamwork! The other change to Ultimate is that this iteration is coming to 3DS only. Because of this, it's not necessary to use a Wii U to play with others. Instead, any old wireless hub will work. Three cheers for accessibility! By the time the demo was over, I was ready for another round. We fired up a quick go at a early-game dinosaur monster named The Great Jaggi. We took him down without much difficulty, but more importantly, it satiated that quick need to play just a bit more. It's easy to see why this game is so popular in Japan. Three cheers for Monster Hunter!
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate photo
Water is gone
When the west finally gets Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -- what Capcom calls "the most complete version of 4 that it'll get" -- players are going to need to turn their attention to the layering of the game. Rather...

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 raises more questions than answers

Sep 19 // Brett Makedonski
After enemy numero uno had been dealt with, Moira tapped into her inquisitive side and questioned "What the COCK did I just see?" She's kind of awkward at cursing. Just a bit earlier, she outwardly said that she "didn't give a moist barrel of fucks." Maybe she'll grow into it; she's still young, after all. As the girls traversed the overrun scientific facility (that had jail cells, for some reason), Claire keenly observed that it's sort of a dangerous place. She tried giving Moira a gun, who firmly declined and declared that she "won't hold a gun again, not after what happened." Okay then. However, she's comfortable holding a flashlight, so she's relegated to light duty and spotting resources for Claire to pick up. Along the way, I found a gem tucked inside a desk that obviously acted as some sort of currency. I asked PR what purpose that served, to which I was given the response "we're not talking about that yet." Of course. However, Capcom alluded to the fact that it'd be used to purchase "character-related stuff." That's better than nothing, I guess. Continuing forward, Revelations 2 made the executive decision to throw a whole lot more enemies at me. This was a bit of a problem, because it also puts an emphasis on resource management, meaning that I needed to make every shot count. That's easier to do than I initially figured, because Revelations 2 actually controls decently. That's not always the case in survival horror games. [embed]281060:55605:0[/embed] However, control competence aside, I still managed to find myself in quite the snafu. With three aggressors and not nearly enough bullets (the knife doesn't do a whole lot of damage), I had trouble either fighting them or running away (those bastards can climb ladders faster than I can). With a fortunate combination of dodging, healing, and finding more ammo, I eventually cleared the room, but in critical condition. I didn't want to continue. I knew one of these dudes was going to jump out, scare me, and then kill me. Cautiously, I proceeded, knowing that my fate was all but sealed. Turns out I was wrong. The demo ended shortly thereafter, as the two ladies questioned what the deal was with the glowing green bracelets they were wearing. Lucky me. My introduction to Resident Evil: Revelations 2 continually did that -- raise questions. Why were these two imprisoned? What happened at this facility? Why are we wearing bacelets? The list goes on and on. Something PR was happy to talk about was the way in which the game will be released. On Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC, it's episodic and priced at $5.99 per installment, with four "core" episodes planned. Each episode is estimated to be two to three hours in length the first time through. In early 2015, Capcom will start releasing weekly over the course of a month. There's a season pass for $24.99 that offers some extras, and a physical retail version for $39.99 that has even more additional content. Even though not a lot was divulged, this brief look gave some insight as to the base facets of the game. So far, it seems as if the atmosphere and combat are on-point, even if the swearing isn't. That's a perfectly acceptable start.
Resident Evil preview photo
And, Moira's really awkward at swearing
My time with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 at Tokyo Game Show was brief -- maybe 20 minutes if we're being generous. Swiftly dumped into the beginning of the game, I was left to try to unravel the mystery of what exactly ...

TGS '14 photo
TGS '14

Steven and I rode a carousel of loneliness at TGS

Hard-hitting games news
Sep 19
// Brett Makedonski
Steven and I took a few minutes out of our packed schedule of eating curry and playing videogames to ride a carousel at Tokyo Game Show. Don't tell Dale.

Former Final Fantasy devs team with European studio on JRPG Zodiac

Sep 18 // Steven Hansen
The demo we were shown had you flying on a gryphon through a gorgeous, 2D overworld where you can loot chests and other items. Enemies were represented on screen as black, white-eyed shadows, not dissimilar from Persona. Bumping into one started a turn-based battle, which included the player character, a support character (the lil shorty)  in the foreground and a multiplayer ally in the background.  There are twelve classes based on the zodiac, all attached to four different elemental advantages and all representing typical RPG roles (tanks, and so on). You can switch your class during battle, which changes your character's appearance and your skills. There will also be some character customization when you begin the game -- hopefully something that let's you get away from the default face, the smirking blonde.   Rizzo explained to me that the multiplayer is both real time and asynchronous. You can have a friend's character being directly controller by them or, if they're not present, AI. The story is told through animated, 2D cutscenes and written dialogue, while the experience is meant to be persistent, like an MMO (Rizzo got his start working on Everquest).
Zodiac photo
Final Fantasy VII and XV writer; Final Fantasy Tactics and XII composer
French developer Kobojo has announced a new game, Zodiac, made in collaboration with frequent Final Fantasy composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII), series scenario writer Kazushige Nojima (Final...

Metal Gear Solid V photo
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing
Previously we had a glimpse of Quiet's escapades with the full version of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain teaser posted earlier this week. Now feast your eyes on this 21-minute gameplay demo straight from TGS 2014. ...

Earth Defense Force photo
I bet you're recoiling in shock
In the course of covering videogames, sometimes you go into an appointment knowing exactly what's going to happen. You know precisely how the game will play and what the demo will be like -- everything's just crystal clear. ...

Hands-on Steviews photo
Hands-on Steviews

Bladestorm lives up to its name, looks nice on PS4 and Xbox One

TGS Hands-on Steviews
Sep 18
// Steven Hansen
I'd never played Bladestorm, the historical action/strategy title that seems to be a bit of a cult classic within the Dynasty Warriors type. It's still a bit odd that Koei Tecmo is reviving the 2007 PS3 and 360 game and that ...
Bloodborne photo
If everyone around you's a jerk, maybe YOU'RE the jerk
Maybe it shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but the beings hanging out in the Tokyo Game Show showing of Bloodborne weren't exactly enamored by my presence. That's putting it lightly. Cautiously trekking through the v...

Onechanbara photo

Really, this is the only way you could ever play Onechanbara at TGS

Don't act like you're surprised
Sep 18
// Brittany Vincent
If you want to play Onechanbara Z2: Chaos at TGS 2014, this is how you'll be playing it: looking into windows strategically placed over where nipples would be. Obviously. Were you expecting something else? It looks like an ex...
Metal Gear photo
Metal Gear

That Metal Gear Collection 2014 is actually a clothing line

Oh, Kojima!
Sep 18
// Brittany Vincent
Kojima had been hinting around at something known as the "Metal Gear Collection 2014" for a few weeks now. Naturally, the internet was abuzz with rumors that it could actually be HD remakes of the previous games like Halo's M...
MGSV: The Phantom Pain photo
MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Quiet's disappearing act is awesome in the latest Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer

Insta-emo eyes
Sep 17
// Brittany Vincent
Last week we got a glimpse of Quiet's powers thanks to the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain teaser, and now the entire trailer out of TGS 2014 is available for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese of course -- it's still plenty of unadulterated Metal Gear awesome, though. Hey, Quiet! Why you lookin' so down, homegirl? GamesHQMedia [YouTube]
The Great Ace Attorney photo
The Great Ace Attorney

The Great Ace Attorney trailer features a colorful cast of characters

No Benedict Cumberbatch to be found here, sorry
Sep 17
// Brittany Vincent
The latest batch of TGS hotness is this The Great Ace Attorney trailer, which details the upcoming early 20th century-based spinoff prequel to Phoenix Wright. It also breaks down what look to be some interesting investigatio...
Swery photo

Here's Swery holding a monkey and standing next to a yellow plastic woman

Either TGS is the best, or Swery is the best
Sep 17
// Brett Makedonski
Was that headline not descriptive enough for you? What did you think would be in this post? There's Swery nonchalantly holding a stuffed monkey next to a weird yellow plastic statue thing. He did that during the entirety of h...
D4 photo

Swery's quirky D4 releases worldwide this Friday

Announced at TGS 2014
Sep 17
// Brittany Vincent
Straight out of TGS 2014, it's been announced that Swery65's quirky D4 is launching worldwide this Friday for $14.99 exclusively on Xbox One.  Seeing as this game is episodic, the prologue, episode one, and episode two a...
Final Fantasy XV photo
Check out that ride!
TGS 2014 is already off to a big start with the release of a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. Much to the disappointment of many, it was absent from this year's E3 and gamescom shows, but the nearly three-minute tra...

Nightcrawler photo
The Phantom Pain's resident raccoon
...And that's it. Well, there are some angry raccoon eyes at the end, too.  Wait. Clearly the soldiers see the helicopter above them. And Quiet doesn't even turn invisible until she's mid-fall. Why even turn invisible a...

Bloodborne TGS photo
Bloodborne TGS

Sony isn't sure anyone will beat Bloodborne's TGS demo

Arranging a special prize for anyone that does
Sep 09
// Steven Hansen
Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa tweeted, translation via Dual Shockers, "Let's prepare a prize for those that beat the boss in the demo of Bloodborne at Tokyo Game Show! Now that I selfishly said this, Kitaon w...
Xbox TGS lineup photo
Xbox TGS lineup

Microsoft's TGS lineup includes few Japanese games

'Why doesn't Xbox sell in Japan?' asked nobody ever.
Sep 09
// Kyle MacGregor
Microsoft has revealed its Tokyo Game Show lineup, and one has to wonder how much it will resonate the crowd next week at the Makuhari Messe convention center. Japan has never embraced the Xbox brand, largely due to a lack of software designed to appeal to the local market, and a slate of titles like this doesn't figure to bring about a sea change.
God Eater photo
God Eater

God Eater 2: Rage Burst coming to PS4 and Vita

Gussied up version of last year's release
Sep 02
// Steven Hansen
Namco Bandai announced a touched up God Eater 2, God Eater 2: Rage Burst will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan.  God Eater 2 came to PSP and Vita last year in Japan. Yes, PSP. It was also insinuated that the franchise would continue, perhaps with a proper God Eater 3 down the line. 
Sony conference photo
Sony conference

Persona, Dragon Quest, Gundam, Disgaea, Bloodborne -- Sony's whole pre-TGS conference

In case you missed it
Sep 02
// Steven Hansen
Sony Japan's pre-TGS press conference took place in the wee hours of Sunday night in North America. In case you missed it, the entire conference, where we saw our first trailer for Persona 5, is up on YouTube. There was a gr...
Japan gets cool colors photo
Japan gets cool colors

Japan gets pink and white Vita

At least we finally got a white one
Sep 01
// Steven Hansen
After showing off some Vita games meant to appeal to women, Sony announced a new, pink and white Vita variant at its pre-TGS conference.  It looks like that pink and white 3DS that I still regret not getting. I chose the...

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