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Sharknado iOS

Sharknado is now an actual game you can play

...but probably shouldn't
Jul 29
Sharknado: The Video Game is out now, you know. It's the kind of thing people will have strong opinions about, the type of rash and fiery opinions that make the Internet go round. My thoughts on this iOS endless runner ... read

I'm surprised it took this long for a Sharknado game to happen

It's for iOS, of course
Jul 08
Until now, I had managed to avoid hearing about Sharknado 2: The Second One. That's debuting on Syfy on Wednesday, July 30 and just in time for the sequel, Majesco and Other Ocean will have a licensed game based on the disast... read

Heroes of Cosplay debuts on SyFy Channel tonight

Cosplays imagined greater
Aug 13
Premiering tonight on SyFy is a new reality show based around the ever growing world of cosplay titled Heroes of Cosplay. The show will delve into the lives of nine cosplayers, of varying levels, as they go through the ... read
Free codes for sharp eyes
This week we're sponsored by Defiance, an MMO by Trion Worlds collaborating with Syfy, whose on-air and in-game worlds both share the same paced story progression.  The TV show and game launch on April 15th, and we've go... read feature

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