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OlliOlli 2 photo
New combo system and moves
OlliOlli took off like a storm after it hit the Vita. While it was an unassuming indie skating game, its quality spoke for itself, and it's a certified success at this point. Developer Roll7 didn't rest on its laurels t...

Super Bowl photo
Super Bowl

Madden's predictions and my prop bets for the Super Bowl

Get your bookie on the horn
Jan 27
// Brett Makedonski
As it's wont to do anytime a major sport's national championship comes around, EA released a prediction for the outcome of the Super Bowl based on its season-old game Madden '15. In the match-up between two teams whose hands...
Gunsport photo

Gunsport's idea of a dystopian future is cyberpunk volleyball

Future millenium sporting action
Jan 26
// Darren Nakamura
In the future, two teams of two people will face one another in small arenas. Guns at the ready, they will prepare their trigger fingers, take aim, and fire... at a volleyball. At least, that is what Gunsport predicts the fu...
Gaming culture photo
Gaming culture

NBA logos go gaming

Luigi's pants, tho
Jan 24
// Robert Summa
Have a favorite NBA team? Have a favorite gaming mascot? Did you want them combined? No? Well, too bad because someone just did that. Have a look at these cool designs by ak47_studios.
NBA2K15 photo

The woes of NBA2K15

Or why it's hard being a NBA2K addict
Jan 23
// Robert Summa
If you're a non-sports game fan, then your only association with NBA2K is probably the image above of my boy Jeffrey. Poor Jeffrey, he's literally become the face of an entire franchise. It doesn't have to be this way. And it...

Bud Light turns man into Pac-Man in Super Bowl ad

This will probably never happen to you
Jan 23
// Conrad Zimmerman
Bud Light has released one of the ads which will air during the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX, in which an unsuspecting beer consumer becomes the player of a fully-realized, physical Pac-Man game while a live DJ spins music in a ...
Mutant Football League photo
Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League failed its Kickstarter, but it's still in development

Pre-alpha footage
Jan 20
// Chris Carter
Mutant Football League didn't do so well with its $750,000 Kickstarter goal, only meeting $141,821 in total. But that wasn't the end for the project, as the developers noted that it will see the light of day. That was in 201...
Japanese baseball photo
Japanese baseball

This is the year I finally import Pro Yakyuu Spirits

Konami's Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2015 coming to PS3, Vita in Japan this spring
Jan 13
// Kyle MacGregor
MLB The Show is the only baseball game in town these days. Well, if you don't count things like Super Mega Baseball, which I don't. Not really. Not enough Yasiel Puig. Or something. It's the only Major League Baseball game ar...

Review: Super Mega Baseball

Jan 12 // Chris Carter
Super Mega Baseball (PS3, PS4 [reviewed])Developer: Metalhead SoftwarePublisher: Metalhead SoftwareReleased: December 16, 2014MSRP: $19.99 I'm not going to sugar coat it. Super Mega Baseball doesn't have a whole lot of options or extras in its downloadable incarnation. There's no training camp, massive simulation mode, coaching options, or batting and pitching minigames. Instead, Mega does one thing and does it very, very well: a modern arcade rendition of baseball. One of my favorite things about Mega right off the bat is that it has a really cool tutorial that's designed to just "let you play." I'm too used to going straight to the help menu these days, and immediately the developers put in a little message saying "we recommend you play a game first before reading!" I love it! Another easy sell is the cartoony veneer that reminds me of old-school arcade baseball games. It's easy to get into as the characters look semi-lifelike but exaggerated, with ridiculous hair and accessories. Teams are mostly named after animals, including the Moonstars and the Wild Pigs, and have their own special focus like power pitching or batting. The crowd effects are also impressive and the stadiums are interesting, which all help set the tone. [embed]285877:56854:0[/embed] Every system from batting to pitching to fielding is set up so that it's easy to learn, but tough to master. The former lets you aim a contact swing with the analog stick, compensating for where you think the pitch is going to go -- once you're ready, just hit the corresponding button. Flavor text will pop up that tells you whether you swung early or late, which not only adds to the charm, but also helps you improve. You can also bunt or hold a different swing button to charge up a power hit, giving you a roughly three-second window to garner the highest amount of power before the charge fizzles out. It was here that I realized how deep Super Mega Baseball really was. It may have a silly art style, but the depth is real, and even hardcore sports fans will have a skill ceiling to work towards. You can edit your batting lineup if you so choose. Baserunning is also fun, as you can hold L1 to advance all runners, R1 to return, and hold both to freeze -- which makes pickles particularly fun. You can also individually control runners with the analog stick. Fielding is probably my favorite part. Players can automatically gravitate towards a pop fly, but the more you jack up the "Ego" meter at the start (read: handicap), the less automation you'll get. Think "All Madden" and you'll have some sort of idea of what to expect. Again, there's plenty of advanced options here, including the choice to toss power or light throws (the former is timed just like power hitting), and you can cut throws from the outfield to the infield by pressing L1, or throw to any base by pressing the applicable face button that matches up to the diamond. As expected pitching is also a well-crafted system. You can choose your pitch type from plenty of options like a two-seam fastball and a forkball, in addition to your typical sliders and curves. Pressing the button for a perfect pitch is also timed like nearly every other skill-based mechanic, and you can of course choose the trajectory. As a result every pitch is intense, and the transitions are so quick that it doesn't feel like any particular game is dragging on and on. The default setting is for five innings, but you can go up to the standard nine. Custom characters are a big focus, with options to edit first and last names, gender, appearance, skin tone, mood, and jersey number. If the team names were any clue this isn't your typical baseball game, and you can have whoever you want in your particular lineup. If you're the type of person who likes to put their family and friends into games and painstakingly recreate every detail, this is your chance. Again, don't expect to be playing Super Mega Baseball for months down the line if you don't dig massive amounts of exhibition games. There is a season mode, but it's basically just a string of games without a whole lot of meta-options. And while there are technically unlocks, they're more like marginal perk-like increases for your team such as "Yoga Classes" that provide a small stat increase. They aren't all that exciting. If you so choose you can go at it solo, but the game supports up to four players. Super Mega Baseball should be your next purchase if you moderately enjoy baseball on any level. Although it doesn't have the bells and whistles you may expect from a recent sports title, you'll be playing for quite some time based on the strength of the core game alone, whether it's by yourself or with friends. [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]
Mega Baseball review photo
Indie in the outfield
Like many people out there, I learned how to play most sports through videogames. By the time I entered various real-life leagues for baseball, basketball, and football, I had a grasp of the basic concepts of each, mostly tha...

EA Sports UFC photo
EA Sports UFC

It's now easier to unlock Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC

Old-school cool via free download
Dec 23
// Jordan Devore
Martial artist Bruce Lee is in EA Sports UFC, somehow. You can play as him after besting Career Mode on Pro difficulty or higher, or instantly if you pre-ordered the game. Because money. That's how it was, anyway. Electronic ...
EA Access photo
EA Access

EA Sports UFC (and Bruce Lee!) joins EA Access on December 18

Seventh game in The Vault
Dec 11
// Jordan Devore
Damn. Started my last post about EA Access by admitting I keep forgetting the service exists, so it'd be poor form to do that again despite my continued forgetfulness. And now I've muddied this post by calling attention to th...
PUIG! photo

Dodgers star Yasiel Puig is your MLB 15 cover boy

Dec 05
// Kyle MacGregor
Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star outfielder Yasiel Puig is your MLB 15 The Show cover athlete, Sony San Diego announced today. You can probably expect 800% more bat flips in next year's game. MLB The Show [Twitter]
OlliOlli Wii U photo
OlliOlli Wii U

OlliOlli jumps over to Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS next year

Indie skateboarding game will soon be available just about everywhere
Dec 03
// Kyle MacGregor
OlliOlli is bringing its hot moves and catchy beats to Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One early next year, British indie publisher Curve Studios announced today. Roll7's side-scrolling skating game launched exclusively on Play...
Sportsball photo

Sportsball dev on inciting rivalries, Wii U exclusivity, and big birds

Get to know the people who make great videogames
Nov 30
// Jonathan Holmes
[Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great videogames. It airs live every Sunday at 4pm EST on Youtube, and can be found in Podcast form on Libsyn and iTunes.] Last week on Sup Holmes, w...
Radicool photo

Old Man Tony Hawk making another game with Activision

Nov 07
// Steven Hansen
46-year old skateboardman Anthony Frank Hawk tweeted this today: "I'm currently working with Activision on a console game for 2015 (along with a new mobile game). I think fans of THPS series will be hyped." I've looked at tha...
ThumbderDome Wrestling photo
ThumbderDome Wrestling

Hahah okay: ThumbderDome Wrestling is about thumb wrestling

Greater than the thumb of its parts
Nov 05
// Darren Nakamura
I can't quite put my finger on it, but thumbthing about this game really catches my attention. I have to give it a hand; it scores in the double digits as far as silliness goes. ThumbderDome Wrestling is about thumb wrestlin...
Wii U photo
Wii U

I can't make sense of this live-action Sportsball trailer

But I like it, anyway
Oct 30
// Jordan Devore
This trailer for Sportsball -- not to be confused with Action Button Entertainment's Videoball; the narrator's delivery reminded me of Tim Rogers, a bit -- is something else. I feel like I need to watch it about four more ti...
SPORTS! photo

The Giants are pumping Sonic music at batting practice

Green Hill Zone
Oct 16
// Steven Hansen
The San Francisco Giants are getting in the "Green Hill Zone" for tonight's game against the St. Louis Cardinals in San Francisco.'s Anthony DiComo reported that the Giants are taking batting practice to So...
Some kind of monster photo
Some kind of monster

NBA2K15 face scanner has borne creatures that beg for death

Spooky stories to tell in the dark
Oct 07
// Steven Hansen
At least Madden's glitches were funny. This is more like The Fly, or the chimera in Fullmetal Alchemist. 
Madden photo

Breaking Madden makes me actually want to play Madden

Some things were made to be broken
Oct 07
// Nic Rowen
I haven't sat down to willingly play a sports game since me and my brother found NHL Face Off '98 on a demo disk during one VERY boring summer vacation. But every time I read one of Jon Bois' amazing Breaking Madden articles ...
NHL 15 photo
NHL 15

NHL 15 predicts entire hockey season, probably gets it horribly wrong

L.A. Kings again?
Oct 01
// Brett Makedonski
EA Sports used NHL 15 to simulate and predict the upcoming NHL season which begins next week. The results are most likely terribly wrong because nowhere does it anticipate that the Colorado Avalanche will be crowned Sta...
NBA 2K15 photo
NBA 2K15

Drop a dime with Busta Rhymes in new NBA 2K15 trailer

Powerful impact BOOM!
Sep 25
// Brett Makedonski
Turn-around jumpers, one-handed dunks, pull up treys -- this new NBA 2K15 trailer has it all for anyone that cares about defense as much as James Harden does. All that silky smooth rock-handling is even easier to digest...
OlliOlli 2! photo
OlliOlli 2!

OlliOlli 2 announced for PS4 and Vita, coming in 2015

Sicky sicky gnar, bro bro!
Sep 25
// Kyle MacGregor
OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood is coming to PS4 and Vita, Roll7 announced today. The follow-up to this year's stellar skating game is rolling with a new look, multiplayer, a deeper combo system, and a more powerful level editor. Look out for it in 2015. OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Coming to PS4, Vita in 2015 [PlayStation Blog]
NBA 2K15 photo
NBA 2K15

Get a good look at NBA 2K15's 'Mentor' system

Kevin Durant keeps it real
Sep 25
// Chris Carter
A new NBA 2K15 trailer is out in the wild, and it deals with the new mentor system. Last year the developer facilitated a mentorship mechanic with Lebron James, but now the idea has expanded to every NBA team, so whethe...

Review: NHL 15

Sep 24 // Brett Makedonski
NHL 15 (Xbox One [reviewed], PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)Developer: EA CanadaPublisher: EA SportsRelease: September 9, 2014MSRP: $59.99 The direction of EA Canada's focus on developing a hockey title for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is clear -- prioritize the actual game of hockey. Through a thorough revamping of the physics system, the action's more convincing than ever. With the puck acting as a puck and not a spherical ball, small quirky plays happen with regularity, such as a pass hopping over a forward's stick. Likewise, the new physics make their impact on the 12 players on the ice. Crashing the net has never been so fun, as the huge pileups can lead to plenty of sloppy scoring chances. It's also a joy to watch the goaltenders make save after save in differing fashion as they react to the chaotic nature of both the players and the puck. It's tough to estimate exactly how nuanced and deep this physics rehaul goes -- like if the boards at Joe Louis Arena are livelier than other rinks -- but it's enough to make a noticeable and constant impression. For all the work that's gone into physics, it'd be a moot point if NHL 15's AI didn't act like hockey players would. Fortunately, they do. Defensemen will almost always stay at home, making it incredibly difficult to go coast-to-coast alone. Forwards will immediately jump on the backcheck after a turnover, getting the headstart on regaining control. Everyone usually just feels like they're in the spot they should be. [embed]281559:55723:0[/embed] This AI competency means that there really isn't anything in the way of a consistent scoring glitch or strategy that I could find. Maybe wristers halfway into the attacking zone went in more often than they necessarily should, but there's no wraparound trick or one-timer combo that will almost always work. Despite its mostly spot-on gameplay, NHL 15 isn't without its occasional moments that remind you this is just a videogame. In Be a GM mode, I lost Gabriel Landeskog for an extended period of time, but not before he skated up-ice flawlessly and scored a goal immediately after the commentator declared that "he looks shaken up." Likewise, I once surrendered a penalty shot for an infraction along the wing, despite having another defenseman directly in front of the net. Moments like these are staunch reminders that even though the gameplay is good, it's still far from perfect. Really, the one thing that may go the furthest toward tying together NHL 15's illusion of "this is real hockey" is the presentation. Featuring a commentary team of NBC Sports' Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Ray Ferraro, fans would be hard-pressed to ask for a better line-up calling the game (except for you, everyone in Canada). The beginning of each match-up starts with a "live broadcast" that genuinely makes each game seem more important than it really is. What's most impressive about the presentation is how in-depth and dynamic it is. The team will talk about different angles to the game, profile certain characters, or discuss who's on a recent hot streak. Even though you think you know what they're about to say, the commentary's almost always a surprise, as there's a bevy of lines for many situations. Adding to that effect is the mid-game contribution from Ray Ferraro, who's at ice level, and will periodically analyze a player's game, whether it's showcasing his big hits or chronicling his tremendous saves. Of course, this excellence in production translates to the visuals, as one would expect from a game on current consoles. Everything that's happening is sharper and more detailed. The player models look fantastic, and give plenty of reason to watch post-goal celebrations. When you watch the ice shavings as the goalie carves up the crease after an intermission, well, you get sort of nostalgic for that trademark hockey rink smell. But, for everything it does right on the ice, NHL 15 missteps horribly off-ice. This year's iteration is simply stunningly lacking in game modes and options, especially compared to NHL 14. Fans of the franchise will likely be affected in some way, as the list of things nixed is too great to ignore. Just as a sample, gone are EA Sports Hockey League, GM Connected, Winter Classic, Be a Legend, and regular old season mode. Those are just some of the greater examples. Even for the modes that remain, many are scaled back in inexplicable ways. For instance, in Be a Pro, it's no longer an option to simulate to the next shift. You're just forced watch mindlessly from the bench. Unfortunate enough to take a penalty? Then you might as well just go make a sandwich or take a restroom break. Be a GM is similarly stripped. For a mode that thrives on control, NHL 15 gives you next to none. The AHL affiliate teams have been done away with, and players in the minors don't accumulate any season stats -- they just sort of exist without any progress that you can control. There are no longer any goals to aim other than winning (I guess). Probably most egregious, the year-end draft is completely run by the CPU, and the preseason and fantasy drafts are gone. Predictably, the Hockey Ultimate Team mode is plenty intact. After all, EA looks at it as a central piece to making $1 billion from extra content this year. However, the only way to earn pucks now seems to be from playing online -- no longer picking up a few from time spent in singleplayer modes. Or, (as EA would surely like) just open up that wallet of yours. For what it's worth, EA's patching some of these missing features back into NHL 15. Already added are a playoff mode, coach feedback in Be a Pro, and the three stars of the game (how the latter was ever overlooked, I'll never know). Coming soon are online team play and the aforementioned ability to control the draft in Be a GM. That's the extent of the plans that EA has outlined thus far. It's all such a shame because at its heart NHL 15 is a very solid hockey game. It just doesn't do any of the non-hockey stuff right. Honestly, newcomers to the franchise might not even notice. But, series veterans would feel incredibly cheated. If nothing else, this is a great foundation for EA Canada to build on as it gets more comfortable developing for Xbox One and PS4. There are undoubtedly great things in the pipeline for the NHL franchise, but NHL 15 isn't a part of those plans.
NHL 15 reviewed photo
On-ice first star, off-ice distraction
With regard to sports games, the most important facet of any given title should always be the actual playing of the sport. That's how NHL 15 is. It mostly shines when you're on-ice, leading the charge through the neutral...

Soccer suckers photo
Soccer suckers

FIFA 15 PC glitch just runs everyone to the center of the pitch

Good job, EA
Sep 24
// Steven Hansen
FIFA 15, just released yesterday in North America and yet to be released in Europe and the UK, is already having some troubles. Maybe you're in luck if you buy it on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS or Vita (and b...
Assassin's Creed toy photo
Assassin's Creed toy

This Assassin's Creed toy is sort of nice, also awful

Our pal Steven Hansen may or may not disagree
Sep 12
// Kyle MacGregor
Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants hosted the organization's first-ever "Video Gamer Night" Wednesday ahead of a game with the visiting Arizona Diamondbacks. Admission to the special event at AT&T Park came with...

Humanity, splendor, and wonder creep out of commercial systems

Sep 08 // Steven Hansen
I love football, but I hate Football. That big "F" is the one in the middle of "NFL," the most lucrative sports league in the world. It pulled in over $9 billion in revenue last year and wants to be at $25 billion by 2027. Jeb Lund sums it up in a recent Guardian article, "Does watching the NFL make you evil?" The NFL is run by Commissioner Roger Goodell, an optics-obsessed water carrier for 32 chair-moistening, check-cashing aristocrats who leverage economic (and social) resentments to turn their own fans against the labor that creates the game, all while praising themselves as market players in a market that is rigged by law. They filch public funds and flush the effluent from their own monuments into the same local infrastructure they beggar with tax breaks and bond issues. They seem wholly indifferent to the treatment of people who compose half the globe. They let known frauds run teams and don’t care if team names are undisputed racial slurs. And they may have achieved all this shameless excess while suppressing knowledge that their profit engine was literally annihilating the minds of their employees. Lund loves football and the NFL is football (outside of an equally corrupt, unsavory college game). I love football, too, for as much as I hate it. It is easy to hate and love things, simultaneously. It is how a lot of human relationships work. Hate and love are shorthand. I hate anime. I also love anime. I hate anime because I love anime. That is, I love animation and want it to be good (Ping Pong: The Animation) so I am critical of it when it is not good (Attack on Titan). Despite my ribbing insistence that videogames are not a sport, (team) sports and videogames have some similarities, from the corporate billionaire backing to the cog-in-a-machine system that sees few superstar individuals develop a name, a persona, or a place in an interested public's consciousness. Most players' names are unknown, from the woman who rendered all the trees in that one Tolkien-esque forest to the 34-year old pitcher retiring never having been called up to the major league. Or the practice squad player who blows out his knee at 23 and becomes a used car salesman. Often, they are tools. Ground to a nub, discarded, forgotten. The more popular sports happen by the grace of teams, like the AAA teams that develop the biggest games. It's a legacy that goes beyond individual staff members. The Bulls are still the Bulls post Jordan and Square Enix is still Square Enix. That these commercial entities produce something akin to art is cool; wisps of humanity escaping ventures enacted with capitalistic intent by puppeteers, but we love the show because the actors put everything into it.  It is the transcendence of the human interacting in an arcane, self-imposed system of rules, along with the earnest surprise that comes with divergence in those systems. Sports are a series of narratives (though, isn't everything?) within a commodified, closed system. Anything that strikes a human cord and reverberates out is interesting and that din is what draws me to sports more than numbers, wins, or my favorite #brand on a stadium. Losing is as interesting as winning. In the midst of an improbably good season, chubby, fastball throwing, 41 year old Bartolo Colon is "too fun to trade." It's why a hopelessly bad team is almost better than a middling team. It's why the perfunctory Peyton Manning Colts -- the Call of Duty of football (or maybe the Pats?) -- were so boring outside of Manning's jazz hands and the occasional sick Reggie Wayne grab. It's the same reason why our best stories about games, things we share with friends, are unique moments that happened to you (or your unique response to shared moments).   Because of my cross city walk, I woke up at 2 in the afternoon on Sunday. I got out of bed, made some chamomile tea, and started thinking about breakfast. Then, there was that Sunday snap in my mind: "Football." I rushed to turn on my computer, to play catch up, to see how badly the Rams lost (34-6). Scrolling through Twitter and sports sites, highlights and GIFs -- oh, lord, the GIF was invented for sports -- I saw, in this first morning and a half of football, things I've never seen in a long life of watching, playing. I never did make it to breakfast.  I'd like to share some of these moments with you, through the artform of the GIF, mainly via SB Nation. The sense of -- after all these years -- wonder and surprise, the slack-jawed smiles, the deep inquisition into physical feasibility. These are some of the reasons I like sports, videogames, and anything else I like (red shoes, trees, sitting upside down on couches).  Plus, a punter takes a Liu Kang bicycle kick to the fucking face.
Kick to the face!!! photo
This is why I love football, hate anime, and why both are the same
Late Saturday night and Sunday morning, I did a 101-block long, 7-8 mile walk horizontally through San Francisco, like a scalping of the city's northern districts. It started downtown on the bay at AT&T Park, where the Gi...

Review: Madden 15

Sep 05 // Steven Hansen
Madden NFL 15 (PlayStation 4 [reviewed], Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)Developer: EA TiburonPublisher: EA SportsRelease: August 26, 2014MSRP: $59.99 It is interesting how strong perspective is at making Madden NFL 15 brought to you by Under Armor™ Dental Dams (Protect THIS house!) feel different. It's a trick, really. The new default camera zooms in and angles more towards your players' line of sight than Tim Tebow's God's bird's-eye view. Thankfully, the camera angles can be adjusted via the directional pad and you can go right back to that series standard view and think, "Good, things are familiar and that makes me feel safe." If you are feeling radical, though, try out the new defensive camera (while on defense) for a third-person, behind the back angle from your defender's point of view. I also recommend locking yourself as that player so as to avoid disorienting camera angles when you try to shift to a DB after a throw, unless you must get every hit yourself (fumbles are in vogue this year). Me, I mostly stuck to playing on football's best defensive line (St. Louis). Hitting sprint at the snap gives you an indicator of your timing ("perfect" or "late") and now you know one button is for finesse moves and to disengage, one button is for power moves. This new camera does make defense fun. Piling up three to five sack per game (with one player) is fun, though maybe cruel. [embed]280704:55570:0[/embed] The defensive view can gum up Madden NFL 15 brought to you by Tang™ (make SPACE in your pantry), particularly when opponents are running the hurry up. Rather than default to your last play (on offense or defense) and requiring you audible out, the hurry up zooms in on obscuring close ups of the quarterback and offers you three other plays (like the traditional play call screen), or the option to opt out and return to your original play. You have to pick one of these four options before you can see all the players lined up proper. Occasionally this led to, when I finally got back in position, the camera view switching back 180 degrees, which is disorienting. A couple times I found myself offsides. Small price to pay, though, for making defense fun. The close up perspective, combined with a tackle cone (like the QB vision cone, but good) also makes it easier to judge distance, not whiff on tackles, or effectively disengage a blocker to drag down a running back (or mobile QB).  The other thing Madden NFL 15 brought to you by Bengay Spermicide™ (Nukes the swimmers AND burns the glans!)  does right is offer a decent, albeit annoyingly branded Skills Trainer, which it forces you into immediately (though you can skip it). Combined with additional information on the play call screen (suggestions for what type of plays work against what types of defense, notes on how often team's run certain sets on certain downs and distances, etc), there's a decent attempt at teaching new players the systems, buttons and rules of football.  Then of course there are niggles and legacy issues. Defensive backs are turned up in the Richard Sherman era, making a lot of picks, especially undercutting shallow routes. This is partly because receivers (still) won't try to muscle toward the ball. The only time I remember one coming to the ball was when he was sitting -- completely uncovered -- in a curl route in the endzone. The one time I want a receiver to sit there and catch the ball, he ran out of the endzone (on 4th and goal) to catch the ball, locking me in an animation and leading him to get tackled before I could turn him back into the endzone.  The first thing I do in Madden brought to you by Verizon Wireless Prison Cells™ (Your inmates will be LOCKED IN to these plans!) is go into the settings and turn the commentary volume off because it is (still) horrible. At least it is a passive assault on the player. Worse is the forced pageantry, the "presentation" elements that slow the game for no reason. When I jump offsides, I don't need (or want) to see my player look grumpy for 7 seconds, and then the coach look angry for 5 seconds, and then the referee do stupid hand gestures for 13 seconds, and then the two possible results of the penalty for 6 seconds, and then an opposing coach look happy for 3 seconds, and then be asked to call another play. I just want to play a football game. Don't even show me replays. There's an Instant Replay feature if I want to see something again. Don't make me mash the X button and stare bug-eyed at whomever's in the room with me for 30 seconds until the stupid halftime pageantry is over. Halftime is one of the parts of football nobody likes because football isn't happening. Why don't you put a commercial after a touchdown, then another 15 seconds later after the 2 yard kick return while you're at it? (Please, don't.) NFL Blitz just had an Extra Point play that you'd press and it'd immediately say "Here's another point!" for a second and then the opposing team would already be receiving a kick off. You don't have to be that quick, but show some hustle. I'm sorry some underpaid, under stimulated artist had to realistically render Andy Reid's mustache bristles, but I don't ever want to look at him.  Madden NFL 15 brought to you by Crazy, Concussed Joe's Discount Corporate Billionaire Wig Refinery™ (We PASS the shavings onto you!) also makes a big deal about putting quarterback accuracy "at a premium," but I ran into the weird happening of QBs, even junk ones, regularly fielding completion percentages in the 90s against me. Maybe all the sacking and run-stopping led to too many short, high completion percentage plays, but I found it odd how I'd dominate games, but the opposing QBs would be 19/20. And I, rarely using top QBs, didn't have accuracy issues (just hawking DB issues). Actually felt a little easier to put certain kinds of touch on the ball.  Mostly, offense feels the same. Running on friends seems to work fine, but running on the computer is a nightmare unless you a) do the bad-football-thing of running laterally and turning a corner up the sideline, or b) catch the defense in a bad set and then no-huddle call the same play over and over, picking up ten yards at a time and going all the way down the field. You don't have to be Jon Bois to break Madden. Someone already figured out how to stand still and not get tackled for over a minute. More will come. I also recommend leaning on tight ends, five wide sets, and general open field manic running (nothing as bad as playing against old school Mike Vick, but, still). I still want nothing to do with microtransaction-laden Ultimate Team. Connected Careers is still dull in Owner Mode (halfhearted management sim) and filled with unnecessary gimmicks in the rest (don't worry about Confidence, just dump XP direct into player stats and win games). Load screens and game sims are still long (I don't even watch the pre-season; I don't want to play it), though at least the cluttered UI doesn't hitch at every button push in the PS4 version like it does in the PS3 version (makes upgrading players and everything else a nightmare on last gen). Madden NFL 15 brought to you by the NFL's classist, uncaring, voracious appetite for profit and general moral failure as a multi-billion dollar business built on the backs of broken, mostly forgotten workers™ takes its existing defensive framework and makes it not suck. This lets me hit quarterbacks more and release the aggression that wells up when I see any of the in-game advertisements. The rest is Madden 25, but less hideous.
Madden review photo
There's a team called the 'Redskins' in this game, which is super racist!
Madden 15 on PS3 and 360 is bad garbage that EA shouldn't get away with releasing. Alright then, onto current-gen.

GIFs photo

Ah, so that's where those silly Madden GIFs are coming from

Create your own monstrosity
Sep 04
// Jordan Devore
I don't care at all about Madden, but GIFs? Damn you, Electronic Arts. You've won. The company has created a GIF maker for Madden NFL 15, "designed to help fans celebrate their favorite team's biggest plays and challenge thei...

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