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Tonight, the Spike Video Game Awards ceremony was broadcast live, packed full of new trailers, game announcements and wretched, pandering humor. We caught the intriguing trailer for The Last of Us. We watched Miyamoto sm... read feature

Spike VGA game of the year: Skyrim

Dec 10
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards Game of the Year. I knew it. I won't tell you what I chose as a Spike Video Game Awards panelist judge, but I bet you could guess.  It was a shame that the staf... read

Revengeance. Hideo Kojima showed up to the Spike VGA awards to present his newest game. He flubbed up a bit with some nervous English during his presentation, but finally was able to offer up the first look at the new M... read feature

Fortnite, Epic Games' cute zombie game

Dec 10
Zombies have been done to death (pun intended), but have we done cute zombies yet? Don't answer that. Still, Epic is trying something a bit less uptight and more fun with upcoming game Fortnite.  Even though it seemed t... read

Wow: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer

Dec 10
Slo-mo, dark, slick and dramatic as f*ck, here's your debut trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, fresh from tonight's Spike VGA show. Explosions, bashing, transformations and fire breathing? So far, this is easily the best trailer of the night. Who's down for the Fall of Cybertron? read

Miyamoto accepts Hall of Fame award for Legend of Zelda

Dec 10
At tonight's Spike VGA awards, Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage to accept an award for the induction of The Legend of Zelda into the hall of fame. He took the stage like a champ, coming out of the floor and fog to accept the a... read

New Mass Effect 3 trailer has worms

Dec 10
Straight from the Spike VGA show, here's the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer. You know you want this sh*t. Gears of Giant Enemy Crabs! read

Come watch the Spike VGAs with us!

Dec 10
So, what are you up to tonight? We're sat at home watching beautiful people we have a hard time identifying with make casual remarks about our beloved hobby. Yes, it's time once more for the glitz, glamour and high-brow enter... read

The 2011 Spike Video Game awards are tonight

Dec 10
The 2011 Spike Video Game awards show goes down tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific. It's a live show, as always, and can be found on Spike's television channel, as well as one of the MTV variants and a few others. You w... read

Hey! Listen! Watch me on GameTrailers TV tonight!

Dec 08
If I was one of Link's companions in a Zelda game, I would definitely be less cryptic and more direct. Instead of a "Hey!", "Listen!", or "Watch out!", I would be more of a "Look, Link. You could go light those torches... read

The Amazing Spider-Man game premiere at Spike VGAs

Dec 07
Activision and Beenox's The Amazing Spider-Man will be shared with the world for the first time through an exclusive trailer to be shown during Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, airing live on Saturday, December 10 at 8:00 ... read

'Unbelievable' PS3 exclusive teased as 'The Last of Us'

Dec 05
Sony has a PS3 exclusive in the works that, apparently, we "will not believe." It's due for unveiling at the Spike Videogame Awards on Saturday, but we've been given a little taste today, courtesy of a teaser site called The... read

'Chuck' star Zachary Levi to Host Spike Video Game Awards

Nov 30
Any Chuck fans out there? Chuck star Zachary Levi has been chosen to host this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards, says The Hollywood Reporter. The actor isn't new to the game world, as he's voiced characters in... read

Dragon Ball Z games are a dime a dozen. The TV series may have ended 15 years ago, but that hasn't stopped developers and publishers from trying to make the ultimate recreation of the show's experience in game form. The lates... read feature

New Alan Wake teaser trailer is a tease

Nov 10
Remember the Alan Wake teasers that have been surfacing? Well now there's a trailer to go with them. The full trailer will be premiered during the 2011 VGAs, but Spike has posted a seven second teaser of the upcoming trailer... read

First image of next BioWare game hits ahead of VGA reveal

Nov 07
Seat belts? Where we're going, we don't need seat belts. A new BioWare game will be announced on December 10 during the Spike Video Game Awards, and, by way of Game Informer, we have access to the first teaser image of said p... read

New Alan Wake & BioWare title, MGS:Rising to debut at VGA

Nov 03
It's almost that time of the year again: the run-up to the Video Game Awards and the inevitable announcements of new games as Call of Duty steals some Best Character award from a game that actually has characters. First of al... read

Spike Video Game Awards Game of the Year Nominations

Nov 03
I've been waiting for this. I know what I picked for my top games of the year, but I wanted to see what the top five nominations were when the votes from my peers were tallied up. Here they are: Batman: Arkham City... read

Bring out your broadsword! Deadliest Warrior: AC trailer

Oct 31
Looking for that perfect present for the domineering and bloodthirsty war monger in your life? Well, Spike Games has the answer to your prayers in Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The retail ... read

There is a new PSP game about conceiving children

Oct 30
The 3DS has been home to some pretty pervy games lately. The success of the boob-crazy brawler Senran Kagura and the announcement of If I Were in a Sealed Room with a Girl I'd Probably XXX had me thinking that the consol... read

Become Nathan Drake: Uncharted TV show casting call

Sep 08
In promotion of Uncharted 3's upcoming release Spike TV and Naughty Dog are teaming up to create a TV series. And if you're a huge Uncharted fan, you'll have a chance to be a competitor on the show. Of course, there... read

DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi allows you to Frankenstein a hero

Sep 04
In my previous post about Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, I suggested that new game-exclusive characters needed to be introduced in order to spice up the franchise. I suppose Spike and Namco Bandai were listening, but sin... read

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi trailer has butt lasers

Jul 02
The Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 we told you about a couple months back has (thankfully) been renamed Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. It's... well, it's Dragon Ball. You fly, you fight, you shoot powerful blasts of e... read

E3 11: If you missed last night's episode of GTTV ...

May 27
... you can watch it right here! In this episode, I represent Destructoid and talk to Geoff Keighley about this year's upcoming E3! Antics ensue! I always get extremely uncomfortable talking about appearances like this... read

E3 11: GameTrailers TV and some blonde dude talk E3 2011!

May 26
If you are up late tonight, feeling good after a couple glasses of red wine, and are in the mood to have your eyes and ears snuggle up next to an overly excitable guy talking about what he thinks will happen at this year's E... read

This week's Jimquisition tackles the outrage that was had when SSX: Deadly Descents was revealed last week. Even if you're not into SSX, it's worth watching because it addresses a more specific issue of gamers getting furiou... read feature

Spike Video Game Awards ratings drop even farther

Dec 15
This is the fourth year in a row the Spike Video Game Awards have seen their ratings drop. Variety reports that this year's numbers were even lower than last year's, with about 627,000 viewers watching compared to last year's... read

So, I was at the Spike VGAs on Saturday ... which was pretty cool! I also did some interviews while on the red carpet before the show ... which was even cooler! I am terrible at interviewing, but Max Scoville and Tara Long (d... read feature

[Update: The awards are over -- you can find a full list of winners, as well as the evening's premiere's right here.] Spike's Video Game Awards will air tonight, starting at 8:00 PM Eastern. You can watch it on Spike TV, or y... read feature

Gears of War VGA reveal postponed

Dec 11
  Folks excited about tonight's Gears of War-related announcement at the Spike Video Game Awards, stand down. According to Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, the big reveal related to Epic Games' massive franchise ha... read

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