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Xbox One photo
Xbox One

You can make Xbox One Skype calls while playing games

Snap that app
May 20
// Jordan Devore
As of a recent update, Skype for Xbox One now allows users to Snap their video or voice-only calls into other apps. That means it's possible to chat with people over Skype while simultaneously playing a game or watching a mov...

Skype app coming to PlayStation Vita today

Apr 24
// Dale North
Later today you'll be able to download the Skype Video and Voice app for PlayStation Vita from the PS Store. This will be the very first time Skype has launched video calling on a mobile gaming device. Calls work over both Wi...

Microsoft buys Skype, bringing it to Xbox Live

May 10
// Jim Sterling
Microsoft has sunk its razor-sharp fangs into everybody's favorite Internet-talking-thing, Skype. It cost the company $8.5 billion, which is silly money, and the company aims to bring the service to Xbox Live.  "Skype wi...

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