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EA CEO: Skateboarding game rage has 'run its course'

Dec 03
Tony Hawk and Shaun White frown as Electronic Arts' John Riccitiello talks. The CEO has told Kotaku that he feels the skateboarding game phenomenon may have "run its course as the representative example" in the broader "actio... read

Skate 3 heads off to Hawaii

Jul 03
Skate 3 is a skateboarding game, and really the only way to make a skateboarding game better is more skateboarding. Thus the new Danny Way "Hawaiian Dream" DLC for the game should theoretically make it better because it's gi... read

Play as Dead Space's Isaac Clarke in Skate 3

May 19
Even the hero of Dead Space needs to have some fun every now and again. That's right! Isaac Clarke is a playable character in Skate 3. Just enter the code "DEADSPACETOO" in order to play as Isaac and to get a special board to... read

You're probably playing Skate 3 right now (and I totally recommend it), but if you're looking to play on the go, consider Skate It for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game was released on the App Store this week, and will run ... read feature


While Activision was busy driving its Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise into the ground, Electronic Arts quietly snuck in with its own title and stole the old pro’s crown. Skate was everything the Tony Hawk series was n... read feature


Skate 3 share features require activation code

May 11
Skate 3 is out today, so the chances of you finding a used copy at your local shop are slim. But if you're holding out to save a few bucks on a second-hand copy, you might want to reconsider. One of the key features of Skate ... read

Games on Demand: Prince of Persia, Skate 2, Brothers in Arms

May 04
Gamers are so demanding, so three new games have hit Xbox 360 "Games on Demand" this week -- Prince of Persia, Skate 2, and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Prince of Persia and Skate 2 will run you $19.99, and now's the per... read

Absorb this Skate 3 TV ad into your brain

May 01
EA has released the Skate 3 TV ad and it barely shows the game off! A majority of the commercial is of people going bat sh*t crazy as others are skateboarding on the ramp. The commercial ends with a few seconds of actual Ska... read

Skate 3 co-op reminds us what skating is all about

Apr 28
This new trailer for Skate 3 that EA sent out to us is really good. It's an example of what cooperative play could be like for you and your friends. What's so effective about it is how it captures the essence of what it's li... read

Download the Skate 3 demo from XBL and PSN starting today

Apr 15
Reminder time: as of today, the demo for Skate 3 is available via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. It's got single-player for those of you -- much like me -- who passed on the last game, multiplayer for people wanting to me... read

New screens of Skate 3 emerge

Apr 08
When I was eleven or twelve, I was always on a skateboard. I wasn't one of those kids who was really attempting to learn how to ollie and kickflip, though I'll admit to an occasional fantasy that I might someday. No, it was a... read

Skate 3 demo hits Xbox LIVE, PSN next week

Apr 06
Electronic Arts has re-confirmed that a demo for Skate 3 will hit Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network on April 15. The demo will feature a small piece of the game's "University District," inside the game's new open... read

Skate 3 demo coming to tempt you in two weeks

Mar 29
Did you know there was a booth for Skate 3 at PAX East? I didn't, but with its looming May 11th release date, it was a pretty safe assumption that there would be. At this very special Skate 3 booth, much like many of the boot... read

Skate 3 grinds towards shelves May 11

Mar 17
Forcing me to write a stupid skate trick-related headline, Electronic Arts has revealed that Skate 3 will hit North American shelves on May 11. The rest of the world will have to hang tight, as it'll release worldwide on May... read

Skaters allowed in Skate 3's university setting

Feb 25
Grinding on books is hard work. In fact, some skaters would argue that it's "totally impossible, bro" -- something about the "ledges" being too thin. But you can rock out on a library's front yard. Or in the case of Skate 3,... read

Here's some new Skate 3 info for your eyes to consume

Feb 17
Destructoid got to check out Skate 3 last week but seeing as how we brought you a pretty detailed preview already, I'll just touch on a couple of things that weren't covered. Other than the new focus on team play online or o... read

Skate 3 devs explain what 'Port Carverton' is all about

Jan 30
I haven't the slightest idea what a "grind-to-pump-to-tranny" is, but I'm guessing it's an important thing that skaters do. It's at least something Black Box Studios thought about when constructing Skate 3's "Port Carverton,... read

Brave and Skate hit Xbox 360 Games on Demand

Jan 19
Two old games have hit Xbox 360 "Games on Demand" today -- Brave and Electronic Art's "Tony Hawk killer," Skate. Brave will run you $29.99, and is relatively new in "Games on Demand" years -- it shipped to stores last August.... read

Pre-order Skate 3 for Black Box Distribution Skate Park

Jan 18
Activision’s Tony Hawk franchise was already in decline by the time the original Skate came out back in 2007, but EA Black Box’s analog stick control scheme and focus on realism accelerated Tony Hawk’s desc... read

Skate 3 trailer has got the eyes of a panther

Nov 06
Hopefully, by now you've had a chance to check out my preview on Skate 3. Looks to be a fairly solid entry into the series, one fans are surely going to get a kick out of come next May. Anyway, here's the trailer for the gam... read

It's funny looking back on the old battle between skateboarding videogames. Ever since the original Tony Hawk, plenty of skateboarding games have come and gone, and other than the eternal old bird itself, not many of them hav... read feature


To no real surprise, Electronic Arts has announced that Black Box-developed Skate 3 will ship for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May of 2010. This time the game has a focus on cooperative play, the game's tag-line "Team Up. T... read feature


World in shock at mention of upcoming Skate sequel

Jul 05
No surprises here, but it looks like Electronic Arts is working on -- or at least thinking about -- a new game in the Skate franchise. One of the dudes over at skateboarding Web site Epicly Strife dropped some info on the new... read

Skate 2 'Maloof Money Cup Pack' available on July 9

Jun 30
Today, Electronic Arts announced that on July 9, you’ll be able to download the “Maloof Money Cup Pack” for Skate 2. I’ll admit, I don’t know what the hell the Maloof Money Cup is, but according ... read

Skate 2 patch available today, fixes a lot of stuff

Mar 23
A beefy (and kickin’ rad) patch is now available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of EA Black Box’s Skate 2. The list of fixes, tweaks, and improvements is so large I had to include it post-jump. Below ... read

Back in August, Dyson gave us a hands-on preview of Skate 2 that summed up the new additions to the series fairly well, and so I invite you to sit down by the campfire, and let me tell you in grand detail how the game pans ou... read feature


Skate 2 ships tomorrow, so check out this commercial

Jan 20
We’ve all been waiting for Skate 2 for a long time. Ever since the original skate. revolutionized skateboarding videogames back in 2007, gamers have been looking forward to a bigger, better, and more badass sequel. Oh... read

Here are some new Skate 2 screens, but where's my meat?

Jan 14
Electronic Arts has sent us some new Skate 2 screens, no doubt getting us amped up for the game's January 21 release. We get new screenshots. Stephen Totilo at MTV Multiplayer, on the other hand, the dude gets steaks. Yes, EA... read

Skate 2 connects to the Internet, EA release video feature to prove it (Update)

Jan 06
Who would have guessed it, but you can take Skate 2 online. Yup! It supports the Internet!In this latest video feature, the folks behind Skate 2 talk a bit about the game's online component, which looks to be greatly improved... read

Skate 2 demo coming, insert horrible skate trick pun here

Jan 02
EA Black Box's Skate 2 hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sooner rather than later -- January 21 to be exact. It looks like a demo for the game is coming even sooner, at least on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. According to ... read

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