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Simply Amazing

Teaser trailer for Gamecocks upcoming WWII stealth game Sabotage [Update]

Aug 22
Out of all the games I got a chance to see at EIEIO, Sabotage was by far my favorite game of the bunch. It's very fresh for a World War II based game and absolutely beautiful in graphics and the art direction.  The tra... read

Trailer for Kings of Power 4 Billion% -- Paul Robertson's newest masterpiece

Aug 03
Epicness is nearing closer and closer. Paul Robertson, the genious behind Pirate Baby's Cabana Street Fight 2006, Do the Whirlwind, and plenty of other amazing stuff, just released a trailer for his latest work set to come ou... read

Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton, UK, Peter Molyneux acknowledged that he is not only aware of a need to simplify complex game controls in order to reach a wider audience, but he and the team at Lionhead Studios... read feature

Like YTMND Thursday last week, I had to sacrifice Art Attack Friday because of the insanity that was E3. AAF is back this week, and I have to say this is my favorite edition yet. This week, I have the pleasure of presenting ... read feature

Art Attack Friday: Artgerm

Jun 29
For the most part, I've always featured everyday Joe's on Art Attack Friday. This week, I'm changing things up by featuring a professional artist. Stanley "Artgerm" Lau is by far one of the most talente... read

Art Attack Friday: Transfuse

Jun 15
No doubt that most of you have seen a couple of Tranfuse's Samus Aran pictures scattered around the Internets before. The artist, Ivan "Transfuse" Flores, is easily one of the best in his field. Seriously, just ... read

Art Attack Friday: Maxpower

Jun 09
Now this is what I really love to do for Art Attack Friday. You! I want to see your stuff. Sure, it's great seeing other peoples work, but I'd really like to be able to feature you all as well. This week, a masterp... read

Fable 2 diary: All we need is love

May 24
We're all about love here at Destructoid, so we must say that we embrace this "love" that Lionhead is trying to bring across with Fable 2. The first in what should be a series of diaries leading up to the release of Fable 2, this video in particular deals with that human emotion that many of us feel as we see a robot glide into an empty room. Enjoy!  read

The best worst game ever: Bikini Karate Babes 2

May 21
Words cannot describe ... should have sent ... a poet.  read

Art Attack Friday: Paxtin

May 18
While on the hunt for new artists to feature on Art Attack Friday, I accidentally came across Paxtin. I was simply blown away by how amazing this guy's art is. There is just a ton of stuff on his Deviant ART that is defin... read

After getting the crap beat out of me by the Heavenly Sword build that kept crashing -- I think I lost track after three consecutive Mr. Freezes -- I was finally treated to another short and sweet demo of a game that easily... read feature

Playing Lair this week was the first time that I can say the gameplay actually was good enough to stand up next to its graphical dominance. Every other time I've played the game, the SIXAXIS controls and chaos of Lair m... read feature

First picture from the set of Hitman film

May 17
The mysterious "UNDERSTAR" pointed us in the direction of some one of the first images from the set of the upcoming Hitman film. As you can see, Agent 47 (played by actor Timothy Olyphant), is not only signifi... read

Project Rygar to be a Wii exclusive

May 11
Announced during Tecmo's recent "Nite Out" press event, Project Rygar is set to hit the stage as a Wii exclusive. Sadly, not much was released at this time, other than some character and concept art. From IGN: B... read

Quadriplegic gaming and beyond: advances in accessible gaming at GDC

May 08
For the average gamer, picking up a next-gen console joystick and plugging away is an effortless activity. To a person with physical disabilities, this feat is simply not within the realm of possibility. While the many tightl... read

PS3 Gallery: Gran Turismo HD makes real life look soooo last gen

May 07
In one word: stunning. The latest screenshots of Gran Turismo HD are not only nearly identical to their real-life equivalents, but they are also crisper and better saturated in most cases. The attention to detail to everythi... read

A Nintendo DS mod fit for a Hyrulian king

May 04
Sure, you've seen all kinds of artsy fartsy stuff on Destructoid, but rarely do we see a polished DS case mod such as this. Behold, the ultimate DS mod. The Zelda-inspired design comes with matching docking station, and t... read

Super Paper Mario proves that the Wii really is a powerful system

May 04
I admit, I was completely wrong about the Wii. All those jokes about it being two GameCubes taped together was totally way off. The Wii is next gen and it can produce next-gen graphics and situations. I fully admit that I ... read

New Nvidia card smokes ATI's fastest, costs way more than a PSTriple

May 02
ATI general managers must be hosting group hugging sessions right now, as the world's fastest new SLI video card from Nvidia was revealed today -- smoking their offerings by a sizable gap. Next-gen reports early benchmar... read

NBA Live 2008 looks sweatiliciously real

May 02
It's hard to believe that these NBA Live 2008 images are actual production screenshots. Unlike the somewhat creepy humans in Virtua Tennis 3, the texture and modelling work in next-gen EA sports games continue to push th... read

David Jaffe: AOL Joystiq are 'total fucking assholes' [update]

May 02
I've professed my adoration and respect for David Jaffe many, many times. He's honest, outspoken, and usually dead on when it comes to his opinions on the gaming industry -- something he and Destructoid share in co... read

 Destructoid photoshop contests are always a reminder of just how much our community F*CKING RULES! I'd like to thank everyone who participated, dutifuly putting in the time to attach underwear to everything from pop... read feature

Art Attack Friday: Glen Brogan

Apr 27
It absolutely amazes me how many awesome artists Destructoid seems to attract. We first heard of Glen Brogan back in September when Niero showed off some of his pieces. Shortly after that, we partnered up with Glen and ha... read

ZOMG!!! Xbox 360 Elite sneak peek

Apr 26
 Look I drink...and from time to time the makes me slow to get out breaking news. You may have seen Kotaku and AOL Joystiq's coverage of the Elite along with everybody else that got one today, but they all seemed to ... read

Pro gaming circuit announces a $5 million annual player payroll

Apr 26
Pro gaming is the future of sports. We're starting to see little hints at it now, but believe me, this genre will be huge -- just ask Asia and Europe. The latest step in this growing field is the announcement today by the... read

Two new mouthwatering screenshots of Project Offset

Apr 23
After nearly a year of little to no updates, it would appear that the first-person fantasy Project Offset would be lost in the vaporware chasm of power-hungry software, forever ill-suited for a common man's gaming rig. N... read

Art Attack Friday: Dan Schoening

Apr 20
With pictures of Captain N, The Great American Hero and even Ghostbusters, Dan Schoening's artwork is like living the 80s all over again with Steve Gutinberg as your roommate. Zing!All kidding aside, Dan does create some ... read

Prepare to envy: the ultimate custom gaming cabinet

Apr 19
Put a lot of work into that home-built MAME arcade cabinet, have you? Well, be prepared to hack it into scrap and start over; gaze upon the coolest custom gaming cabinet ever built and tremble.Gregory over at Apartment Therap... read

The 'Holy Grail' of gaming sells for $21,400

Apr 18
If you are a retrophile such as myself, then I must ask you to please pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing the above headline and image. A fabled golden Nintendo World Championships 1990 (NWC) cart recently sold within... read

New Crysis trailer brings all the boys to the yard

Apr 18
If you ever needed a reason to upgrade your PC, then Crysis certainly may be it. In this latest trailer you can see just how stunning, and I mean stunning, this game really is. Ready to plunk down thousands to play this first-person shooter? Time to get those crack sales pumping. read

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