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Shadow of the Colossus

Mario x SotC photo
Mario x SotC

Mario meets Shadow of the Colossus again

And a bonus GameCube family piece
Mar 06
// Jordan Devore
Hooray! Illustrator Jason Lupas has come out with more Mario and Shadow of the Colossus mashups following the pieces we covered last month. I'd love to see a game follow this concept. There's a finished version of the prior Donkey Kong sketch, an underwater scene (shown above), and a cool four-legged reimagining of the Chain Chomp. Good stuff, Jason. Jason Lupas [Tumblr]
Shadow Mario photo
Shadow Mario

This Shadow of the Colossus and Mario mashup is very cool

Also, Donkey Kong
Feb 10
// Chris Carter
Artist Jason Lupas has posted a few updates on his Tumblr recently that are decidedly videogame related, and they're pretty awesome. They're both homages to Shadow of the Colossus, one of which features a Mario themed ma...

Experience Points .02: Shadow of the Colossus

Jan 31 // Ben Davis
Bird of prey Let's start things off with my favorite Colossus, Avion! Avion is the fifth Colossus you fight. It's a giant hawk-like Colossus with a long, trailing tail, and it makes its home above some ruins which have been flooded to form a lake. The first thing you'll need to do during any Colossus battle is figure out how to climb onto it. Since Avion is either flying around or sitting perched high atop a tower, this makes things difficult. The only way to reach Avion is to get it to come closer to you, which means disturbing the peaceful creature by shooting arrows at it to get its attention. With its feathers ruffled (well... I guess it doesn't actually have feathers, does it?), Avion flies into the air and goes into a dive, heading directly towards you! What happens next is one of my favorite moments from a game ever. Your first instinct when you see a giant bird diving right at you would probably be to jump out of the way. I mean, that thing could kill you! But wait... if it's diving at me, then it'll get close enough to jump onto it, right? As the giant bird rushes you, the choice becomes obvious. Rather than move away, you jump towards Avion, meeting the bird in midair and grabbing hold of its wing as it rises back into the air, where it proceeds to flap and corkscrew through the sky, trying to shake you off. Then you'll have to carefully move around its wings and tail, looking for weak spots to stab, all while speeding through the air several meters above the ground and trying desperately not to fall off and into the lake below. It's one of the most exhilarating moments from a game that I can think of! I want to fly like an eagle Speaking of flying around on birds, there's actually another way to get Wander soaring through the sky (aside from Phalanx, the other flying Colossus, who is awesome). You'll probably notice some hawks flying around while you're riding across the Forbidden Lands on your horse, Agro. Ever wonder why they're flying so close? You'll most likely just ignore these hawks (or try to shoot them down with arrows, if you're mean!), but there is a way to interact with them that you probably wouldn't expect. If a hawk soars low enough, Wander can actually jump up and grab hold of the hawk, and the bird is somehow strong enough to carry Wander's weight as it escorts him a short distance, slowly drifting towards the ground. You can do this by jumping off of Agro once the hawk flies close enough, and there are also a few areas where you can climb on top of a rock and jump up to grab a hawk as it passes by. The inclusion of this mechanic is bizarre. It doesn't really serve any purpose other than the simple fact that you can do it. It's so weird and unexpected, though, that I can't help but love that it exists! Not the beard! I feel like the sixth Colossus, Barba, doesn't get much attention whenever this game is being discussed. It's one of the many bipedal Colossi you have to fight, and it may not seem too special at first glance, especially when compared to some of the others. However, the method in which Wander climbs onto him is actually one of my favorite moments in the game. Everyone probably knows Barba as the bearded Colossus, and for good reason. In order to climb onto him, you must lure him to the back of the temple and hide under a small overhang. Since Barba is so tall, he'll have to bend down to look into the alcove you're hiding in, waving his big, shaggy beard around as he tries to locate you. As soon as he did this, I knew exactly what I had to do, and I laughed out loud. I ran towards him, jumped, and grabbed hold of his beard as he stood back up, using his facial hair to climb onto his shoulder. As an owner of a beard myself, this part of the game was really funny to me. I kept imagining what it would feel like to have some little dude climbing up my beard, and it just made me smile. If I were Barba, I would've just combed Wander out of there. Forbidden delicacies The flora and fauna of Shadow of the Colossus is sparse. There's so little of it that when you do come across an animal or a lone tree on your way to find the next Colossus, you can't help but stop to look at it. Like, whoa, there are actually living things in this world apart from myself? Even something as insignificant as a tiny lizard will immediately catch your attention. If you try to pick it up, you may accidentally kill it with your sword (oops, sorry little guy!), leaving behind a sliced off tail that just sits there as the rest of the lizard disintegrates. Weird. Might as well just eat that tail, I guess. (Wander is a strange dude.) So you ate the lizard tail, but nothing seems to happen. Why would they even put this in the game? Well, there are two types of lizards in the Forbidden Lands: regular black lizards and white-tailed lizards. If you happen to find a white-tailed lizard, kill it, and eat its shiny white tail, you'll notice your stamina gauge will glow slightly for a bit. The game doesn't really tell you what that means, but the lizard tail essentially boosted your stamina, so now you can hold on to Colossi a bit longer without falling off. You can also find fruit in the scattered trees and bushes which will boost your health. I kinda like that the game doesn't ever explain this to you. It makes it feel like you discovered a secret, and it's reassuring to know that your exploration of the relatively barren wasteland wasn't completely fruitless. Remember me Aside from the lizards, there's another hidden feature in this game that I happened upon by accident. During maybe my second playthrough, I was making my way to the fourteenth Colossus and took a path through the geyser field when something caught my eye: a sort of mound or something that hadn't been there before. When I got closer, I realized it was the remains of Basaran, the ninth Colossus, which I had killed previously. Basaran's corpse had begun to decompose into rock and rubble, blending in naturally as if it had become just another feature of the environment. This discovery took me by surprise, because I didn't realize before that the bodies of the Colossi stayed behind and became a part of the world. I thought that was a really neat touch. I climbed around on Basaran for a bit, and then went to visit some of the other defeated Colossi. When I got to Avion's remains, I absentmindedly hit a button which made Wander bend down in prayer. A text box popped up that said, "Begin Reminiscence Mode?" I didn't know what that meant, but I said yes anyway. And then I got to battle Avion again, with a sepia-toned, old film-like filter over the screen. I thought this was the coolest thing, and I went back and fought all of my favorite Colossi. There's no real benefit to be gained from fighting them again, but I thought it was a neat addition nonetheless. Hang in there Did you ever have those moments where you're on top of a Colossus, doing great, when the Colossus jerks suddenly and flings you off, and as you're falling, out of sheer panic you desperately jam down the grab button and manage to grab hold of a leg or something at the last moment? God, that always felt so amazing! This happened to me a lot while fighting Gaius and Malus, and some of the other more vertical Colossi. It was always such a relief during the encounter with Malus, the final Colossus, because having to start all over from the ground in that fight can be such a pain. It takes forever to get back up to his head. But being flung from the top and grabbing onto his hand or shoulder blade as you're falling through the air just feels incredible, and looks really awesome too! Leap of faith Speaking of moments that feel incredible, there's a move that I learned and perfected for beating Gaius in Hard Time Attack which made me feel like the biggest badass ever. The technique is called the "sword jump." It requires you to jump at just the right moment while standing on Gaius' sword as he pulls it up out of the ground, so that the momentum flings you sky high, allowing you to jump right up to his shoulder, or even his head, without having to climb. Pulling this trick off definitely feels as cool as it sounds! Simply beating Gaius in Hard Time Attack is no easy feat. You only get 5:00 to take him down, and given that you normally have to wait for him to break his armor, then get him to swing his sword down so you can climb it and up his arm, you aren't left with much time to actually attack him once you finally get to his weak spots (which there are three of in Hard Mode). You can probably beat it the normal way if you're lucky enough to find those sweet spots where Wander never loses his balance while stabbing. But if you want to beat it somewhat easily, you pretty much have no option other than using the sword jump technique, because it means you won't have to wait for Gaius to break his armor, and you won't have to waste time climbing up his arm. This leaves you plenty of time to stab, stab, stab. Plus, when you finally pull it off, you'll feel like the coolest dude in the world. So, win-win! Past Experience Points .01: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
SotC highlights photo
Thy next foe is...
Experience Points is a series in which I highlight some of the most memorable things about a particular game. These can include anything from a specific scene or moment, a character, a weapon or item, a level or location, a p...

Movies photo

Shadow of the Colossus movie lives on with a new director

Wonder how much dialog there will be
Sep 05
// Jordan Devore
Mama director Andrés Muschietti has been tapped for Shadow of the Colossus now that previous director Josh Trank (Chronicle) is busy with Fantastic Four and Star Wars, reports Deadline. We've had years to warm up to th...


Colossal Shadow of the Colossus fan art is just that

Everything to scale means big things are big
Dec 09
// Ian Bonds
DeviantArt member Andrew McGee has visualized each of the various Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus into one image, showing exactly how they compare to one another in scale. It's a breathtaking image, especially when you co...
PS Plus Update photo
PS Plus Update

Shadow of the Colossus wanders free on PS Plus this week

And a plethora of Activision games are on sale!
Oct 07
// Kyle MacGregor
Shadow of the Colossus is coming to PlayStation Plus this week. Members of Sony's subscription service will have the opportunity to download the high-definition remaster of Team Ico's PlayStation 2 masterpiece for free s...

Monday Mind Teasers: The Guardian

A short Shadow of the Colossus pixel art homage game
Apr 01
// Tom Fronczak
It's a little too short, a little too simple, a little tedious, and doesn't have enough music, but that's still not stopping me from declaring that The Guardian on Newgrounds is one of the best simple pixel art games I've eve...
PlayStation evolution photo
PlayStation evolution

Latest Sony retrospective video is all about the games

Evolution of PlayStation
Feb 19
// Jordan Devore
The latest and perhaps final video in Sony's Evolution of PlayStation series is specifically about games rather than the hardware they were designed to run on. Hitting on the divide between games being viewed as toys and gam...

Roses and tears: 10 depressing videogame romances

Feb 14 // Taylor Stein
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Big Boss and Eva Love can blossom anywhere. If the Metal Gear series has taught us anything (besides the usefulness of a cardboard box) it is that romance is especially prominent on the battlefield. Why would bullets, explosions, and a team of evil super soldiers deter one from indulging in a little affection? While Big Boss fought off Eva’s motive-driven advances, he was unable to resist her overt feminine charm indefinitely. After a romantic encounter complete with wine, a fireplace, and a bear skin rug, Eva skipped town, leaving the battle-hardened veteran heart-broken and empty handed. I guess Snake would've been better off sticking with his M1911A1. Final Fantasy 10 – Tidus and Yuna Ah, there’s nothing sweeter than teenage love. Combining raging hormones with the responsibility of saving a world tormented by perpetual death is certainly a unique formula for passion. During their pilgrimage to defeat the ever-returning nightmare Sin, Tidus and Yuna found romance as a convenient way to ignore the foreboding reality of their quest: Yuna’s death. Throughout a series of plot twists and extensive battles, players save Yuna from her sinister fate. Too bad the protagonist Tidus turns out to be from a dream world and disappears into a poof of nothingness. Dead Space – Isaac and Nicole The horror genre isn't ideal for heartfelt connections. The closest that scary games often get to featuring physicality is through a zombie bite to the neck. Too bad no one sent the memo to Isaac Clark. What started as a standard repair job on the intergalactic mining vessel the USG Ishimura, quickly turned into a terrifying test of survival among reanimated corpses and alien monsters. Did I mention that his girlfriend Nicole was stationed aboard the ship? I’m sure you know where this is going. Not only does the poor systems engineer discover that his girlfriend has been dead since before his arrival, he develops mental instability causing him to see visions of her, courtesy of an alien artifact. Thanks, Nicole, insanity is a perfect parting gift. Infamous - Cole and Trish There are very few actions in life that cannot be forgiven. Being held responsible for an explosion that wiped out a chunk of a city, killing thousands, would definitely be one of those unforgivable moments. Ever since The Blast, Cole's relationship with his girlfriend Trish took a turn for the worst. Blaming him for the death of her sister, Cole became a monster in her eyes. In an effort to win back her trust, the now super-powered hero went above and beyond to assist Trish and the citizens of Empire City. Just as affections were beginning to turn around, Trish was kidnapped, forcing Cole to make a difficult choice. Save the love of his life, or save a team of doctors; serve his personal desires or act on behalf of the greater good. Either way, Cole is pretty much screwed. Choose Trish and she spends her last dying breath describing how much she despises what Cole has become. Rescue the doctors and Trish praises his decision yet still dies from her injuries. Lose-lose situation is an understatement. Final Fantasy VII – Cloud and Aerith What does a spiky-haired soldier, an innocent flower girl , and a well-endowed bartender have in common? In the boring arena of reality, absolutely nothing. Within the fiction of videogames however, the trio arguably represent the most notable love triangle in the gaming world. Regardless of who the player chooses to pursue as a romantic interest, Aerith or Tifa, fate intervenes in the cruelest way possible. A scene of tranquility is instantly transformed into the epitome of shock, alarm, and terror. While praying at an alter, the silver-haired villain Sephiroth seemingly appears from the heavens and impales Aerith with his eight-foot-long Masamune. In an instant she is gone, collapsed in Cloud's arms. To hit the point home, Aerith's theme song begins to play in the background, and the reality that Final Fantasy VII actually had the audacity to kill off a main character halfway through the game, is fully realized. Mass Effect 3 – Commander Shepard and Romantic Partner Saving the galaxy from sentient machines may seem like a tall order, but after three installments of the Mass Effect series, it's pretty safe to say that Commander Shepard always finds a solution. Whether through diplomacy or a firefight, humanity's savior has proven to go above and beyond the call of duty. This applies both on and off the battlefield. Seducing a slew of men, women, and alien crew mates is all fine and good, but the end of the world has a way of offering a sobering reminder as to what is at stake. There will be no civilian life for Shepard and her partner; no white picket fence and no blue children. Ensuring the survival of the entire galaxy is not a job that one simply comes back from. All that can be said between the larger-than-life figure and her significant other is a somber goodbye before the true suicide mission commences. At the end of Mass Effect 3, the hero alone ventures into the depths of the Reaper operated Citadel. The first human Spectre is given a choice that will forever alter the course of the galaxy, to end the cycle of destruction that has continued in secret for millennia. Ultimately, Shepard's decision opens a new chapter for the galaxy, while putting an end to her own. Whether truly dead or not, Commander Shepard's closest squadmate is forced to hang her name on the Normandy SR2's memorial wall. In an act of remembrance signifying Shepard the soldier, the legend, and the human being.  Shadow of the Colossus – Wander and Mono Love has the power to transform a young man into a hero; a vigilant civilian into a seasoned warrior. In the case of Wander, the desire to revive his romantic interest Mono, inspires him to commit a laundry list of questionable choices. Stealing an ancient sword is risky yet understandable. Entering a forbidden land is yet another precarious decision. But following the instructions of an ominous, obviously evil, being is a step in the wrong direction. Whether due to naivety or injudiciousness, Wander proceeds to slay 16 enormous colossi in the hope that his new "ally" will reawaken the beloved maiden. Instead, the sinister lord Dormin possesses his body, transforming Wander into darkness incarnate. In the end, Mono successfully opens her eyes and returns to the land of the living. Wander, however, regresses to the age of an infant, marked with horns upon his head to signify a curse. As the only bridge connecting the forbidden land from the rest of the world falls, only Mono, altered Wander, and his trusty steed Agro remain. The two are together again, yet they are worlds apart. Alive but isolated in a land of danger and mystery. The Darkness - Jackie and Jenny Hit man with a heart of gold may seem like an oxymoron, but in the case of Jackie Estacado, the seemingly opposing identities are more than true. After the death of his parents at a young age, Jackie was sent off to an orphanage where he met the love of his life, Jenny Romano. Their childhood friendship blossomed into an adult romance; a relationship seemingly too good to be true. Unfortunately, Jackie's profession would be the factor to catalyze the sudden change from conjugal bliss to marital tragedy. On the eve of his 21st birthday, Jackie was targeted in an assassination attempt by his own organization due to fears that he was attempting to take over the Franchetti Family. In an effort to shake Jackie at his core, Don Uncle Paulie kidnaps Jenny and travels to the orphanage from their youth. Jackie arrives in a homecoming of sorts to witness his enemies berating Jenny. In a scene of absolute helplessness,  the Darkness seizes Jackie's body, preventing him from intervening as the Don raises his gun to Jenny's face. Boom. Jenny crumples to the floor and the antagonists escape. Even through suicide, Jackie is unable to find peace. The Darkness cannot live without its host, and thus he returns to the land of the living, forced to continue his existence as a pawn of the malevolent being. Gears of War 2 – Dom and Maria Battling for humanity’s survival against a horde of reptilian humanoids may seem like a challenging feat, but the steroid-pumped, macho men of Gears of War claim otherwise. Corporal Dominic “Dom” Santiago, one of the elite soldiers chosen to fight against the Locust, is forced to not only deal with the hardships of war, but also with an internal struggle fueled by the death of his children and disappearance of his wife Maria. When news is received about her whereabouts, Dom trudges through hordes of alien forces to her rescue. The good news is Dom finds his wife alive. The bad news is she is malnourished, scarred, and mentally broken from the torment of slave labor. In the ultimate display of love, Dom ends her suffering with a single bullet to the head. Damn. God of War – Kratos and Lysandra Kratos may be Sparta’s most prominent ladies man, boasting encounters with countless women and even the Goddess of Love, but he wasn’t always the king of promiscuity. Before the demigod was known to partake in threesomes with advanced button-pressing sequences, he was a devoted husband and father. In a desperate move during a losing battle, the Spartan devoted his allegiance to the god of war Ares in return for victory against enemy Barbarian tribes. Through a twist of fate fueled by Kratos’s thirst for power, he was tricked by Ares to raid a nearby village. Blinded by Ares' power,  Kratos slaughtered every man, woman, and child in the village, including his own wife Lysandra and child Calliope. If that wasn’t enough, Kratos was cursed by a village oracle, forcing him to forever wear the ashes of his dead family on his skin. From that day forward, Kratos became known as The Ghost of Sparta; and ever since then, God of War has represented one of the most depressing love stories in videogames. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is your favorite videogame romance? Have you ever felt moved or saddened by gaming love affairs gone wrong?
Sad videogame romances photo
Still think love conquers all?
Valentine’s Day inspires a variety of emotions. While love is in the air for many, cupid has more sinister plans for a select few. A poor Valentine's Day for an average person might include seeing a movie alone or a sol...


Hanna writer chosen for Shadow of the Colossus movie

If nothing else, maybe it will get more people to play the game
Jan 08
// Jordan Devore
Sorry to remind you that a Shadow of the Colossus film is in the pipeline, but a new writer has been brought on. Seth Lochhead (Hanna) will be joining Chronicle director Josh Trank for this adaptation of the beloved PlayStati...

Assassin's Creed III and Colossus art pieces are so boss

Jul 29
// Tony Ponce
Freelance artist Chad Gowey sent us some goodies the other day, but silly me, I completely forgot about them until now. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I think you'll enjoy Chad's brilliant pieces! Behold, "As...

Josh Trank signs as Shadow of the Colossus film director

May 23
// Dale North
Sister site Flixist reports that Chronicle director Josh Trank has signed on to direct the movie adaptation of one of the best PS2 games ever made (and now PS3), Shadow of the Colossus. Deadline says that Trank has been a fan...

Rumor: Team Ico's Fumito Ueda has left Sony

Nov 30
// Dale North
If the rumor is true, Sony may be losing one of their best game creators. Eurogamer says that Fumito Ueda, Team Ico boss and creator of Shadow of the Colossus, Ico and the upcoming The Last Guardian, has left Sony. Sources sa...

Black Friday: Kmart selling MGS HD for $35, more

Nov 22
// Brett Zeidler
We are getting ever closer to the busiest shopping day of the year. Kmart has some pretty good deals going on. Here's a short list of what you can expect to find should you choose to do shopping there: $199.99 - Get a $25 gi...

Lights Out: Battlefield beta woes, Netflix and ICO on top

Oct 01
// Conrad Zimmerman
[Lights Out: A Destructoid Newsreel is a video series highlighting a selection of Destructoid staff and contributors, featuring a discussion of the news of the day over a spirited round of Team Fortress 2.] Time to wra...

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection tops charts!

Sep 30
// Jim Sterling
I may have confessed to not being a fan of Team ICO's games, but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate its success. The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection has topped the multiplatform sales chart in North America and J...

Best Buy: Buy two select PS3 collections, save $20

Sep 26
// Brett Zeidler
Ever wanted to check out the Uncharted, Resistance or God of War series and are picking up the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection tomorrow anyway? Well, this is a better time than any because if you stop into Best Buy ...

The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection is packed with bonus video content that is sure to thrill fans of either or both games. After seeing it all I'd say that the video content alone is worth the price of entry! Yo...

Oil on water: How I can't love the games you love

Sep 24 // Jim Sterling
My wife adores Jeff Buckley, as do a fair few people I've met over the years. They say his music touches their soul, speaks out to them, and provided the soundtrack to a considerable majority of their lives. I've heard his stuff, and I just don't get it. It doesn't sink in. There's something interminably frustrating about that, to know that somebody is getting so much satisfaction out of something, and you can't access whatever font of pleasure others can merrily tap into at will.  Having played a little of the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, I found that I still couldn't penetrate whatever depth there was to these games. ICO, to me, is a glorified escort mission with poor controls, while Colossus is a slower, less interesting Prince of Persia with ... poor controls. I tweeted this past weekend that I just didn't get why they were so popular among "hardcore" gamers, and was swiftly buried under a torrent of desperate and invested appeals.  Many of these retorts said the same thing: the atmosphere, the visuals, the rich artistry of it all -- that's why these games are enjoyed so much. A few even admitted that the gameplay of both titles wasn't quite up to par, yet still contended that the aesthetic pleasure was enough to make up for it. I understand that; I've been there before. I've had games speak to me from beyond a veil of poor interfaces and aged gameplay. I am not here to argue whether or not Team ICO's games are good or bad. I'm here to tell you that my low opinion of these games is not something I revel in.  In fact, if you love ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, I'm quite jealous of you. I wish I could join you in gushing over these amazing works of art. I love videogames that can make an emotional connection with the player, and to try these games and come away with nothing but exasperation and regret that I wasted my time completely confounds me to an unpleasant degree.  To use an incredibly nerdy -- but game-related -- comparison, I feel like the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, or really any stock character that is born without feelings and watches enviously as the "normal" people laugh, cry, and love, and feel things that I can't. There's an almost crushing emptiness when these games are brought up, a black hole where I know unfettered adoration ought to be. Some people think that I dislike certain games for fun and profit, but the truth is this: it's deeply uncomfortable.  The same is true of fighting games, although there's a far more scientific reason for my disliking them -- I just can't play them. Of all the genres of games out there, the one-on-one fighting game is something I've never been able to wrap my head or hands around. Of course, it didn't help that Rise of the Robots and Primal Rage were my fighters of choice as a child, but the fact remains that, when people get excited for a new Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom, I'm on the outside looking in. I can see the passion, but I cannot feel it, and I envy all of you who can.  When Street Fighter IV released and fans begun to gibber with excitement, it was like I was a man without feet, surrounded by people who'd just bought the hottest new pair of shoes.  The worst part is, disliking some of these games makes one feel like less of a gamer. Destructoid itself voted Shadow of the Colossus as its greatest game of the last decade. A game that means absolutely nothing to me, voted by my primary employer as the best game of an entire ten-year span. How can one not feel something of a fraud when confronted with a fact like that?  There are plenty of gamers out there who would happily help that attitude to fester, as well. One reader told me that he'd lost "huge respect" for me after finding out that I didn't appreciate ICO or Colossus. Others in the past have entreated me with incredibly patronizing language, as if attempting to explain nuclear physics to a three-year-old. Telling hardcore gamers that you hate ICO is like telling a Tea Party supporter that you're gay ... only with a significantly decreased threat of being shot.  Is it really so wrong to not love what everybody else loves? It certainly is frustrating, but gamers these days are so quick to jump down the throats of anybody who doesn't march in step with them that they might have forgotten that we're not all the same person. The phrase "if you hate this game, you're not a true gamer" is one that I've seen far too many times over the years -- sometimes the wording is different and the games are never the same, but the sentiment is identical across the board. If you don't like a certain game, you are a fraud, and you deserve nothing more than to become a pariah.  "We have this weird attitude that if we don't like a popular game either we're wrong, or the game is bad," Ars Technica editor Ben Kuchera told me after my Team ICO confession. "Games aren't objectively good and bad, and we don't need to connect with every one." Ben is right, of course. No gamer needs to love the same games as everybody else. There is no one game good enough to define the difference between a gamer and a non-gamer, and thinking that one exists is extremist thought of the highest order.  Knowing this truth doesn't take away the sting of disliking games that so many others adore. It doesn't make one feel more justified or soothe the jealous pangs. Writing this definitely helps, though. Attempting to communicate exactly how one feels about hating the games you love is somewhat cathartic. And while there are definitely trolls out there who will take a contrary stance just to watch the feather fly -- who will say they hate a game simply to rile up its fans and make them dance like puppets -- there are others with legitimate, valid reasons for not enjoying the same things as you, and chances are good that they don't get off on it. Quite the opposite, in fact.  So, what can you do when a videogame beloved so many is like oil on water to you?  Nothing.  But you can at least write a fancy little blog post about it, and hope people understand.

I've played videogames for the vast majority of my life, to the point where I've been fortunate enough to make it part of my life. I feel I could confidently challenge anybody to rival my passion for the medium, my respect fo...


So good: Ico and SotC Collection's reversible cover art

Sep 08
// Jordan Devore
Yes, yes, Dale has already gotten to play and review The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection. The game isn't out until the end of this month, painful as that may be to hear. The folks at the PlayStation Blog have amped ...

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection bonus content

Jul 21
// Jim Sterling
Sony has revealed that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection will be getting bonus content when it finally ships on September 27.  Those picking up the HD re-releases of Team ICO's classic games will receive two dyna...

ICO, Shadow of the Colossus PS3 trailers are lovely

Jul 05
// Jim Sterling
Two new trailers have popped up, dedicated to the two halves of the long awaited ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection. The video above is for ICO, the one below is for Shadow of the Colossus. They're both fairly lovely.&nbs...

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