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Sexy Video Game News Hole


Succulent is a game where a dude sucks on a...

Jan 13
// Kyle MacGregor
This is Succulent, a game where you watch a man in his underwear suck on "some sort of long orange thing" for a few minutes. Yes, really. It's free. You should play it. Let me know how it goes. Succulent [Robert Yang]
Mario sexy time photo
Mario sexy time

Here's how Mario's enemies get their freak on

Is 'get their freak on' cool lingo?
May 29
// Brett Makedonski
Presented without comment: Dorkly's take on the mating habits in Mushroom Kingdom. Okay, one comment. I always knew Goombas were growers not show-ers.
Dugtrio photo

Can you dig this sexy Dugtrio?

Yeah, you can
May 28
// Brett Makedonski
A wild Dugtrio appeared at FanimeCon this past weekend, and then started flexing all over the place. @Babylonian [Twitter]
Max Scoville presents "Sexy Video Game News-Hole"
As you might've heard yesterday, I am back with Destructoid as full-time Video Warlock. And so, I've wasted absolutely no time whatsoever abusing my newfound power, and here's the first episode of my new show: Sexy Video Gam...

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