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Save The Chilluns

PS3s being used to nab pedophiles

Nov 16
I guess the PS3 really does do everything. Not content to be a game device, a Blu-ray player, and everything else Sony markets it as, the PlayStation 3 is also a handy tool used by police to crack into the computers of suspec... read

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker heading to Virtual Console

Nov 09
Moonwalker, the game everybody found an excuse to keep talking about after Michael Jackson died, finally has some relevant news attached to it. The game is scheduled for release on the Wii's Virtual Console, with European rat... read

Predictable: Modern Warfare 2 footage upsets people

Oct 29
It didn't take long. Modern Warfare 2's controversial footage showing civilians gunned down in an airport was confirmed only yesterday, and already people have decided to get offended and upset. For some reason, an Australian... read

Lil' Tommy Turnipseed: Ban war toys and war games, please!

Jul 11
You know what we've never run before? A story about some old, out-of-touch activist who claims that "studies show" videogames are bad for children. We've never written about people like that before, so let's write o... read

Thai officials shut down game sites following boy's suicide

May 23
Yesterday, we told you about a 12-year-old boy who committed suicide after his parents banned him from gaming. The most curious aspect of the story was the fact that Thailand's overbearing Ministry of Health did not use the d... read

PTC applauds California's violent game appeal, tells lies

May 21
The Parent's Television Council, an organization dedicated to telling other people what to do, has applauded Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to appeal to the US Supreme Court over the dismissal of his hypocritical 2005 viole... read

Texan sex offenders may need to register online game handles

May 06
Quite why something like this hasn't been implemented sooner is beyond me, but it seems that Texas' legal system has finally caught up with the modern age and is considering a new bill that requires kiddy fiddlers to register... read

Smoke pot, suck at games, claims anti-marijuana campaign

Mar 10
Anti-marijuana campaign Above The Influence is targeting gamers by demonstrating how bad their playing skills can get while feeling the effects of funny cigarettes. Pointing out the effects of pot on your memory, perception a... read

Starcraft 101: Sitting in on Berkeley's class on Zerg rushing

Feb 10
There’s been a lot of talk recently about UC Berkeley’s class on Starcraft. Seems many people are blown away that a school as well-known as Cal would be giving units for playing a ten-year-old computer game. I mea... read

New York bill treats games like hazardous material, wants them locked up

Jan 29
New York, the state that seems to be in love with videogame legislation, is at it again, this time thanks to Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright. Wright is the man who wants to combat games that enforce racist stereotypes, but he a... read

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? on XBLA this Wednesday

Oct 27
It's not like I have cash to spare during this busy season, so maybe I should be thankful that Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? is heading up Xbox LIVE Arcade this week rather than something halfway decent.One might argue t... read

10-year-old arrested for stealing from a fruit machine

Sep 01
You know, there are some people out there who complain when blogs write crime stories that are tenuously linked to games, but this one is just too brilliant to keep to myself. A ten-year-old British boy was arrested on Friday... read

Would you steal a PS3 to save your family? That's one excuse I suppose

Aug 15
Criminals dream up some of the daftest excuses for their actions, mostly because they always know somebody (coughjackthompsoncough) will be stupid enough to believe them. This has to be one of the more absurd reasons of recen... read

GTA IV being used to nab pedophiles

Jul 02
Cops in Michigan are currently using Grand Theft Auto IV to root out pedophiles, CVG reports. Where before, cops would scan Internet chat rooms to catch themselves some dirty perverts, forward-thinking police are now turning ... read

GTA IV turns you into a pedophile

Jun 16
Another day, another British tabloid finding something in a videogame that has outraged the "great" UK public. This one is an absolute classic, too. In GTA IV, there is a spoof Web site called littlelacysurprisepage... read

Canadian cops hop on the GTA IV stupid wagon

Apr 25
Probably feeling left out as the world's biggest moron parade marches by without them, the Calgary police department has come out to say that Grand Theft Auto IV is a "grave concern" and is worried about children be... read

PTC issues whiny little warning about GTA IV

Apr 23
As expected, the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV has seen the scaremongers and crybabies of the world come out in full force to stamp their little feet in protest. Once again, it falls to the Parents Television Counci... read

EU demands that games industry look after children better ... sigh

Apr 22
The European Union (known in some circles as The Nazi Party 2.0) has given the videogames industry two years in order to protect children better. Apparently, game companies are not doing enough to replace parents and teachers... read

Chicago authority pulls GTA IV ads from buses with a little help from Fox

Apr 21
With Grand Theft Auto IV right around the corner, leave it to Fox News to try and throw a spanner in the works. Using the recent focus on violence and of course, those precious children as its "in," Fox News questio... read

Guitar Hero III's Satanic shenanigans upset musician

Apr 08
Charlie Daniels, the man who wrote and performed The Devil Went Down to Georgia, has hit out at Guitar Hero III for perverting his song and allowing the Devil to win. Daniels is angry because the song is "supposed to be ... read

SCANDAL! Photographic evidence of Joseph Leray's filthy videogame addiction

Apr 01
Confirming our earlier hard-hitting report, new photos reveal that web idol joseph Leray has indeed been involved with the seedy world of videogames prior to this morning's incident. Evidence shows Leray as part of numerous d... read

Jack Thompson tells me to rape a child: Advocating molestation is not cool

Mar 17
Jack Thompson is my best friend in the whole wide world. I know some of you don't like the guy and are sick of hearing of him, so by all means go read one of our many other stories, but for those of you who love our notorious... read

Oh Japan, you and your child molesting: Disturbing Wii game is disturbing

Mar 13
I'm surprised it's taken this long, but here's the first "erotic" adventure game for the Wii. Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper is a rather tame dating sim, but in true Japanese fashion, it just has to be that little b... read

Banning Bully will make children magically stop being evil wankers

Mar 04
Big shock -- Bully: Scholarship Edition is released today for the Wii and Xbox 360 and right on cue, here come the parade of prehistoric scaremongers who want to see it banned under that age-old veil of protecting the childre... read

Hypocrisy: Game hating governor's son causes controversy with his own game

Feb 25
Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius is no fan of videogames, nor modern music. She fully supported attempts to legislate videogame sales, claiming that games and song lyrics "promote violence," and are among the new c... read

Texas Attorney General goes after GamesRadar

Feb 18
Stupid lawsuits ahoy! Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed suit against GamesRadar because he feels it has not done enough to protect children -- wait ... what!?What?That's right. Because GamesRader uses a registrati... read

You got some government in my videogames: UK crackdown commencing

Feb 11
They tried to do it in America and failed multiple times through its unconstitutional nature. In England, however, there is nobody to stop the government from applying compulsory ratings on videogames, with legal ramification... read

Kiss your loved ones goodbye: Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed

Feb 08
I'm going to give it to you straight folks, I suspect shenanigans. It seems a little convenient to me that just before word of Puzzle Quest 2 being confirmed arrives, a big controversy is kicked up, distracting every forward ... read

Satan's Sudoku: Another mainstream journalist reveals their ignorance

Jan 21
You'd think that in the wake of Kevin McCullough's tyrannical screed the mainstream media would've laid off the game chatter, leaving those of us actually tasked with covering the industry to do our jobs while the fervor died... read

Stranglehold commercial banned in the UK

Jan 17
The Advertising Standards Authority -- the UK-based advertising group that removed posters for Burnout in London last year -- has banned the above commercial for Midway's not-very-good shooting game, Stranglehold. The commerc... read

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