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Volition dev would love a console that kills used games

Feb 06
The idea of a new Xbox that refuses to play used games may sound like a problematic, consumer-unfriendly, potentially suicidal idea to reasonable people who are capable of long-term thought, but some people are right behind i... read
Hey, guys! Remember when GameStop used to sell legacy games and hardware? Atari, Genesis, you name it. Those were the days, before the company began swallowing up the competition and ditched the retro wares in favor of almost... read feature

The Tester gets all Fear Factor-ish on PSN next week

Jan 31
Sony's PSN reality show "The Tester" might be my favorite guilty pleasure. The last two seasons have provided more laughs than I can recall, and simultaneously made me cringe at the thought of belonging to the same soci... read

Jack Black wannabe does stupid Star Wars Kinect trailer

Jan 26
Watch the above video to see a man who thinks he's Jack Black doing "funny" things in the name of Star Wars Kinect. I think this guy is supposed to be famous or something. I don't know who he is. I don't actually care, eithe... read

Ubisoft DRM allegedly blocking new computer hardware

Jan 17
According to new reports, Ubisoft's oft-maligned DRM is so zealous in its protection of software that it cannot tell the difference between a new computer and a new graphics card. Yep, if you switch out some of your computer'... read

SEGA: SOPA is generally caused by bad installs, junk data

Jan 12
While many publishers are remaining silent on the issue of SOPA and its potential negative impact, one company is proud to speak out against the nefarious anti-piracy bill. That company is SEGA, and we are proud to stand by i... read

'WTF is with empowered women in video games now?'

Jan 11
This thread is currently doing the rounds among the usual social networks, and I felt I had to share. Posted to the "Men Going Their Own Way" forum (so you already know it's comedy gold), a thread called "WTF is with empowere... read

Really, Namco Bandai?

Jan 05
Apparently Namco Bandai has taken some pages from the Dead or Alive school of marketing, as this Japanese print ad for SoulCalibur V seems to carry one message -- the game is entirely, completely, utterly about breasts and no... read

ESA still fully backs SOPA, issues statement of support

Jan 03
The Entertainment Software Association has addressed recent discussion of its involvement with SOPA, confirming to Joystiq that it has no intention of withdrawing support. The controversial bill, which maintains growing popul... read

Man buys virtual sword for unreleased game, pays $16,000

Dec 29
A man in China has spent $16,000 buying a digital sword for a game that hasn't been released. Age of Wulin, an MMORPG from Snail Games, held an online auction ahead of release, selling subscription cards and in-game items whi... read

3DS Slide Pad: 480 hours of play, stupid screw seal

Dec 08
A Japanese gamer that got the 3DS Slide Pad early cracked open the manual to find that it promises 480 hours of play time from one AAA battery. That's a crazy number, but I'm guessing that this single control doesn't need muc... read

Ladies and gents, the tackiest dress ever made

Dec 06
Today is Finland's Independence Day, so the President invited the country's movers and shakers for a lovely little dinner. Angry Birds' being Finland's number one export of all time, Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka was asked to att... read

Presenting the new-look Destructoid reviews format

Dec 06
We at Destructoid are always looking to improve our reviews. They're a huge part of our site and one of the most controversial aspects of any videogame community, so ensuring that reviews are clear, concise and fair should be... read

Serious Sam 3: BFE update kills game saves (Update)

Nov 24
[Update: The Croteam member who confirmed the issue has said that the studio may be able to fix everything. A new patch will arrive tomorrow that will attempt to rescue both old and new saves. Fingers crossed!] A small update... read

The Sun warns world of 'Xbox Cyber Fraud'

Nov 22
Shitty tabloid The Sun has a CRIME EXCLUSIVE on its front page, warning Britain of a terrifying new problem -- Xbox Cyber Fraud! While the Sun claims thieves have "hacked" into Xbox Live accounts, it's nowhere near as scary. ... read

Man tries to rob Modern Warfare 3 at gunpoint, fails hard

Nov 09
An eighteen-year-old man is sitting in a jail cell today after attempting to rob a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at gunpoint.  The would-be attacker followed a 27-year-old midnight launch attendee from GameStop ... read

Modern Warfare 3 sold for $1,725 on eBay

Nov 04
Hardcore Modern Warfare fans are a strange bunch. How strange? Apparently strange enough to spend $1,725 to get Modern Warfare 3 four days early! Early copies of Infinity Ward's upcoming blockbuster have made their predictabl... read

Nintendo to allow eShop access to PC and phones in future

Oct 28
If there's one thing that's always somewhat irked me about Nintendo, it's the way that they approach online interactions. It never seems to be convenient. But Nintendo is aware of the problem and will be taking steps to offer... read

PSN games and points no longer on Amazon

Oct 19
If you want to buy PSN games but don't want to entrust your credit card to Sony, there are a number of alternatives like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and GameStop. Amazon used to be on that list, but it would seem that all PSN content ... read

Angry Birds gets ready for Halloween by playing dress-up

Oct 01
Halloween is almost here, which means goofy theme costumes and toys. Angry Birds is jumping on the bandwagon with themed plushes, and if that isn't enough for you, costumes. So you can decorate your house with little costumed... read

How to play Resident Evil 4 HD on PS3

Sep 26
Resident Evil 4 HD released last week, but I waited until the weekend to download it. Due to various problems I have with Microsoft Points and my silly desire to play Resident Evil games on their "traditional" home, I decided... read

Activision wins rights to finally

Sep 08
Back in July, the domain surfaced and, funnily enough, it led users to the Battlefield 3 official site. It was discovered that a fan (not EA) had purchased the domain and thought it funny to bait ... read

FOX News accuses games of promoting 'liberal agenda'

Sep 07
You have to love FOX News. It's turned the word "agenda" into something sinister, without ever having to quantify whatever the agenda in question actually is. Next up on FOX's agenda is yet another round of videogame bashing,... read

Nintendo's always innovating

Sep 07
With the announcement of the extra 3DS nub add-on, Nintendo has worked out a way to patch consoles. We thought you could only do that with software, but once again, the game industry's disruptive force has shown us something ... read

Lots of douchey PlayStation Move 'lifestyle' shots

Sep 06
Sony has released a ton of utterly astounding photographs of douchebags waving a PlayStation Move around, letting the world know that in order to enjoy the PS3 waggle-dong, you need to look like an impossibly smarmy prick.&nb... read

Supernanny: UK rioters addicted to 'horrific games'

Aug 17
Jo "Supernanny" Frost has decided to join Noel Gallagher in using last week's nationwide UK riots to blame those evil, evil videogames. Using the ever-disingenuous phrase, "research shows," the savior of shitty parents everyw... read

Noel Gallagher: 'Brutal' games caused UK riots

Aug 15
While pundits and bloggers around the world discuss the socioeconomic problems that might have led to last week's nationwide rioting in the United Kingdom, former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has apparently cracked the case... read

Evening Standard stops blaming London riots on GTA

Aug 09
Yesterday, The Evening Standard made a pretty tasteless accusation, claiming that the hooded little bastards currently rioting throughout London had been "inspired" by Grand Theft Auto. It seems that someone at the paper real... read

Boy snorts Ritalin to play Xbox 360, gets f*cked up

Aug 08
Most gamers will grab an armful of sugar and energy drinks if they need to keep awake during a monster play session, but for one New Zealand high school boy, that wasn't enough. He decided to inhale a load of Ritalin to enhan... read

Go spend $500 on Gun Bros' top gun, it's totally worth it

Aug 03
Microtransactions aren't a new trend by any means, but they generally stay within a reasonable price range. It also helps that most of these games allow players to earn ingame currency by playing, albeit at a greatly reduced... read

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