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11:24 AM on 05.10.2007

All is not well on the Halo 2 front: How to screw over gamers

It looks like you are going to have to dig just a little bit deeper into those shallow pockets of yours, if Bungie has anything to do with it.  Not only were online ranked matches reset, but something a bit more sinister...


3:52 AM on 04.21.2007

Left 4 Dead gameplay footage plus bonus nerdy commentary

Some random geeks from 1UP have gotten their hands on Left 4 Dead, the upcoming co-op zombie game where you can either play as the small group of survivors or the neverending hordes of zombies trying to prevent said humans f...

William Haley

8:18 PM on 04.19.2007

Destructoid forum member snags Pokémon Pearl early

Forum member Attix recently posted in this thread stating that he had got himself a copy of Pokémon Pearl for the Nintendo DS a few days prior to its official release. Like clockwork, the standard "Pics or it did...


11:09 AM on 04.19.2007

Hackers continue to ruin Valve?

I've said this a few times, but back in college I lived and breathed Counter-Strike. In fact, I'd even say I majored in the damn game. Well, one of the biggest turn-offs to me, after a while, was the rampant hacking a...

Robert Summa

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword gameplay or Who moved the dragon-ninja cheese?
by Papa Niero
Will Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword be the most awkward franchise sequel ever or will I have to eat my words with poison darts and Cocoa Puffs? I doubt it -- this new video suggests that the gameplay is the equivalent of eating chicken broth with a salad fork. Now that I see it in action, I also think that there's just something inately emasculating about controlling Ryu with a stylus.  I don't think I want to put that much fussing into stealth ninja asskicking; he looks like he's painting messy rainbows in his Pokemon sketchbook. Ninja Gayden, anyone?
[On sidenote, Ninja Gaiden II for the NES needs to get on the Virtual Console like ... right now. It is easily the best game in the series, fancypants versions included. My dusty old balls have spoken. All rise.]
Thanks Kayka! 
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STFUAJPG contest winners! photo
STFUAJPG contest winners!
by Tom Fronczak

KICKASS! A year ago we were stoked to get a single comment on Destructoid, and last week's STFUAJPG contest soared to over 200 comments. What an honor! Here were the three winners, with their winning pictures in the gallery below.

  • First Place: LieutenantFrost (armytoid)
  • Second Place: CannibalCalvin (300toid gif)
  • Third Place: LostCrichton (babytoid)

Email me and I'll send you whatever new video game you want. Thanks to all who entered! Every few months I'll run another STFUAJPG contest and give out some more games to help reward all you awesome readers, we're truly in debt to you all, you have no idea how much we love you gamer guys and gamer girls.

Right now I'm off in Miami partying with people I never knew a year ago, and many of which, I've still never met in real life until now. How awesome is that? Spartans were pretty badass, but Destructoid robots are the best! "THIS. IS. DTOID!" Niero truly has assembled an army of gamers, and I've never been more proud in my life to be part of something.

A year ago I was an Internet junkie, but surfed the net without a cause. Then I found Destructoid, and since day one back in 2006 I've been hooked. I was the first editor that Niero hired back in April (he hired me on April Fool's Day -- what an asshole!), and it's altered the path of my entire future. I'll never be able to thank you enough Niero. I can't imagine, and don't want to imagine, my life without Destructoid in it every day. You've given us all more than we can ever give in return, and it's an honor to blog with you, and to discuss and debate games with the best gamers on the net.

We've come a really long way from having a few dozen daily readers -- you should have seen our emails to each other a year ago when we'd be excited beyond belief for getting just ten comments in a single day. Destructoid is all about giving gamers a voice in the industry, and it's one large booming triumphant victory cheer that we all shout today in unison. We're all just a bunch of people who genuinely love playing and talking about video games, and we owe it all to you readers who have made it possible for our robot army to come this far in just one year. It's hard to set goals for 2008 when we've already done so much, but you have our word that we won't ever stop. Long live Destructoid. Forever and ever.

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STFUAJPG contest photo
STFUAJPG contest
by Tom Fronczak
You might have seen "STFUAJPG" before, but what does it mean? It's a secret.view full story + comments

4:43 PM on 02.19.2007

Captain Obvious: Study of studies says video games don't cause violence

Considering violent behavior has been around since the day we crawled out of the primordial goo, the notion that video games caused or led to an increase in violent behavior often made those of us with a drop of common sense ...

Robert Summa

3:13 PM on 02.17.2007

The curious trademarks of Blizzard

While all has been moderately quiet on the Diablo 3 front, there has been some recent legal activity from Blizzard's trademark lawyers. The names "Frostmorne" and "Darkmoon Faire" were recently registe...

Papa Niero

2:41 PM on 01.30.2007

Top 5 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2007

It really is no secret that 2007 is going to be a huge year for PC gaming. Already we have seen the release of The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft -- so that definitely sets the stage quite nicely for PC gamin...


5:49 PM on 01.25.2007

Why you shouldn't reveal your innermost secrets on XBL

For most of us, it goes without saying that certain things should not be discussed in internet chat rooms or even on Xbox Live. Well, some people are just noobs when it comes to anything online -- the idiot of this story is n...

Jordan Devore

4:11 PM on 12.13.2006

PS3 not being delayed in Europe; Internet needs to STFU

Listen Internet, we have a love/hate thing going on lately. While I love your ease of use, free porn, and of course ability to put food in the mouths of my 10 children, sometimes you just annoy the f*ck out of me. Such is the...

Robert Summa

7:01 PM on 12.06.2006

Holy crap, Australia legalized mod chips!

According to Gamasutra, the Australian Federal court has "confirmed that games consoles and DVD players which restrict the use of copyright material in geographical regions will not be given special protection under Aust...

Papa Niero

1:15 PM on 12.05.2006

Top 10 DS Games for the holidays (Update)

As the holiday shopping season soon begins to kick into high gear, we here at Destructoid would like to give some ideas on great gaming gifts. Today we will be focusing on the most popular handheld; the Nintendo DS.Most of yo...