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Knack trailer

Pairing is caring: Knack co-op trailer teaches teamwork

Also, how to punch stuff
Nov 07
Word on the streets is that Knack is deceptively hard. Everyone that gets their hands on it seems like they're dying way more than they expected. Maybe it's not kiddie's first game, after all. Luckily, you can summon a ... read
Knack has cool eyebrows
Sony threw a PlayStation 4 shindig this week and Knack was featured heavily. We were treated to a video, narrated live by PS4 architect and Knack director Mark Cerny, with a lot of the gameplay sliced out in order to focus on... read feature

TGS: This Puppeteer trailer will pull your heartstrings

Sep 19
When Grasshopper Manufacture showed off its platformer-in-a-puppet-show Black Knight Sword at TGS last year, I thought, "Well, that sure is a neat idea." But then it never came out, and now here's a game that takes the same ... read

With a relatively thin PlayStation 3 launch line-up, Resistance: Fall of Man was a saving grace for early adopters. Almost six years later, the Resistance franchise has gone on to be a critical mainstay for Sony's systems. Wi... read feature

Keeping annualized sports franchises fresh year after year is an unenviable task, especially within the constraint of a ten- or eleven-month development cycle. Generally, sports-game developers endeavor to bring a few importa... read feature

When I first saw MotorStorm: Pacific Rift a couple years ago, I rolled my eyes. At a glance, it looked like one of those super-fast racing-inspired games for loud children. While I wasn’t terribly wrong with that assess... read feature

MLB 11 'Yankee Killer' trailer has revisionist history

Feb 07
Sony has just released a new trailer for MLB 11 The Show, and this one features Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, who is on the cover of the game for the second year in a row. I wasn't aware that Mauer's performance against... read

MLB 11 The Show has one-button controls for the disabled

Jan 28
Here's a story that will warm your heart. Thanks to its ongoing relationship with a disabled gamer, Sony San Diego has added a special difficulty level to this year's iteration of its annual baseball series, MLB 11 The Show. ... read

Simulation sports games have a doubly difficult job: not only are they tasked with delivering a realistic playable version of a particular sport, but they also must present an experience that looks and sounds like a televisio... read feature

MLB 10 The Show classic stadiums are pre-order bonus DLC

Jan 26
In my December preview of MLB 10 The Show, I mentioned that the game will include a number of classic stadiums that are new to the MLB The Show franchise, such as the Polo Grounds and Forbes Field. The fact sheet for the game... read

Building towns and beat-downs in White Knight Chronicles

Jan 15
I don't know if you guys have heard about this game. It's called White Knight Chronicles. Ring a bell? It does?! No way! I'm just, you know, surprised that you would even remember this thing. When was it announced? Like 2005?... read

Joe Mauer cover for MLB 10 The Show unveiled, out March 2

Jan 07
Sony has released the final box art for MLB 10 The Show, and it’s ... very blue. You can check out the full cover image, featuring AL MVP Joe Mauer, in the gallery below. While it’s nice to see a cover design that... read

Back of MLB 10 The Show box confirms what we told you

Dec 19
Earlier this week, I gave you a first-look, hands-on preview of MLB 10 The Show. In it, I discussed some of the improvements and additions that Sony San Diego is bringing to the game, including the new Catcher Mode, a better ... read

AL MVP Joe Mauer is the MLB 10 The Show cover athlete

Dec 17
Sony’s finally taking the MLB The Show cover out of the Northeast. Joe Mauer, the 2009 American League Most Valuable Player, will grace the cover of MLB 10 The Show, the next iteration in Sony San Diego’s acclaime... read

Thanks to two straight stellar games, the MLB The Show series has cemented itself as the best baseball simulation available by far. MLB 09 The Show managed to sell 305,000 copies in March 2009 on the PS3, coming in at #6 on t... read feature

Winners of LittleBigPlanet Art Game Jam Session announced

Nov 14
Earlier this week, Sony made an announcement that they would be holding another LittleBigPlanet Art Game Jam Session, this time for the PSP. Five teams of students from the School of Game Design from the Academy of Art Instit... read

24 hours of LittleBigPlanet PSP can only end one way ...

Nov 10
With an obscene amount of creativity poured into equally creative LittleBigPlanet PSP levels. Similar to the Game Jam Session for LittleBigPlanet on PlayStation 3, SCEA is holding another 24-hour festival in hopes of having A... read

MLB The Show dev painstakingly recreates in-game stadiums

Oct 18
The New York Yankees eliminated the Minnesota Twins in Game 3 of their 2009 American League Division Series matchup last week, and that baseball game is the last one that will ever be played in Minneapolis’ Hubert H. Hu... read

SCEA might want to spy on your emotions while you game

Aug 14
As spotted by Siliconera, Sony has filed a patent for software that aims to detect a range of human emotions with laughter being primarily emphasized. As you can see in the creepy sketch above, this data would be tracked thro... read

Sony says God of War III will be the 'last installment' in series

Dec 15
[video]114713:875[/video]God of War III is coming out on the PlayStation 3 next year, and that's no surprise. And after seeing the trailer that premiered at last night's Spike VGAs, the game doesn't look surprising, either ..... read

Second trailer for The Life in NBA 09 The Inside tells a basketball-centric tale

Sep 19
[video]103695:363[/video] After watching the above video, part two of the trailer series for Sony’s NBA 09 The Inside, I may have to eat my harsh words about the title. I’ve been hating on it because of its graphi... read

Gritty trailer for The Life in NBA 09 The Inside brings the streets to you

Sep 05
[video]102619:314[/video] The last time we told you about NBA 09 The Inside on PS3 was, coincidentally, the first time we told you about NBA 09 The Inside on PS3. Funny how that works, eh? Anyway, in that original post, I me... read

Enjoy six times as much fun with the six-man NBA 09 The Inside cover

Aug 16
I thought “Think Different” was Apple’s old advertising slogan. Well, it seems SCEA has taken a page out of Apple’s book with the box art for their upcoming basketball game, NBA 09 The Inside. That&rsq... read

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