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Rygar on Wii looks pretty, but I have my concerns

Jan 13
Rygar on the NES is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. The game makes little sense, has some poorly implemented concepts and bosses that just seem unfair. Despite this, I still like to pop it in on occasions where I want... read

Rygar: The Battle of Argus gets some Hard Gay action

Dec 11
Are you confused about what Rygar: The Battle of Argus and homosexual overtones have in common (well, besides the bare chested warrior vibe)? Let me help to clarify for you: Hard Gay is a Japanese entertainer who runs around ... read

Zeus help me, another Rygar game's coming

Oct 30
Fans of Destructoid will have gathered by now that I love a good, old fashioned action game. This is why I hated Rygar: The Legendary Adventure for the PlayStation 2. While some people seemed to like it, I couldn't stand the ... read

Rygar on the Wii a souped-up PS2 port?

Jul 12
The latest news coming out of IGN regarding Rygar on the Wii leaves me a little sad inside. Back in May, we reported that Tecmo made their first announcement at the "Nite Out" press event that the game was going t... read

Project Rygar to be a Wii exclusive

May 11
Announced during Tecmo's recent "Nite Out" press event, Project Rygar is set to hit the stage as a Wii exclusive. Sadly, not much was released at this time, other than some character and concept art. From IGN: B... read

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