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6:00 PM on 06.03.2013

The best and worst games of 2013: May Returns

May was largely a quiet month for new game releases. Despite what felt like a slower schedule, especially coming off of a rather absurd April, here on Destructoid we did have a pair of 10s with the portable Donkey Kong Countr...

Jordan Devore

The best and worst games of 2013: Hyperdimension April photo
The best and worst games of 2013: Hyperdimension April
by Jordan Devore

This review recap is brought to you by Daft Punk's Alive 2007, which fueled the incessant copying and pasting efforts needed to put one of these together. I don't feel like I've blinked since I started working on this, but it's worth it!

April was notable in that most of what we covered was smaller-scale and released through digital channels rather than at retail. We had Dead Island Riptide, sure, but there was also the likes of Don't Starve and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Speaking of which, did you notice that video reviews are back? There's going to be plenty more of those on the way.

Which games released in April, if any, decimated your free time?

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The best and worst games of 2013: Infinite March  photo
The best and worst games of 2013: Infinite March
by Jordan Devore

What a month! Now that March is well behind us (and we remembered to take a look back to ponder), I feel confident in saying that between BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider, and yet another Gears of War, we are well into this year of big-budget gaming.

Take a look at everything we reviewed in March -- there's a lot! What was your jam? What did you miss out on? I still need to grab copies of HarmoKnight and Luigi's Mansion for my 3DS. The poor guy has gotten dusty and now only I'm to blame for it.

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The best and worst games of 2013: February Rising photo
The best and worst games of 2013: February Rising
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

Our monthly reviews recap continues on from the series return last month. January was packed full of great games, to the point of sensory overload. Thankfully February didn't have as many new titles, giving us a chance to catch up.

That said, there were still some pretty awesome games that came out last month. Most notable of the bunch were Bit.Trip Presents Runner2, Dead Space 3, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. And let's not forgot the highest scoring game of the month, Star Wars Pinball.

Check out everything that came out in February for a quick and easy look at what you may have missed out on. 

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The best and worst games of 2013: January May Cry photo
The best and worst games of 2013: January May Cry
by Jordan Devore

I'm not sure what it's like from the outside looking in, but as someone who's directly involved with covering games and has to be thinking about them on a daily basis, January was one hell of an action-packed month.

We kicked the year off proper with more than 30 reviews, including assessments of some long-awaited releases like DmC and the localized Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Did they live up to expectations? An untold number of comments have been written on the subject, and many more have yet to be written.

If you weren't keeping track, this is the post for you. We've broken down our January reviews into an easily-digestible format with highlight quotes and scores for each individual game. Looking for something new to play? Prepare your scroll wheel.

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10:01 PM on 11.19.2010

Dtoid (the show): Pirates Lego, dragons, Wii and Mega Man

Man, I screwed up pretty badly in this episode. That normally makes me miserable. Yet, I still can't help but love today's edition of Destructoid. I think it's the dance party bit. When I look back on the creation of show fr...

Jonathan Holmes

Review Round-Up: The games of September photo
Review Round-Up: The games of September
by Matthew Razak

Did September fly by for anyone else? It was here and then it was frickin' gone.

Despite the fact that the month flew by a plethora of games came out in almost every category imaginable. I think we're warming up for that holiday season rolling in. It's quite possible the biggest game of the year landed this month in Halo: Reach and meanwhile Enslaved: Odyssey to the West shined for those avoiding the franchise. In fact I'd wager that September has some of the highest scores in the most varied amount of genres as any month.

Not to say that everything was great. There are definitely some duds down there, but no matter what genre you love it looks like September had a game for you.

Thanks this month to the great Skribble, whose name doesn't quite live up to the awesome artwork he did for the header image. Best Spartan ever? Yes.

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Review Round-Up: The Games of August photo
Review Round-Up: The Games of August
by Matthew Razak

Sweet crap, is it September already? What the hell happened to all those months between January and now? There are a billion games I still need to play and as it turns out August didn't help my back pile situation any. Plenty of awesome landed for us to enjoy, and some disappointment as well.

In fact, if you go by when our reviews landed, StarCarft II and a new Metroid are August games. That's enough right there to get any gamer behind in their gaming. And yet there was a whole bunch more (a plethora, even) that August delivered. A new addicting multiplayer game, the successful return of a buxom heroine, the biggest sports game out there and... books? August went pretty well, and Tony Ponce used the word dandy to boot.

Thankfully for our backlogs there is one game we can all skip. I'll let you guess which it is. (Hint: It starts with Kane and Lynch and ends with Dog Days.)

Art this month (featuring plenty of Dtoid editors!) was done by the ever talented and ridiculously dashing Monodi. If you see him at some point tell him he draws purdy.

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Review Round-Up: The games of July photo
Review Round-Up: The games of July
by Matthew Razak

While copy-and-pasting this together I attempted to figure out what the "theme" of this month was so I could write about it up here. But July just sort of was. There were good games and bad games. There were definitely some stellar hits and some massive misses. I couldn't wrangle anything really special out of it, especially since our StarCraft II review landed a few days out of the month.

That's not to say that games like Dragon Quest IX aren't truly epic, but July counterbalanced all that greatness with some pretty sad games. Needless to say, I was concerned for this opening, but then I remembered a lesson I learned from Jim Sterling himself: opinion is not needed (see below). And so I give you this explanation of the reviews of July:

July had videogames. We reviewed them.

So check it out, if for no other reason than Samit makes a "touchdown" pun in a review for a football game.

Also, of note is the positively righteous artwork that Sheppy done did for the Round-Up this month. I'm pretty sure he's worked in the most characters yet and thrown in Mr. Destructoid to boot. Slow clap beginning now, please.

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Review Round-Up: The games of June photo
Review Round-Up: The games of June
by Matthew Razak

Wooooo. What a busy, busy month for reviews. We had so many reviews that you could barely keep a hold of yourself, I'm sure. Reviews coming out of our ass at rates unseen by a review sh*tting ass before. Reviews from all directions ever. Reviews you never even saw coming. You were all, like, walking down the street, and then BAM! REVIEWS!


I've clearly overcompensated for our lack of reviews. I apologize. Look, it was June. E3 happens in June and game releases slow down and we get really, really busy. That combination of things results in an epically slow month review wise with some reviews just missing the month's deadline. Despite this, we did deliver unto you some reviews last month and you may peruse them below if you so wish.

This month's art was done by Edco. You can find it in wallpaper size and in badass sketch form below. He does really great things, including naked Yetis. I'm not in charge of what Mr. Destructoid wears (he killed the last man who suggested he change his look), but our intrepid leader sure looks debonair with an eye-patch. You can check out more of Edco's work on his blog or at Cup Doodle where he shows off with some friends. His art... he shows off his art with some friends. Not his... you know.

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Review Round-Up: The games of May photo
Review Round-Up: The games of May
by Matthew Razak

May kind of snuck up on us, but man was it a kick-ass month for gaming. We reviewed a bunch of great games, and had a few surprises (a few failures too). There were so many great reviews you could have read throughout the month and tons of games to learn about. I bet you spent all month enjoying our reviews on multiple gam... who am I kidding? As the artwork for this month shows, all anyone wanted to read was our Red Dead Redemption review. We did it already, alright!? Find it below.

For serious, though. Plenty of great other games came out this month and some that possibly slipped past your radar. If you're interested in how great Mario Galaxy 2 is or how not so good Lost Planet 2 is or how godawful Alpha Protocol is then dive right into the reviews below.

In case you were wondering where that striking bit of art came from, it's from one of my favorite Dtoid artists, SuitcoatAvenger. Not only did he rock that Red Dead art up there (and below in full) for the header, but he also made the Alan Wake piece you see below. Check out more of his work on his blog.

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Review Round-Up: The games of April photo
Review Round-Up: The games of April
by Matthew Razak

As far as releases go April seems to be the month where 2010 finally starts to slow down a little. While we had some big releases like Super Street Fighter IV and Splinter Cell: Conviction the month was pretty much lacking in AAA releases compared to previous months. That doesn't mean we didn't have a lot of games (good and bad) release throughout April.

If you're able to tear yourself away from SSF IV for a few seconds you might find some interesting things to pick up that you missed down below. You'll also find a few things you'll be glad you didn't pick up at all. Surprisingly we went an entire month without any controversy or scandal review wise. I told Mr. Ross to score SSF IV lower, but he just wouldn't listen.

Major thanks to GrumpyTurtle for the epic artwork you see above. Someone who is near him give him a high five for being awesome.

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Reviews Round-up: The games of March photo
Reviews Round-up: The games of March
by Matthew Razak

Damn. I am not a game release historian, but I bet there hasn't been a March full of this many quality games in a long, long time. I'm sure someone will take the time to go back and check every March since the dawn of gaming, but without doing any research I am declaring this the best March in gaming history.

Why for, you ask. Check out the games we reviewed below. There are more AAA titles and indie classics than you can shake a stick at. If I didn't know any better and it wasn't 80 degrees outside while I was typing this I'd say that it was November or December. We even had a platform launch. What the hell, March? Where did you come from!?

Now just because we had a lot of big titles landing doesn't mean we had a lot of high scores (drama!). Read on to see if the names lived up to their hype.

Thanks once again to Rockvillian for the art.

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Review Recap: February 2010 photo
Review Recap: February 2010
by Matthew Razak

(Review Recap is a monthly feature that recaps all of Destructoid's reviews for a month. It's meant to be a way to give you quick access to our opinions on all the latest games.)

So... we reviewed some games last month. While not quite as jam packed with AAA releases as January there were still some major games landing. We kicked off the month with a pool game and closed it with... well, I'm not really sure what kind of game Deadly Premonition is, but we liked it. We liked it a lot.

Of course neither of those games were the big releases for the month of February. No, this month was not just about pool halls and games that don't make sense. This month kicked off a new franchise (we assume) in Dante's Inferno, had the return of a game that many don't think should have been franchised in BioShock 2, and had a game that, according to some, is a turning point in how we interact with our games and movies. I am, of course, once again talking about Deadly Premonition in the latter part of that sentence.

That was pretty much it for the month, but I'll recap the rest of the reviews for your pleasure. Hit the jump to find out our quick shots of all the biggest and smallest games of the month, and then hit the reviews to see why we really liked or hated them. Who knows, you may notice a game you missed and we loved or a game you loved and we hated. I think there was some sort of orgami simulator on the PS3. Folding paper into animal shapes in hi-def is cool, I suppose.

Thanks to Rockvillian for the art!

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Review recap: January 2010 photo
Review recap: January 2010
by Matthew Razak

Hi! Welcome to Destructoid. Did you know that we review games? We do it every month with all the major games. Sometimes people get angry at us for our opinions, and other times people agree. We see it as a way to let you know our honest opinion on what a game is like and if it's worth your hard-earned money.

Every month is so full of games, though, that you might miss one of our reviews. Maybe you've just been wishing for an easier way to compare all the games that came out in a given month and decide which one to get. Maybe you've just been looking for a place to easily compare one review score to another so you can tell us how dumb we are that we gave two games the same score when one is so blatantly better than the other.

Whatever your dream, your prayers have been answered with this new monthly post called Review... Recap. Yes, I left my creativity on a bus in Denver, so "Review Recap" it is.

Normally this space would be filled with a bit of info on the overall month, but I've wasted most of it on explaining, so we'll just jump right in. January was quite a month, with plenty of big releases landing thanks to the epic amount of delays last year. We had a major disappointment and even two rare perfect scores. Want to know what was good and what should be left behind? Hit the jump.

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