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RetRose Tinted


RetRose Tinted: Mickey Mousecapade

Feb 10
This week's RetRose Tinted is partly inspired by an episode of Retroforce Go. I want to say it was the recent episode about Capcom, due to the company's myriad of Disney-licensed titles for the NES but I can't say for certain... read

RetRose Tinted: Whomp 'Em

Jan 20
Whomp 'Em is a game that I came across during lonely days of working in a used game shop. I took one look at it and thought two things: "There is no way in hell that this is a good game," and "I absolutely have... read

RetRose Tinted: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Jan 06
My deep, passionate love for Castlevania began in 1989. This had to have occured during spring break, as I'm certain it was a weekday. The memory is tinged with the seemingly sinful joy of playing a videogame all day when I w... read

RetRose Tinted: Wizards and Warriors III

Dec 09
I heard an interesting thing the other day on a podcast (which one it was escapes me now) about how different our perceptions of games are in a span of only twenty years. The distilled point they were making was that, when we... read

RetRose Tinted: The Goonies II

Dec 02
If you spent a significant portion of your childhood in the eighties, I don't think it was possible to miss out on The Goonies. The bittersweet tale of a group of kids facing their last weekend together in their beloved town ... read

RetRose Tinted: Greendog

Nov 25
In the days before a certain blue hedgehog came along to claim his throne as the defacto mascot, I imagine that the process of selection for properties to help consumers identify the brand as a fairly chaotic affair. The way ... read

RetRose Tinted: Total Carnage

Nov 18
I want to talk today about a condition that we don't hear much of any longer, a painful malady that has largely been eliminated from our society. Just as the advent of a vaccine spirited away the looming fear of smallpox from... read

RetRose Tinted: Campaign '84

Nov 04
If that isn't the most boring image ever posted to this site, I'd be astounded.Well, folks, Election Day is finally upon us here in the United States. I could think of no better way to celebrate (other than by voting which, i... read

RetRose Tinted: Dark Castle

Oct 28
Back when the medium of choice for discriminating game players (or people who did not own an NES) was the 5 1/4" floppy disk, labeling was fairly simplistic. Unlike modern designs covered in game art, labels were commonl... read

RetRose Tinted: Golden Axe

Oct 14
Golden Axe: Beast Rider released today. It would be a lie if I were to suggest that I had any sort of interest in this sequel. The gameplay footage shown so far really does not appeal to me at all, which is disappointing beca... read

RetRose Tinted: Rad Gravity

Oct 07
The save feature is something we simply expect from videogames today. Saving has become so ingrained into the medium that practically all games now do it for you automatically. But when console gaming was still in its earlier... read

RetRose Tinted: The Chaos Engine

Sep 30
I'm a huge fan of is the steampunk genre of fiction. I love the fusion of clockwork-driven high-technology dirtying the skies of a more elegant and romantic era. The juxtaposition is beautiful. This brings me to The Chaos Eng... read

RetRose Tinted: Mighty Bomb Jack

Sep 23
I bet you thought I was going to write about Mega Man again, eh? Well, admittedly, I was. But then, as I looked through my games at the "M" section, my eye glanced just past my collection of Blue Bomber games and be... read

RetRose Tinted: Blackthorne

Sep 16
One of the advantages of remaining within casual driving distance of your parents when you inevitably leave the nest is that their home can act as something of a storage facility for things that you just haven't had the need ... read

RetRose Tinted: Streets of Rage 2

Sep 09
Like many, I've been playing a lot of Castle Crashers in the last couple of weeks and it has me thinking about other 2D brawler games I've enjoyed over the years. When these games were popular, I played every one I could get ... read

RetRose Tinted: Beavis and Butt-head

Aug 26
In those halcyon days of the early 1990's, before the MTV machine had infected all other networks with the scourge of reality programming, the channel was really making a push with animated series. Liquid Television, their la... read

RetRose Tinted: Blaster Master

Aug 19
Blaster Master is one of those games that I think just about everyone has at least heard of. It amazes me, however, that it doesn't seem to be one that is talked about all that much. It comes up in most conversations that I h... read

RetRose Tinted: Jaws

Aug 05
What with Shark Week and all, this probably would have been more fitting last Tuesday. Yet, somehow, the idea of writing about the NES Jaws game completely missed me until the weekend, when some friends had a conversation reg... read

RetRose Tinted: NARC

Jul 29
Drugs are bad and there's no time in the popular history of drug use when drugs were worse than in the 1980's. Nancy Reagan was encouraging us all to, "Just Say No," while her husband was preparing to launch the White House O... read

RetRose Tinted: Chuck E. Cheese's

Jul 22
On this day, in 1980, I was born. Birthdays don't typically hold any real significance for me, which made finding a "birthday memory" a little bit of a challenge. I'm not one of those people who obsesses over one day being a ... read

RetRose Tinted: Batman

Jul 15
Batman is the greatest comic hero ever. Any suggestion otherwise may result in a ninja stealing your breath in the night. With a new Batman film coming on Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at an ad... read

RetRose Tinted: Pengo

Jul 08
[RetRose Tinted is a feature I have been running in the Destructoid Community Blogs since February. Its purpose is to re-evaluate games that have had an impact on my gaming life and discern if they hold up to modern scrutiny.... read

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