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Alan Wake's American Nightmare's arcade mode, Q1 '12 date

Dec 19
Alan Wake's American Nightmare sounds like a good time, and this newly announced arcade mode sounds like an even better time. The "Fight till Dawn" mode of AWAN has Wake stuck in a battle where he has to survive a full night ... read

By now, most of us know about the long and challenging path that Remedy traveled in order to see the fruition of the original Alan Wake. Spanning five years of development, the psychological action thriller was not only o... read feature


The latest word on Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Dec 15
Described by Xbox World as being "significantly bigger than any episode of the original game," Alan Wake's American Nightmare will have a hub structure to its locales. Fans of Wake have, apparently, taken his disappearance an... read

Alan Wake confirmed for PC in 2012

Dec 14
Yesterday a Stream registry hint told us that Alan Wake might be coming to PC. Now we have the official word from Remedy Entertainment. Alan Wake is coming to PC in 2012. Nice! I can't wait to play it at maxed-out settin... read

Steam registry entry suggests fabled Alan Wake PC version

Dec 13
We had nearly given up hope that Alan Wake would ever grace PCs, but the spotting of a Steam registry entry for the game (via NeoGAF) has me feeling pretty good. This method has been reliable enough in the past, particularly ... read

New Alan Wake teaser trailer is a tease

Nov 10
Remember the Alan Wake teasers that have been surfacing? Well now there's a trailer to go with them. The full trailer will be premiered during the 2011 VGAs, but Spike has posted a seven second teaser of the upcoming trailer... read

Look at a picture of Alan Wake: Night Springs

Nov 08
A single image has surfaced for Alan Wake: Night Springs, the digital follow-up to 2009's action-horror. The picture comes via everybody's favorite full-color press release, Game Informer.  Mr. Wake is looking prett... read

Remedy: Sony, Nintendo must reinvent handhelds to compete

May 24
Alan Wake developer Remedy believes that Sony and Nintendo need to significantly overhaul their portable efforts if they're to compete against the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets. According to executive VP A... read

Rumor: Alan Wake: Night Springs coming to XBLA

May 20
According to those always crafty ANONYMOUS SOURCES, Remedy is beavering away on a brand new Alan Wake title -- a downloadable offering known as Alan Wake: Night Springs.  The gossip suggests that Night Springs will be ba... read

The next Alan Wake is not a sequel or DLC

May 10
You know that "Alan Wake 2" reference that popped up on LinkedIn? Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that, yes, there's more Alan Wake on the way. It's just not a sequel… or downloadable content for the original game.&... read

Resume sheds some light on Alan Wake 2

May 09
What did videogame blogs talk about before LinkedIn? The most recent juicy tidbit seems to out that work on the sequel to Alan Wake may well be underway. The LinkedIn profile of an artist shows that work may have been done on... read

Remedy: Screw retailers, let's go digital

May 03
Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne wants the game industry to go all-digital as quickly as possible, and he doesn't give a damn if retailers are left in the dust. They sell used games, so screw 'em, appears to be the general o... read

Remedy aims to surpass L.A. Noire's facial animation

Apr 11
Remedy has been hard at work on some supposedly impressive facial animation technology for an upcoming project. According to Edge, the Helsinki studio is confident it can come closer to crossing the "uncanny valley" effect th... read

Death Rally already gets its first update

Apr 09
A mere week after the release of Death Rally on iOS devices, Remedy Entertainment has already released a significant update to their combat racer. In addition to fixing some bugs in the initial release and some minor im... read

Ahhh Death Rally, what memories you have given me back in the day. The old Remedy logo, the Apogee splash screen, the fact that it was basically Micro Machines with guns; what wasn't there to like? Now, almost 15 years after ... read feature


Alan Wake finally on PC with... a themepack

Jan 18
Microsoft released a Windows 7 themepack for Alan Wake today. Let's all download it to send a "Signal" that people still want Alan Wake on the PC, shall we? If you never used one of these before, it's just a collection of twe... read

Alan Wake dev goes back to roots with Death Rally iOS

Jan 11
Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment is going back to its roots, reviving its first title, Death Rally, for the iOS. The developer says car combat game is "now bigger, stronger and more vicious than ever." The teaser trailer for the game looks surprisingly gorgeous, with plenty of explosions as you'd expect. Death Rally is expected to launch on the App Store in March for iPhone and iPad. read

Motion-controlled Remedy game suggested by job listing

Nov 15
Time and time again, we've heard Remedy talk about how great a sequel to Alan Wake would be. There's still no definitive answer as to what the studio is working on, but whatever it is, it's taking place on the same engine use... read

Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne was friendly enough to invite Daniel Carneiro and myself over for an interview in Cologne about all things Alan Wake. We talked about Lost, The Wicker Man, Agent Nightingale, DLC and more. As Al... read feature


You can print your own Alan Wake cut-out

Aug 24
Have you always wanted a cardboard cut-out of a fictional author to look at you while you sleep? Well, as freakishly unlikely as it is, your prayers have been answered. Remedy has provided a high resolution copy of Alan Wake'... read

You should go download Alan Wake's 'The Signal' add-on

Jul 27
Consider this your official reminder to download the first of two add-ons for Alan Wake, "The Signal." For those who bought the game new, a redeemable code was packed in the box, rendering this a free download. Otherwise, it'... read

Remedy really wants to make an Alan Wake sequel

Jun 23
In a discussion between IGN and Remedy regarding what's next for Alan Wake, head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen went all out in revealing his desire to continue working with Bright Falls' odd mythos. First up, downl... read

Seven bucks gets you an Alan Wake DLC episode

Jun 18
Alan Wake is a pretty cool guy, and you know, I have grown to love his agent Barry Wheeler even after an admittedly rough start. I pray that Remedy gets to releasing the two announced add-on episodes before too long, or else ... read

That teaser was for an Alan Wake-starring music video

Jun 09
Well, that was unexpected. After the recent teaser for something rooted in live-action Alan Wake, we have our answer as promised -- it's a music video. Who saw that coming? What's that, you did? Not a chance, you dirty liar!... read

Ready yourself for more live-action Alan Wake

Jun 04
Love them or hate 'em, the concept behind those live-action prequel videos for Alan Wake was solid. I'd certainly rather see more marketing dollars put into stuff like that than TV commercials or what have you, no question. ... read

Alan Wake will get a third DLC pack this year (update)

Jun 02
This is a weird situation to be in. My copy of Alan Wake hasn't arrived yet -- top men assure me it's "in the mail" -- and it's difficult for me to talk about the impending downloadable content for the game since it delves in... read

Destructoid's been talking with Alan Wake writer Mikko Rautalahti as we gear up for the game's release this week. As a big Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake has obviously been dragged into the console wars with many fans pit... read feature


With Alan Wake hitting store shelves this week, we've been chatting with the game's writer, Mikko Rautalahti. As fans of videogame narrative, we asked Rautalahti how important Alan Wake's story was to the game, and wheth... read feature


You could be forgiven for thinking that Alan Wake was a horror game, but Remedy maintains that its spooky torch adventure is not trying to be Silent Hill or Resident Evil.  "To us it’s a thriller," explains writer&... read feature


Alan Wake, as we all know, took ten thousand years to develop. Much of its dev time was spent with very little public demonstration, and the game maintained a place in the public consciousness through pure hype alone. We aske... read feature

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