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1:00 PM on 04.20.2014

Assassin's Creed cumulative franchise sales cross 73 million

Videogame detective superannuation recently saw that Ubisoft updated their worldwide cumulative franchise sales figures over on the corporate site. Top seller? The Assassin's Creed series with 73 million. Second place goes to...

Hamza CTZ Aziz


Xbox Live Gold 55% Off at Paypal's Spring Gaming Sale

The 5th week of PayPal's Spring Gaming Sale is here! :

Get a 55% discount on a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, 85% discount on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and 75% off on Worms Ultimate Mayhem! Cyberpunk lovers can buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution for €1.99, fans of long range combat can try their skill in Sniper: Ghost Warrior for €1.99. Gamers can also kindly support Save the Children charity event and get Rogue Legacy for donations over $3.5.
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2:00 PM on 12.14.2013

Rainbow 6: Patriots needed to be remade, may get new name

Speaking with IGN, Ubisoft North American president, Laurent Detoc recently shed some light on why Rainbow 6: Patriots is "still cooking" and had to be moved over to next-gen consoles.  “We had a core team. They ha...

Wesley Ruscher

Rainbow Six: Vegas free for Xbox Live Gold members photo
Rainbow Six: Vegas free for Xbox Live Gold members
by Jordan Devore

The latest free game from Microsoft's Games with Gold promotion is another one you may have gotten years ago, but if not, great -- it's worth nabbing. Queue your download for Rainbow Six: Vegas over here. This is one of the rare few that I never got around to playing, so don't mind if I do. More than anything, I was eager to share that infamous picture of the baby-faced soldier.

Barring a change of heart, we know what to expect from Microsoft in terms of free games by now. Glad I didn't have particularly high expectations going into this. You could argue that we should be thankful for getting anything at all, and I see that point, but it would've been in the company's best interest to delight us. Microsoft could use some goodwill right now.

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2:00 PM on 08.22.2013

Rainbow 6: Patriots is still in production, says Ubisoft

Reminding me that the game even existed in the first place, IGN has gotten word from Ubisoft executive director Alain Corre that Rainbow 6: Patriots is "still cooking. It's an important franchise for Ubisoft. We want to make ...

Jordan Devore

Getting It Right: Rainbow Six 3 photo
Getting It Right: Rainbow Six 3
by Allistair Pinsof

[Getting It Right is a monthly series in which I take a look at the elements that make up a classic game. What were the key ingredients that set it apart and make it hold up to this day? Read on to find out.]

Enlisting as a soldier is easy. Surviving is the hard part. Virtual soldiers have it pretty good, these days. Between infinite pistol clips and regenerating health, the modern virtual soldier doesn’t have much down time between firing off rounds. But, in 2003, things were a bit different.

Rainbow Six was a game mostly built around avoiding conflict rather than running headfirst into it. It was as much of a rarity in its genre then as it is now. You only had so many clips and a couple bullets could put you six feet under, but at least these virtual soldiers had time on their side. If the perfect plan wasn’t made the first time, it would all come together 20 or so tries later.

Though the Rainbow Six brand is alive and well with a new entry on its way, the series hasn’t been the same since Rainbow Six 3. Even then, the console version of the game bastardized much of what made the series so great. With that said, we are looking exclusively at the PC version of Rainbow Six 3 which offered a unique blend of first-person shooting and strategy never to be seen again in the series.

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8:18 PM on 12.12.2011

The DTOID Show: Watch us recap the VGAs!

Happy Monday, Destructoid! In the event that you were too busy huffing ether to pay attention to the Spike TV VGA's this weekend, Max and I have managed to condense the only important parts (i.e., the trailers) into a simple...

Tara Long

8:25 PM on 12.10.2011

Rainbow 6: Patriots trailer hits pretty close to home

Ubisoft is taking the Rainbow 6 franchise to some more familiar territory in Patriots with Americans rising up against perceived evil. The new trailer pulls all the right strings and shows just how far some people could go.

Liam Fisher

The DTOID Show: It's Naked Pizza Dance-Off Time! photo
The DTOID Show: It's Naked Pizza Dance-Off Time!
by Tara Long

Update: This contest ends tonight!  Good luck!

News-wise, people are going nuts for Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim's got a bitchin' soundtrack, Sony's cutting down on game sharing, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots got an official announcement.

Last but not least, if we haven't said it enough times already, thanks so much to each and every one of you who's tuned into the show over the past year. We started this thing over a year ago, fully expecting to be shunned by the website's dedicated and long-time readers. Instead, we were met with open arms and a flood of (mostly) positive encouragement, and I couldn't be happier that Destructoid is the place we now call our home. Thanks for sticking with us, y'all! We owe you one. /fistbump

Don't forget to enter our contest! Pre-ordering Modern Warfare 3 at GameStop stores will get you a code that let's you enter a ton of different contests, such as a VIP trip to Comic-Con 2012, 100,000 MS Points, a skydiving trip, a 2012 Jeep Wrangler, a trip around the world, a Zero-G experience, $10,000 in cash to much more. All the details on the giveaways are over on GameStop.

GameStop has given us a 250GB Xbox 360 with a copy of Modern Warfare 3 to give out to one of you! Simply write a limerick about why you want to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and send your submission to show@destructoid.com. We'll be picking a winner after the contest closes on November 7 at 11:59PM CDT. Contest is open to anyone with a US based address the prize can be shipped to. Good luck!

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4:58 PM on 08.05.2008

Ubisoft and Paramount inject Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with ad-tastic minigame

Let the in-game advertising commence! Ubisoft (aka the EA of Europe) has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to infuse the 360 version of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 gameplay-reliant advertising that will take the shape of an in-g...

Jim Sterling

7:29 AM on 07.20.2008

Ubisoft used pirate's code to fix game

You have to love the smell of irony in the morning. Ubisoft does not condone PC piracy, much like the rest of the games industry. Despite the stance, it was found that Ubisoft utilized a “no-cd” crack to fix a pro...

Brad Nicholson

8:59 PM on 03.26.2008

A ton of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 tournaments with some awesome prizes coming up

All of you Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 fans are in for a treat. First off, Comcast and GameStop are holding a tournament on the exclusive GameStop map called the Comcast Optimized MLG Map where players will have a chance to win $10,...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

12:47 PM on 03.24.2008

PS3 Vegas II getting patch soon: Because patches make everything better

Our very own Gameboi shared his personal woes with trying to get the PS3 version of Rainbow Six Vegas II to work online, and informed us that Ubisoft was well aware of the issue. In follow up news, the publisher has confirmed...

Jim Sterling

4:54 PM on 03.23.2008

All is not well in Vegas 2, online chokes

When I rushed home from the store the other day with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PS3 version) in hand, I couldn't wait to try out the multiplayer and see how much it improved upon the first. Much to my dismay, however, I was on...


1:24 PM on 03.07.2008

Hands-on with Rainbow Six Vegas 2's co-op

I've been craving some solid co-op games for a while now and it seems that March is the month for that. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2's is coming out in a couple of more weeks and I can finally discuss my favorite part of the game: Co...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

11:08 PM on 02.27.2008

Hands-on with Rainbow Six: Vegas 2's single player

As promised, here is my hands-on coverage of the single player campaign for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Before I go into details, let me just tell you that I both love and hate the single player portion of RS:V2. Now I realize that...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

1:15 PM on 02.09.2008

Hands-on with Rainbow Six Vegas 2's multiplayer

It seems like Ubisoft knows exactly how to make a tactical FPS game just the way I like it seeing as how theirs is the only ones I can play. Case in point, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is fantastic. I recently got to play the game on ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz