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Rage iOS all kinds of free for about a week

Aug 18
Would you look at that: more than 100,000 people have "liked" Rage on Facebook, and id Software and Bethesda are making good on their word.Because of the love fans have shown, Rage for iOS is now completely free for a week. That's like a two dollar value or something! The game is okay, but when we're talking free it's totally awesome. So go get it while you have the chance! read

An evening with id Software at the Sydney Opera House

Aug 18
Unexpectedly, it seems the Sydney Opera House has become the place to be in Australia when it comes to videogames. RAGE creative director Tom Willits will be speaking at the venue on September 14 about the history o... read
My interview with longtime id Software member Tim Willits began with my pitch for a Destructoid crossover-promotion with id and the Hilton that houses QuakeCon. It’s called “GET RAGED!” The rules are whoe... read feature

Buy RAGE used, miss out on extra content forever

Aug 12
RAGE will not be instituting an online pass, but it will feature codes for brand new buyers that will provide extra content. id Software's solution happens to be a great idea and an example of the sort of thing companies shou... read

Rage behind the scenes: The sound and art

Aug 11
Hey guys, heads up: The world of Rage isn't a place you'd want to take your parents on vacation. I know it's tempting with the game's myriad mutants and bandits, but you must resist. Meanwhile, in their newest behind the sce... read

The DTOID Show: Kim Jong-il and the Army of Cyberhackers

Aug 08
Good evening, and welcome to the 160th episode of The Destructoid Show! You'd think after 160 episodes we would've run out of introductions for our show posts, and you'd be right. I'm terrible at these things. Let's talk som... read

Bethesda promises that RAGE runs fine on PS3

Aug 08
There has been some buzz around the Internet concerning the PS3 version of RAGE, with reports that the Blu-ray's latent loading is contributing to an inferior product. We contacted Bethesda to see if there was a real issue at... read

Carmack 'frustrated' that 360, PS3 are weaker than PC

Aug 08
We all know that computers are more powerful than consoles, but id Software's John Carmack is sick of it. Citing the struggle to get RAGE running on PS3 and Xbox 360, Carmack has admitted to being "extremely frustrated" by ha... read

Rage Xbox 360 install is 22GB

Aug 08
If you're looking to buy Rage on the Xbox 360 and you like to install your games, you're going to need to do a sh*tload of deletion first. id Software's John Carmack has stated that you'll need to shove 22GB of information do... read

Interview: id President Todd Hollenshead vents his Rage!

Aug 05
Last week, I got some hands-on time with the first three hours of id Software's new post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Rage. Afterwards, I got to interview Todd Hollenshead, id's president, who was kind enough to tell me ... read

Clothe your Xbox avatar in some pretty sweet Rage apparel

Aug 04
In a not so surprising turn of events, it seems people are really excited about id's open-world FPS Rage. So excited, in fact, that a set of Xbox Live avatar items has been released to the wilds of the Marketplace. Now your a... read

Latest Rage trailer is serious... serious about action!

Aug 04
"The fiend in his own shape is less hideous than when he rages in the beast of man."What's this? A trailer for an id Software game that starts off with a quote from the Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Young Goodman Brown... read

If Rage gets 100,000 Facebook likes, iOS game goes free

Aug 04
id Software's Rage Mutant Bash TV for iOS is pretty good. Not great, not bad, and at the very least a great example of what Apple's hardware can do in the right hands. If you want it for free, fire up those Facebook accounts ... read

The DTOID Show: Borderlands 2 and hands-on with Rage!

Aug 03
[The Destructoid Show gives a rundown of all the top news from every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.] Hey, guys and g... read
Rage has a lot of pedigree behind it, which many people turn to when hyping it up. Conversely, a commensurately large group seems to be sleeping on the game, dismissively drawing comparisons to Fallout 3 and Borderlands.... read feature

Latest RAGE dev diary takes a look at the enemies

Jul 28
Here's a new dev diary for the incredibly promising RAGE. This time, we're taking a look at the various enemies that will conspire to ruin your day.  One thing that really jumped out at me when RAGE was first shown was ... read

New RAGE developer diary talks about story

Jul 07
Here's a new developer diary in which id Software discusses the story of RAGE. The video's titled "The Dawn" and it should help get you pumped for what's looking like a really exciting game.  Wonder how the world of RAGE gets destroyed and turned into the mutant-spawning rot-hole that it is? Check out the video and see! read

id and Bethesda bringing Rage, Skyrim to QuakeCon 2011

Jul 07
Today Bethesda and id Software have revealed the details of the events that will shape the upcoming QuakeCon 2011. And if there are any surprises, they're not letting loose with them just yet. As per usual, the event will jum... read

Video on Rage: 'The best thing id has ever done'

Jun 30
Do you want to get excited about id's Rage? This video will do the trick. There's a lot of technobabble on why the game will be the best and a bit of back patting, but we'll let that slide. The folks at id did invent the g... read

RAGE special edition spotted in the wild

Jun 30
A special edition version of id Software's RAGE has been revealed by Australian retailer EB Games. It's priced at $108.00 in Australia Money and it's got some stuff in it! According to the product listing, RAGE's special edit... read

First issue of Rage comic now available

Jun 22
The first of the three-issue comic series based on id Software's Rage is now available in comic stores.Written by Arvid Nelson and drawn by Andrew Mutti, the comics should give a bit more insight into the world of the upcomin... read

Interview: Hollie versus id's Rage

Jun 19
Our own Miss Bennett got a chance to ask id Software about Rage at E3. The more I hear id talk about how they came up with Rage, the more it sounds like it is a game created around an engine and that they just decided to thr... read

RAGE screens can be looked at if you click on them!

Jun 16
Here is the latest batch of screens for id's upcoming RAGE. In speaking to people on the E3 showfloor, the game was getting mixed reactions -- possibly because it was unfortunate enough to be playable directly after the ludic... read

E3: Month delay for Rage, idTech 5 unsuitable for Skyrim

Jun 10
Rage has been delayed by a month from its September 13rd release date to October 4th (October 7 for Europe), Gamasutra reports. John Carmack has also pitched in on the fact that id Tech 5 would only be used in-house at Bethes... read

E3: id's John Carmack is already talking about Rage 2

Jun 08
Despite the fact that Rage doesn't release for another few months, you can't silence id Software's John Carmack. Not even when he wants to delve into sequel talk. GameSpot has quoted the technical director as saying "yes," th... read

L.A. Clippers' Blake Griffin wants to get into RAGE

May 19
Blake Griffin, power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers and 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year, seems to be a fan of the videogames. In this humorous video, Griffin stands outside of id Software's offices in a desperate bid to be... read

Pre-order RAGE, get the Anarchy Edition with bonus gear

May 19
If you pre-order RAGE, you'll be able to get your hands on the Anarchy Edition at no extra cost. So far this has been announced in the UK and Australia. Confirmation for other territories will hopefully come soon (Edit: It wa... read

Rage will ship with full modding tools on PC

May 05
When it comes to PC games, one thing the platform has always had over its console brethren -- other than better graphics -- is mods. Since Rage is an id Software game, creative director Tim Willits has told PC Gamer that the ... read

Latest RAGE trailer makes the most of drones

May 05
Hot damn if that doesn't look sweet. This new trailer for RAGE shows segments of a mission to disrupt the bomb making capabilities of a group called "The Shrouded." There's a brief bit of rather exciting vehicle gameplay sho... read

Doom 4 won't be a 're-skinned' Rage, says id

Apr 19
Rage continues to look terrific, and also continues to be id's main focus, at least in terms of where the studio's marketing muscle is at. Following a few brief statements about Doom 4, which pin it as not a direct sequel to ... read

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