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Poop Emergency

Farts 'N' Crafts photo
My mom's gonna hang this on the fridge.
Following up Friday's debut of "Dumb Idiot Ideas," here's the first episode of another weekly series: "Farts 'N' Crafts." On this show, I draw horrible pictures of things vaguely related to what's going on in the world of vid...


Harvest Moon is better than cow poopoo all over your face

Sep 13
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Did you know cows can have explosive diarrhea? I didn't know that until I saw this ad for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. Thanks for enlightening us with this informational video, Marvelous AQL! [Thanks, Dave!]

E3 scandal exposed: ESA makes journos poop in the dark

One man takes a stand.
Jun 11
// Niero Desu
Hey ESA, can we get some light bulbs in the press bathrooms? The international boys can't aim.

Dump on this: Monster Hunter toilet paper holders

Aug 07
// Tony Ponce
It's official: the Japanese can't even take a sh*t without thinking about Monster Hunter. This October, for a mere 1000 yen (about $13), they'll be able to purchase a toilet paper holder based on either cat species from the M...


Icarus Proudbottom, a crappy little indie game

Jan 27
// Conrad Zimmerman
I have found that, when it comes to indie games, it's best to try and have no expectations whatsoever. Impossible, really, when you see a field full of platformers and space shooters but it's something I that I keep in mind. ...

Ubisoft explains Avatar's failure through contradiction

Jan 16
// Matthew Razak
In case you hadn't heard, or hadn't assumed, James Cameron's Avatar: The Game sucks and its sales suck too. Much like any good game developer who has a flop game that was supposed to be a major seller, Ubisoft has begun to ma...

Steaming turd tossing in the Crystal Bearers ESRB-nounced

Oct 10
// Jonathan Holmes
Everything may seem serene in the above video, but Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers promises to be quite "nasty". According to the ESRB, The Crystal Bearers will include "damn", "...

Want to see No More Heroes on the 360 or the PS3 someday? I wouldn't blame you if you had your hopes up. Suda 51 (the game's creator) has said many times that he'd like to bring the series to one or more of the HD consoles. O...


Get your ass to PAX! No More Heroes 2 playable at PAX 2009

Aug 28
// Jonathan Holmes
I'm so frickin' jealous of all of you that will be at PAX 2009 this weekend. Unfortunately, one of my stupid friends decided to get stupid-married and I'll be at his stupid-wedding in NYC next Saturday, when instead I should ...

Art imitates life: Suda51 devised Travis Touchdown while, ahem, pooping

Sep 11
// Joseph Leray
Recently, Official Nintendo Magazine got a chance to sit down with Grasshopper, the team responsible for critical darling No More Heroes. While the interview provides a neat and tidy synopsis of No More Heroes' development cy...

HUGE Sony victory: Vampire Rain CONFIRMED for PlayStation 3

May 08
// Jim Sterling
That's it boys, the console war is finally over. You can roll out the red carpet and welcome your new king, as publisher AQ interactive confirms that Vampire Rain, up until now a hot Xbox 360 exclusive, is coming to the PlayS...

Good idea, Bad idea: Dynasty Warriors and the hack n' slash pretenders

Feb 06
// Jim Sterling
As an early adopter of Destructoid's new Monthly Musings program (before we find out that half the articles have Red Ring of Death problems), I have pledged to the good Reverend Anthony that I shall fully support the scheme w...

McDonald's blames fat kids on videogames

Jan 08
// Jim Sterling
If you felt that today was lacking a few ironic laughs, you'll be pleased to know that Steve Easterbrook, the chief executive for McDonald's UK, has recently blamed videogames and TV for child obesity. While he quasi-admitted...

Bored at work? Check out the top ten most addicting flash games

Nov 09
// Colette Bennett
As I worked in an office for two years, I'm more than aware of the brain-numbing boredom that comes with a desk and a cubicle. Late afternoon usually brings on idle thoughts of leaping out the window or the desperation of rea...

If I must be lonely, I'd rather be alone: Guitar Hero III gets co-op patch

Oct 26
// Earnest Cavalli
1up has word that Guitar Hero III will be seeing a patch addressing the complaints many people have had with the game's lack of offline co-op. The patch -- of which only a 360 version has been so far revealed (though a Wii an...

Podtoid 22: The John Sweeney Angry! Edition

May 16
// Aaron Linde
I'm sure some of you have already heard of the Beeb's John Sweeney going absolutely s**t-bonkers in the middle of a Scientology exhibit on psychiatry, and how it's, y'know, an industry (of death). Photos of d...

Halo 3 Beta contest winner!

2nd place goes to deadpixel who pulled at my heartstrings by using Dtoid and dirty sex in the same picture.3rd goes to Angelsdontburn who made it simple. I look homeless with my beard right now, and this cardoard box reminded me of home. I feel warm and tingly inside. Special props goes out to Tehuberone, but he didn't win because I couldn't figure out how to make his damn picture a jpeg file. Good job loosing!

Look I drink...And HarassmentPanda won his way into my heart because he does too. Thanks to everyone that entered. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place prize as well. You get codes too. I told you, I am a simple man. Hit full story to see the other winners...


Condemned 2: Bloodshot announced

May 10
// Aaron Linde
Not to be outdone by legions of angry, bloodthirsty critters, Sega also announced Condemned 2: Bloodshot as its follow-up to Criminal Origins, the junkie-slaying Xbox 360 launch title that had early adopters crying themselves...

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