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Teenage Pokemon photo
Teenage Pokemon

Vote for your Teenage Pokemon T-shirt!

Limited edition shirt determined by your votes
Mar 17
// Jonathan Holmes
[Update: Voting ends on this soon, so get your votes in! Tell your friends!] Teenage Pokemon is doing OK. The five current episodes are at 1.6+ million combined views, with the most-watched episode Console Wars sitting at 515...
Dtoid Memberships photo
Dtoid Memberships

Community poll: What membership perks would you support?

Help us look to the future
Mar 09
// mrandydixon
As our esteemed founder has revealed, online advertising as we know it may dry up in the long run, so in the near future we will be accepting reader donations to keep Destructoid, Japanator, Flixist, and Tomopop exactly ...
Videogames & Violence photo
Videogames & Violence

Poll: Playing videogames correlates with violent behavior

The debate rages on
Feb 26
// Kyle MacGregor
In the wake of the recent string of violent acts across the United States, many are still looking for someone or something to blame. A majority of Americans (58 percent) believe playing videogames contributes to increased lev...
PS4 Community Poll photo
PS4 Community Poll

Community poll: What did you think of the PS4 reveal?

The Destructoid community weighs in!
Feb 22
// mrandydixon
[Update: Poll closed! Thanks to everyone who voted!] Now that the dust has settled from the big reveal event and the PlayStation 4 news has slowed to a manageable trot, we thought it might be fun to let you in the Dtoid commu...
Violent Videogames photo
Violent Videogames

Poll: Violent videogames more dangerous than guns

The saga continues
Feb 09
// Kyle MacGregor
Apparently, violent videogames are more dangerous than guns. That's what 67 percent of Republicans think, anyway. Over two thirds of those surveyed in a recent national poll believe plastic discs are a "bigger safety thr...
Street Fighter poll photo
Street Fighter poll

Capcom asks for your favorite Street Fighter characters

Other than Sean, of course
Feb 05
// Patrick Hancock
Capcom currently has a poll up asking readers for their top five Street Fighter characters. They say it's to "help with future games, marketing, and licensing opportunities." It seems as if no stone is left unturned, con...

The Dtoid community's most wanted games of 2013

Jan 14 // mrandydixon
Here are your top ten most wanted games, in order of votes received (and with some quotes by Destructoid commenters): BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: March 26, 2013 Bioshock Infinite is the missing piece of my soul.-- Occams electric toothbrush Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PlayStation 3, Vita)Release: February 5, 2013 Sly 4 looks unbelievable!-- Joel Holmes Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)Release: TBA 2013 I am a pretty jaded asshole when it comes to videogames these days, and the only series that can still fill me with child-like delight other than child-flavoured Angel Delight is Grand Theft Auto. I don't even give a fuck, that game is going into my body.-- Tarvu The Last of Us (PlayStation 3)Release: May 7, 2013 I love games where you get some choice in how you approach a situation. Either sneak around some bros, or confront them and shoot a dude in the face with a shotgun!-- alexvola Dark Souls II (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: TBA 2013 Welp, that was easy.-- knutaf Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: TBA 2013  One thing is for certain: on the PC, at least, this game is going to do very, very sexy things to your eyeballs!--Scrub Ni no Kuni (PlayStation 3)Release: January 22, 2013   It's a Studio Ghibli movie turned into a cel-shaded Pokemon-ish JRPG!--flintmech  South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: March 5, 2013  South Park: The Stick of Truth is the dark horse that Far Cry 3 was for me last year.--MisanthropicFuck Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)Release: February 19, 2013 I'm loving this shit; most exited I have ever been for a Metal Gear game.--El Conrado Pikmin 3 (Wii U)Release: Spring 2013  Been waiting for this game for over 4-5 years!--Joseph S And here are your ten runners-up: Aliens: Colonial MarinesStar Wars 1313The Elder Scrolls OnlineTomb RaiderDead Space 3Total War: Rome IIAnimal Crossing: New LeafThe Last GuardianRayman LegendsFire Emblem: Awakening What an awesome bunch of games! No matter where your preference lies, 2013 seems to have something in store to satisfy. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, and have fun in 2013!
Most Wanted of 2013 photo
The results are in!
Last week, we asked you in the Destructoid community to pick your most anticipated games of 2013. After a week of intense vote-counting, we're ready to share the results! The voting was extremely close; so much so that the top three games were separated by only a few votes each. Keep reading to see how it all played out!

What's YOUR most anticipated game of 2013?

Jan 04 // mrandydixon
Community Choice photo
Our editors made their picks, now it's your turn to sound off!
[Update: Poll closed! Winner announced tomorrow!] Earlier today, the Destructoid staff made our choices for most wanted games of 2013. Now it's time for you to share YOUR favorites! Hit the jump to cast your votes, and be sure to let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to! And if you want to see a game added to the list, feel free to sound off! Have fun!

Community Choice photo
Community Choice

The winner of Destructoid's community choice award 2012

Best of 2012
Dec 14
// mrandydixon
For the past week we've tasked you, the Destructoid community, with choosing your favorite videogame of 2012. After nearly 5,000 votes cast, we're ready to declare the winner! The five games you see in the header were the top...
2012 Community Choice photo
2012 Community Choice

Vote and tell us your favorite videogame of 2012

Best of 2012
Dec 12
// mrandydixon
[Update: Voting closed! Winner announced shortly!] It's that time of the year again! From now until next Thursday, we're asking you in the Dtoid community to sound off on your favorite games of 2012! Below is just a sampling ...

Destructoid's PAX Prime 2012 Community Choice Winner!

Sep 04
// mrandydixon
On Friday we asked you in the community to vote for your favorite games of PAX Prime 2012. After four fun-filled days of ballot-casting and only a few thousand hanging chads, the results are in! And the winner is...

Vote in Dtoid's PAX Prime 2012 Community Choice Awards!

Aug 31
// mrandydixon
It's that time of the year again! PAX Prime 2012 is now in full swing, which means it's your turn to let your voice be heard and tell us what your favorite game of the show is! All weekend long we'll be bringing you ...

gamescom: Destructoid Community Choice Award

Aug 19
// Beccy Caine
[Voting will be closing at midnight tonight, so get your vote in if you haven't already!] Meine Damen und Herren, gamescom ist hier. (Or something, my German is a little off these days.) But yes, gamescom is well underway! An...

Destructoid Community Choice Award for E3 2012!

Jun 08 // mrandydixon
[embed]228003:43774[/embed] Don't see a game you think should be in the poll? Leave a comment with your suggestion and we'll add it!

[Update: The poll closes Sunday at midnight, so vote now if you haven't already!] It's that time of the year again! With the Big Three press conferences all behind us and the hype train now charging down the track at full ste...


Fans vote Black Ops for best videogame ending of all time

Feb 11
// Tony Ponce
There are quite a few entries in the Guinness World Records that many would consider superfluous, but no matter how ridiculous some of them may be, they always have something in common -- objectivity. Everything can be measur...

Vote now for Dtoid's GotY 2011 Community Choice Award!

Dec 08 // mrandydixon
To vote, simply click on one of the games below! If you don't see your favorite game on the list, fill in the blank at the bottom! [embed]217459:42007[/embed] (Disclaimer: The games listed above were selected based on their high aggregate review scores, and are not necessarily representative of how our editors are voting. Basically, Polldaddy wouldn't let us do a 100% fill-in-the-blank poll, so we had to put something up there. Please don't hesitate to fill in the blank with your own choice!)

Next week on Destructoid, we'll be looking back at the very best games of 2011. Each day we'll be featuring a different theme, culminating with the reveal of our official Destructoid Game of the Year 2011 award on Monday, Dec...


Dtoid People's Choice Award: TGS Game of Show!

Sep 19
// mrandydixon
The Tokyo Game Show has closed its doors on another year, and what a year it's been! Between the booth babes, cosplayers, strippers and sweat, I'm as surprised as you that our esteemed editors managed...

Dtoid People's Choice Award: gamescom Game of Show!

Aug 19
// mrandydixon
gamescom is in full swing and Destructoid is there! Dozens of exciting games are being showcased this year from every major publisher in the world, and we're committed to bringing you every juicy detail! On top of all this, w...

Do you prefer Japanese voice-overs with subtitles, rather than the typically localized English dubs? A Japanese gaming publisher really wants to know.  It is my pleasure to bring you an exclusive Destructoid survey condu...


Hey, tell Acquire what game you want them to make

Nov 20
// Josh Tolentino
Acquire, the folks behind Way of the Samurai, the Badman/My Lord titles and the Tenchu series (before it started sucking), have been feeling a little indecisive and want you, the all-powerful customer, to help them out a bit....

Penny Arcade creators, Molyneux in Time's Top 100 poll

Apr 04
// Conrad Zimmerman
Time Magazine is putting together its yearly poll for the hundred most important people in the world, and gaming is getting some representation. Making the list this year is Lionhead CEO Peter Molyneux and Penny Arcade's brai...

Quick Poll: Are you connected to Xbox Live?

Apr 02
// Niero Desu
Settle this dispute for us:  How many of you are actually connected to Xbox Live (Silver or Gold, either one, on an Xbox 360)?  Hamza says it's at least 70% of our readers.  I might have to buy him dinner and w...

Kids love Nintendo more than anything... EVAR

Oct 10
// Matthew Razak
Remember the Nintendo 64 kid? How could you forget, really. Sometimes I can't go to sleep because his shrill screams haunt me. The majority of us probably thought he overreacted a bit to the gift, but according to a new surve...

Sega taking votes on next Genesis game for XBLA

Aug 14
// Topher Cantler
Choice is good. There's nothing like having plenty of options, especially when it comes to a discussion like what should or shouldn't appear on Xbox Live Arcade. Understanding this, Sega is currently conducting a poll which l...

Well, the three big conferences are finally over and now we have some time to reflect on what went down. Microsoft kicked it off and blew people's minds with Project Natal, Halo Reach, Final Fantasy XIII and more, Nintendo in...


Write Dtoid's 5-word Webby speech, win $1,000 cash!

Apr 16
// Niero Desu
Tuesday was awesome. I was away doing the nerdiest thing possible (at a Final Fantasy concert) when Destructoid was nominated for a Webby in the games-related category. Could you imagine my O-face?  I was floored. Speech...

Would you pay a monthly fee for MMOs on the Xbox 360?

Apr 02
// Dale North
We're not just asking this because we think it's a good question. You see, the watercooler open bar talk here lately is that Microsoft is trying to lock down some kind of MMO standard for Xbox Live and the Xbox 360. And from ...

Poll: Why don't you buy Community Games?

Mar 30
// Brad Nicholson
Hey D’toiders, we need your opinion. This is the first poll of two, asking for your thoughts on the quality of Xbox Live Arcade titles versus Community Games. The goal of this poll is simple: If you don’t regularl...

Poll: Why DO you buy Community Games?

Mar 30
// Brad Nicholson
Hey D'toiders, this is the second poll (of two), asking for your thoughts on the quality of Community Games versus Xbox Live Arcade titles. Like the last one (you can still vote), the goal is simple: If you regularly buy Comm...

GDC 2009 voted most important event of the year

Mar 06
// Colette Bennett
What's the most essential event to attend this year if you're a part of the gaming biz? According to a recent poll taken by, looks like GDC comes out on top. Here's the results by percent:Game Developers Con...

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