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1:30 PM on 09.06.2013

Podtoid 268: Anal Gummy Bears

Jim is sick with the PAX flu, but still forced himself to deliver a steaming bag of degradation and filth. This week, the gang discusses what they did at PAX, plans for future PAX attendance (or non-attendance), and the prosp...

Jim Sterling

11:00 AM on 08.29.2013

Podtoid 267: Val Kilmer Is An Occult Son Of A Bitch

On this week's pre-PAX Podtoid, the gang gear up for their next-day traveling, mostly by talking about Ben Affleck, and why the sorcerous Val Kilmer is the Once and Future Batman. There's also discussion of Jonathan lifting h...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 08.22.2013

Podtoid 266: Moldy Bread Cunnilingus

On this week's Podtoid, Jonathan invites you all to a PAX Prime Precum Picnic, Boston hosts a Renaissance Faire full of vomit, poison, and filthy oral sex, and Jim takes out his feelings of maltreatment on others. He also rec...

Jim Sterling

10:30 AM on 08.16.2013

Podtoid 265: The Bodybuilder and the Chipmunk Have Sex

It's a sleep Podtoid today! The gang is overworked and not too rested, but they squeeze some chat out of the bag to talk about Jonathan's torture funtime, drug dealers from the 1980s, and the day a bodybuilder had sex with he...

Jim Sterling

12:30 PM on 08.08.2013

Podtoid 264: Phil Collins' Beautiful Meaty Flesh

On this week's show, the gang become the Flava Flav to Phil Collins' Public Enemy, Jonathan Holmes stars in a spiritual successor to Despicable Me, a verbal bangin' contract is hashed out, Willem Dafoe coaches the genitals, a...

Jim Sterling

12:00 PM on 08.01.2013

Podtoid 263: Coconut Milk Enema

On this week's spiffy Podtoid, the gang discusses the noble history of chungus, and how Jonathan Holmes' chunghole makes for the perfect coconut drinking experience. We also discuss a dark future in which Reggie Fils-Aime bec...

Jim Sterling

2:00 PM on 07.25.2013

Podtoid 262: Thems Is Quality Testicles

On this week's Podtoid, we're forced to talk about videogames because Jim didn't come up with any half-baked ideas. Nevertheless, we still get to enjoy Jonathan's new Kickstarter idea in which our intrepid hosts will bump the...

Jim Sterling

11:00 AM on 07.18.2013

Podtoid 261: The Artistic Integrity of Aqua

It's a shorter Podtoid this week, but we pack a lot of those ca-RAZY belly laffs into the party. We get not one, but TWO Gordon Ramsay television pitches. We get not one, but TWO Willem Dafoe movie pitches. We get to hear abo...

Jim Sterling

11:30 AM on 07.11.2013

Podtoid 260: Wet Chicken Fingers

On this week's almighty Podtoid, the Matt Borealis saga reaches its ghastly conclusion, Eliza Dushku plans to go see Pacific Rim with a Cherry Coke, and chickens are eaten for terrifying purposes. Also, Jonathan Holmes begins...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 07.04.2013

Podtoid 259: Casper The Cummy Ghost

On this week's majestic Podtoid, Jonathan Holmes becomes the new face of Hollywood by starring in a V for Vendetta sequel AND appearing as spunky ghosts in horror films. Jim reboots He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, whi...

Jim Sterling

3:00 PM on 06.27.2013

Podtoid 258: Dr. Dickman's Cursed Penis

On this week's majestic Podtoid, Jonathan Holmes stars in the new hit TV series Soda Baby, we discuss the increasingly controversial David Boreanaz/Matt Borealis situation, and Willem Dafoe offers his hexed penis in the name ...

Jim Sterling

11:30 AM on 06.20.2013

Podtoid 257: Pikmin's Secret Dick

This week's Podtoid is naturally led by the megaton announcement of Microsoft's Xbox One DRM removal policies. Be amazed at how we can talk about it without getting all smug! There's also plenty of obligatory post-E3 talk, an...

Jim Sterling

11:45 AM on 06.07.2013

Podtoid 256: A Perverted, Bad Attitude Rebel

On this week's Podtoid, Jonathan Holmes finally stands trial for perverse rebellion, Gordon Ramsay becomes the Kitchen Gladiator, and the gang discusses censoring itself for network television. Elsewhere, Holmes muses on peni...

Jim Sterling

12:30 PM on 05.30.2013

Podtoid 255: Semen Milking Squeeze of the Dragoness

Jonathan Holmes has very real butt trouble in this week's episode, but that doesn't mean he gets it gently. Instead, Dr. Sterling uses his poopology degree to try and diagnose the problem, before Holmes is whisked away to be ...

Jim Sterling

3:15 PM on 05.23.2013

Podtoid 254: A Cup Of Blanka's Sperm

On this week's UNITED Podtoid, the gang celebrates and praises the announcement of the Xbox One. Only joking! It's tormented and mocked and stretched cruelly upon the Lust Gurney. Microsoft discussion dominates a lot of the c...

Jim Sterling

12:45 PM on 05.16.2013

Podtoid 253: Flogging Yourself on a Rustic Dildo

On this week's very steamy episode, Sterling becomes acquainted with Belladonna's Bitch Fist, a man in hospital demands to know where his foreskin is, and Gordon Ramsay rescues a restaurant with the power of a big ol' dildo.&...

Jim Sterling