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Do you consider Playboy to be a 'legitimate gaming news outlet?'

Is this the future of 'buying it for the articles'?
Mar 25
As I was editing a video recap of Steven's news post about fake VR boob goggles, it struck me how deeply breasts have ingrained themselves into the world of videogames. How many arguments about sexual objectification vs. sex... read

[First we brought you the wallpaper, and here's the video! Thank Playboy for making Monday suck less.] This. Since 2006 Destructoid has published every form of conceivable games editorial imaginable. We've brought you c... read feature

The Witcher 2's Triss Merigold receives a nude photoshoot

May 05
The Polish Playboy magazine has The Witcher 2's sexy Triss Merigold as its May cover spread, but if you want less CGI and more "real Triss" then Russia is happy to oblige. It looks like the Russian publisher of the game has d... read

Playboy's Jo Garcia gets her Mortal Kombat on

Apr 18
Playboy's Jo Garcia gets in the ring with UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer where they battle it out in the new  Mortal Kombat. I can't help but call total shenanigans on this. Brittney is mashing her buttons like crazy and somehow gets lucky against Jo. Seriously, Brittney cheated. CHEATER! JO VS. THE UFC'S BRITTNEY PALMER IN MORTAL KOMBAT [Playboy] read

Playboy launching games label, starts with MMO

Aug 26
Playboy Enterprises (yes, the folks behind that magazine with the nude women and excellent articles) has announced that it's launching its own videogame label in 2010. "According to Playboy user feedback, we know our audienc... read

Collect Playboy in Dead Rising 2, and why not?

Jun 11
While fending off thousands of flesh hungry zombies, Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene might want to take a little break. Perhaps to read a Playboy magazine. For the articles, of course. Capcom has announced that it's partnered wi... read

Collect Playboy in Mafia II, and why not?

Mar 08
2K Games has revealed that it will bring "sophistication and classic imagery" to Mafia II by allowing players to collect vintage Playboy magazines. Sure, why the Hell not?  "Mafia II is set when Playboy first came into v... read

Playboy Playmates attempt to be Bayonetta

Jan 09
The Playboy and Bayonetta love fest continues with this latest video featuring Playmates attempting to be Bayonetta. Playmates Ryan, Chernise, Kat, Jillian and Shannon all dress up like Bayonetta and act really awkwardly. Yo... read

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