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PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home is dead

Finally, it limps sadly into the sunset
Apr 01
PlayStation Home, a virtual world where PlayStation gamers could meet, socialize and not do much else, passed away today in the early hours of the morning. There was no fanfare, no special goodbye, just a gentle passing on. S... read
Digital Y2K

Seeking a friend for the end of PlayStation Home

Digital Y2K party
Mar 31
You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again [Giant Bomb] read
PS Home

You don't know what you got 'til it's gone

They paved paradise
Mar 31
You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again [Giant Bomb]   read
PlayStation Home

There's no place like PlayStation Home

You'll never find those red slippers now
Mar 31
You Can't Go (PlayStation) Home Again [Giant Bomb]   read
PS Home closure

Sony to shutter PlayStation Home in Japan and Asia

You can never go home again
Aug 24
PlayStation Home is being snuffed out in Japan and the rest of Asia next year. SCEJA will no longer sell virtual items for the service after September 24, and will close Home's doors for good in March 2015. Speaking with Game... read

Hey! You can buy a Mr Destructoid helmet for your Xbox Avatar

We also have a PlayStation Home shirt for all those times you use PlayStation Home
Mar 05
You may recall about a year-and-a-half ago, when we unveiled the Destructoid line of merchandise for your Xbox Live Avatars. At the time, the biggest request was that we get a Mr Destructoid helmet to join the cool shirts and... read
Celebrate the launch of The Next Generation items on PS Home
[Update: Contest over! Big winners are Agent9, Adam Ruining, and WildHairZero! (10 runners-up have been PM'd codes for their avatars.)] Our friends at Flashman Studios recently unveiled a new line of Star Trek: The Next Gener... read feature

TGS: Amazing Farm takes next-gen gardening to new heights

Sep 23
I never thought I'd see a gardening game better than Odin Sphere, Waking Mars, or Harvest Moon, but Amazing Farm may just be it. Holy crap. Sitting on benches with gardening gnomes, talking to plants, and having a plant danc... read

At E3 this week, Sony showed off their latest free-to-play release for PlayStation Home called -- w-w-wait, come back! Okay, I know PlayStation Home isn't the first place you go when you're looking for a new cover-based mult... read feature

Get your FREE Destructoid t-shirt for PlayStation Home

Nov 03
PlayStation Home's big relaunch kicks off today, and we've got something for you to wear to the celebration. You can check out Home's redesign, new genre-based districts, and new games in a Destructoid t-shirt! Recognize thi... read

Earlier this year we spoke with PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser to find out what we could expect with the relaunch of PlayStation Home. That relaunch is set for tomorrow, and now we have details on the games you'll ... read feature

Sony wants indies to come Home

Oct 10
Sony continues its efforts to revitalize PlayStation Home. With its redesign imminent Sony is trying to drum up more interest in Home's indie content. That might be a good thing, since until just now I didn't know such things... read

PlayStation Home welcomes movie makers

Sep 30
I'm not sure if there's crazy stuff going on in PlayStation Home that most of the world is not privy to, but if there is we're sure to find out now that Sony has released a new video capture tool. The Loot Active Camera gives... read

Get excited! PS Home 1.55 out this Thursday

Sep 28
Yes! The highly anticipated Update 1.55 is making is finally making its way to PlayStation Home this week. The patch not only features essential fixes like updates to the wardrobe and furniture browser, but other generic ... read

PlayStation Home will see big changes later this year. Sony is working to overhaul the focus completely, changing Home from a virtual world experience to a game world, pushing it forward as a social games platform. Last week ... read feature

Dead Island infects PlayStation Home

Jul 26
In what may be the most exciting PlayStation Home related news in living memory (topping even the announcement of Home itself), Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has announced that the upcoming zombie-survival/First person me... read

Irem removing pretty much all of its content from PSN

Jul 23
If you absolutely need an R-Type game on your PSP Go, your window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Irem is removing almost all of its content from the PlayStation Network, meaning eight PSP games and four PS1 games will no ... read

Sony: Only the most hardcore gamers use PlayStation Home

Jul 01
Sony has claimed that only the most hardcore PS3 gamers use PlayStation Home. That sounds like a failure, given the services casual, Second Life-esque dressing, but if Sony wants to spin the fact that a comparatively&nbs... read

PlayStation Home gets a virtual Ford showroom

Jun 20
The first car dealer virtual showroom (they say) is coming to PlayStation Home. Ford Motor Compay has just launched their showroom in Home for North America, and in it you can check out cars like the Edge and Fiesta. The Ford... read

Half a million hits for PS Home during E3 2011

Jun 17
Sony saw how great the turnout was last year for their PlayStation Home virtual E3 booth, so they did it again this year. It was a success, with over 500,000 users popping in to check out what Sony has in store for us in the ... read

Sony E3 press conference and booth in PlayStation Home

Jun 01
If you can't make it to the real E3 you can at least virtually visit the Sony's booth. You'll also be able to virtually attend the press conference. All of this will be possible in PlayStation Home next week, says Sony. ... read

Sony wants you to give PS Home another chance

Feb 24
If you have a moderately high IQ, there's a good chance that you've tried PlayStation Home, deduced that it's a vapid waste of space, and promptly deleted it from your PS3 hard drive. Sony, however, hasn't given up on the poo... read

NASA + Sony: Watch shuttle launch on PlayStation Home

Feb 24
Tonight at 4:50 p.m. EST Space Shuttle Discovery will launch into space. This is the first time you'll be able to participate in a sort of social launch using your PS3.  The launch will go social in PlayStation Home. Use... read

Japan's PlayStation Home gets a Disgaea 4 space

Feb 24
Dood, Prinnys and all! Disgaea goes Home with this new space for the 4th game. Japanator reports that the space is filled with mini games and various Disgaea themed items. The best one has to be the "Teku Teku Prinny" item, a... read

7-Eleven offers exclusive LBP2, Killzone 3 and Home DLC

Jan 03
Sony fans are about to get one step closer to a heart attack with word that 7-Eleven is offering up exclusive downloadable content for LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3 and PlayStation Home in exchange for Slurpee purchases. ... read

Microsoft: PlayStation Home is a 'nice chat room'

Dec 06
Making fun of PlayStation Home at this point is like steadily kicking an autistic in the bollocks, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from doing it anyway. Stephen McGill has written the poor man's Second Life off as a "nice c... read

PlayStation Home gets voice chat next week (ZOMG!)

Nov 08
According to Sony, "tons of cool stuff" is coming to its Second Life clone/virtual advertising world PlayStation Home. Among the expected features is the return of an old one -- voice chat! This comes on November 11 in Update... read

Sony, Codename bringing exclusive indie games to Home

Jul 19
Sony has announced that it's making PlayStation Home that much more appealing to gamers by partnering with indie game label Codename to provide original game content. Among the first games announced is Dueling Gentlemen by th... read

Prinnies invade PlayStation Home, doods!

Jun 29
Hey! A reason to turn on PlayStation Home AND keep it on for three hours before actually getting to use it because of all the mandatory updates that need to be installed! The Nippon Ichi lounge in PlayStation Home is playing ... read

PlayStation Home is 'not sh*t'

May 27
Home is pretty rubbish, and anybody with a brain knows it. The publisher has thus far been able to hide behind the crapness of the poor man's Second Life by claiming that it's still in beta, but that excuse won't wash for muc... read

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