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PlayStation Eye


Kung-Fu Live attempts to steal Natal's thunder on PS3

May 26
// Jim Sterling
Microsoft is jizzing itself over Project Natal, with its claims that the human body is the only controller you need. Unfortunately for Microsoft, however, Sony was already doing that nonsense with the PlayStation Eye, and a n...

New Vtoid Channel: Girls play videogames, confirmed

Mar 18
// rayversus
If you haven't noticed, the mean, green robot himself Mr. Destructoid and yours truly have launched a brand new video site. We've given it a fancy name and everything -- check it out now: Video.Destructoid. It's so yummy, ju...

This morning, Sony announced that it has pushed back the launch of the PlayStation “Motion Controller,” originally set for this spring, to the fall of 2010. Of course, this news surprises no one, because spring is...


New details on PS3's motion control make it sound less sucky

Jun 20
// Matthew Razak
Sony has finally given a bit more backbone to their new motion controllers that will be working with the Playstation Eye. Enough in fact that it is starting to sound much more like a viable gaming platform than a half-assed a...

Put some pants on: PS3 Eye Camera going for $23 at Amazon

Oct 29
// Dale North
At first, the PS3 Eye and the silly little PlayStation Network apps seemed cool, but they weren't cool enough for the $39.99 price tag. And then Eye of Judgement came along. And then SingStar PS3. Still tempted, but you're st...

Sony's answer to the Avatar is the EyePet

Aug 20
// Brad Nicholson
I know what you were thinking when you were on the john this morning in-between the crossword puzzle and the Sports section in the newspaper. You were thinking, “Hey, I really need something other than Home to satisfy m...

PlayStation Eye bundle comes with nifty PSN software

Jun 03
// Dale North
I visited my friend's house last week, and he had just purchased all of the PlayStation Network PS Eye software. Granted, most of these "fancy screensavers" can't really be considered games, but I have found myself ...

PlayStation Network Update: Christmas edition

Dec 21
// Dale North
This week's PlayStation Store update is pretty big, and it includes several new games, videos, and free add-on downloads. There's four downloadable games this week, and two of them require the PlayStation Eye. Trials of Topoq...

PlayStation Eye's EyeCreate software does stop-motion and time lapse

Oct 12
// Dale North
Yesterday we heard some new details on the upcoming Sony PlayStation Eye device, including a bit about the free downloadable editing/capture software called EyeCreate. The PlayStation Blog has been updated today with a few e...

More details on the PlayStation Eye: EyeCreate Software, replaces headset, price

Oct 11
// Dale North
The PlayStation Blog drops more info on the upcoming PS3 peripheral called PlayStation Eye. We already know that the camera comes packed in with the $69.99 Eye of Judgement bundle, but it will also be available as a stand-alo...

Scissors required: Sony's Eye of Judgment bundle pack

Sep 30
// Nick Chester
Get your scissors out for this one, folks: Sony has revealed the bundle package for the upcoming PlayStation 3 card-battle title, Eye of Judgment. The bundle will be packaged in that demonic plastic that requires scissors, yo...

Trails of Topoq may cause marble madness

Sep 04
// Dale North
Games Radar has a video clip of their experiences with the first Playstation Network title that uses the upcoming PlayStation Eye peripheral. Trails of Topoq lets players use bodily movements to push along a ball (marble...

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