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3:33 PM on 04.30.2007

Epileptic Gaming goes epic this week: Start off today right with a bit of Summa

Our pals over at Epileptic Gaming have got quite the week planned for gamers who like a show that "gets it." I'll be kicking off the stellar week with them today as I drop by to do my special guest duties. But ...

Robert Summa

5:22 PM on 04.24.2007

Miyamoto nominated for TIME magazine's 100 Most Influential People

Every year, TIME magazine compiles a list of the "100 Most Influential People in the World." Out of the 204 nominations this year, readers can vote on who they want to be in the final 100. After getting over my depr...

Chad Concelmo

11:05 AM on 04.23.2007

Happy birthday to G4 TV's Zach Selwyn

Look, I drink......and from time to time I have the luck of meeting some great people in the industry. Aside from my chance meeting with Jesus at a bar in Denver, Zach Selwyn is one of the nicest people I have ...


5:47 PM on 04.17.2007

300 advance tickets to E for All -- limited supply, available ... RIGHT NOW!

As promised, Destructoid locked in 300 advance VIP tickets for our readers and are available starting today until they sell out. Here's the link with my super secret code (dtoid):

Papa Niero

7:56 PM on 04.05.2007

Serkis goes insane for Heavenly Sword

  Pro tip: Don't mess with Andy Serkis. He's plotting to rid the kingdom of the weak, old, sick, perverts, fanatics, self-professing messiahs, spineless freaks, terrorists, degenerates, stupid and especially...

Papa Niero

4:39 PM on 04.05.2007

Activision sends Piano Hero fella cease and decist; denies plans of Lawyer Hero

APRIL 5th, LOS GATICOS MUY MUY MALOS, CALIFORNIA -- Activision has apparently sent a sternly-worded cease-and-decist letter to the unsuspecting maker of Piano Hero. The game is supposed to be a tribute to the Guitar Hero fra...

Papa Niero

7:28 PM on 04.03.2007

The story so far: Prince of Persia

Welcome to the first “Story So Far” ever. This series will help you catch up to speed on game sequels and the storylines that preceded them. Today sees the release of Prince of Persia: Rival Swords for the W...

William Haley

6:42 PM on 03.29.2007

UNO is the first Xbox Live Arcade game to be downloaded one million times

According to Albert Penello, marketing director for Xbox, UNO, a card game deemed “the devil’s work” by my loving grandmother, is the first XBLA game to go platinum.Most people will cry foul, thinking a more...

Chad Concelmo

2:23 AM on 03.29.2007

Podtoid 20: Jägermeister & video games

[ Update: You can now stream it from -Niero ] This one's a fatty, weighing in at an hour and a half, but it's a good ride with guests like the lovely Jessica Chobot and Cheap Ass Gamer's Cheapy D. Ron...

Robert Summa

12:59 PM on 03.24.2007

South Korean StarCraft championships video leaves me ... well, speechless

Oh the pageantry of two nerds sitting at a computer surrounded by adoring crowds, bright lights and the pressure of being the best ... simply the best. Color me weird, but I always found the way professional gaming was handled and appreciated overseas to be fascinating and this video is a perfect example of why. Any chance we could ever see a spectacle like this in the U.S.? I doubt it.

Robert Summa

3:05 PM on 03.13.2007

Pac-Man legend: There is only one A.S.S.

Take this documentary of one of the world's most legendary Pac-Man players, Alexander Seymor Smith (best initials ever) as a cautionary tale: Let the world know that there is only one A.S.S. before it's too late. Also...

Papa Niero

SXSW 07: Killer swag contest photo
SXSW 07: Killer swag contest
by Robert Summa

It's fairly standard: You go to a convention, you get a ton of swag. One of the most pimped-out swag items we've seen so far, though, is this hotness from Killer -- they make high-end network interface cards that help hardcore gamers, allegedly. So, of course, we want to give this away to you. Here's what you gotta do:

Create a photoshop using any videogame character or personality and put them in a sort of blingy Icy Hot Stuntazz kind of outfit/situation -- post all images below in the comments section, if you can't then send entries my way to robert (dot) summa (at) destructoid (dot) com. Top winners get this Killer swag and probably some other extras. Holla! 

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4:32 PM on 03.07.2007

GDC 2007: Last night's pre-party at the W Hotel, Ron loves CliffyB edition

These guys know how to party: last night we spent some quality time with a ton of industry folks at the W Hotel -- en evening of screaming, sharing stories, and testing the body's physical alcohol consumption limits. Pict...

Papa Niero

8:43 PM on 03.04.2007

GDC 2007: Stay at the W Hotel, score a job with Sony

The initial crew of Destructoid has landed in San Francisco as we prepare to demolish the Game Developer's Conference with our mighty foot. As Nex, Colette and I checked into our hotel (the posh W Hotel in downtown Sa...

Robert Summa

5:47 PM on 02.26.2007

Ode to the Extra Life

Oh, extra life, how we adore thee. You're always there to pick us back up when we have fallen. You're always there to heal our every wound up good as new. You are a stalwart companion and an indispensible element in f...


6:22 PM on 02.25.2007

Nintendo completes phase one of world takeover plot

Nintendo stated that their plan with the name "Wii" was an effort to make a console that could appeal to everyone universally. While I wasn't so crazy about the name itself (or the related appearance of every pe...

Colette Bennett