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Someone stuck an NES into a shoe ... that's about it, really

Oct 14
Sneakers and the NES, together at last! It was once such a fruitless struggle -- I'd spend hours, sometimes days of my childhood cramming NES cartridges into my Thomas the Tank Engine boots, desperate to be able to play Greml... read

Destructoid reader has a license plate more epic than yours

Sep 06
The Burling recently posted this community blog about a Destructoid community member's awesome new license plate. Who is this user? Why, it's none other than tazartheyoot! He's got this bad boy for the next two years, so give... read

RetroforceGO!: Episode 14: Everything's coming up Metroid

Sep 04
Another week, another podcast, and another chance to hem and haw about games from a cranky old gamers point of view. Yes folks, it's time for another RetroforceGO! This week, the Core Four reunites and has a long, looooong di... read

Balrog finally gets the tribute he deserves

Aug 27
Aaah, Balrog, you never get your dues, do you? Recognized only for having your name swapped with M. Bison, you will remain one of the least cared about Street Fighter characters ever. But fret not, oh noble boxer of confusing... read

The King of Kong review: Go see it, like, yesterday

Aug 18
Our beloved Tiff was kind enough to post the trailer for The King of Kong for us last month, and I've been patiently waiting ever since to see the full film in the theatre. What I was expecting was a light hearted tale about ... read

Make your own NES controller iPod remote

Aug 05
Look I drink...but I also love cool tech gadgets. Awhile back Aaron brought you coverage of a NES/iPod mod and I think I  have found you another one. As soon as I caught this, I knew that el Dtoid comunidad wou... read

Stupid Sunday rumor: Phil Harrison dating Jade Raymond

Jul 15
So, with the fun of E3 now over and even the UK staff recovering from hard journalistic work, it's time to get our noses back to the grindstone and, very much like cleaners dealing with the morning after a wedding party,... read

Guitar Heroes Never Die!

Jun 11
Look I drink...And if anyone can make me laugh at Guitar Hero, it has to be the guys at mailordercomedy. I could write more, but it would be pointless. Like the time I tried to marry a piece of Bluberry pie. Wait. That was Fa... read

Podtoid 24: International Edition!

Jun 06
This week's Podtoid took on a bit of worldly flavor with the addition of Cheapy D (coming at ya' from the dank, post-apocalyptic streets of Neo-Tokyo Japan), and a sleep-addled cameo from the reigning queen of the DT... read

Australia loves Vegemite sandwiches and Xbox 360s

Jun 05
In news that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the battle-hardened face of Bill Gates once again, Xbox 360 software sales have set a new record for the world's smallest continent you may have come to know as Australia.Tha... read

Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii speed run: Done in 44.5 hours faster than you

Jun 04
While some many complain that new games are too long and involved, a small elite group of gamers are burning hundreds of hours ... to ironically figure out how to beat them in one sitting. The majority of speed runners we'... read

Podtoid 23: The MP3 release party!

May 30
It's up!I would like to thank my co-conspirators: Aaron Linde and Ron "Cease and Desist" Workman, as well as our guests, Nick Chester, Aktrez and Virtualgirl.As usual, you can hit up for a not-so-po... read

Podtoid 23: Kerouac couldn't make it ... [UPDATED! AGAIN!]

May 24
A new week, a new reason for Nex to rack his brain coming up with pertinent reasons to post pictures of dead proto-hippies!Podtoid 23 is being recorded tomorrow, and it wouldn't be a Podtoid without reader questions. That... read

Yo, check it, some fly new GTA IV screenshots, for reals … word …

May 24
Yes, I know, I'm gangsta'. Don't be intimidated.A slew of new images from little-known indie game Grand Theft Auto IV were just released and, I have to say, I am very impressed (check them all out in the gallery b... read

Sony Gamers Day 2007: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

May 17
Sadly, especially for me, I wasn't able to get any hands-on time with Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. But, I did ask around to find out impressions others had of the game and not one little person had a ... read

Another professional gaming channel set to launch ... but in the UK

May 15
While pro gaming is certainly huge in the likes of Asia and across Europe, it really hasn't caught on quite yet in the States. We have our own e-sports channel on DIRECTV, but who in the hell has DIRECTV? The latest profe... read

Epileptic Gaming goes epic this week: Start off today right with a bit of Summa

Apr 30
Our pals over at Epileptic Gaming have got quite the week planned for gamers who like a show that "gets it." I'll be kicking off the stellar week with them today as I drop by to do my special guest duties. But ... read

Miyamoto nominated for TIME magazine's 100 Most Influential People

Apr 24
Every year, TIME magazine compiles a list of the "100 Most Influential People in the World." Out of the 204 nominations this year, readers can vote on who they want to be in the final 100. After getting over my depr... read

Happy birthday to G4 TV's Zach Selwyn

Apr 23
Look, I drink......and from time to time I have the luck of meeting some great people in the industry. Aside from my chance meeting with Jesus at a bar in Denver, Zach Selwyn is one of the nicest people I have ... read

300 advance tickets to E for All -- limited supply, available ... RIGHT NOW!

Apr 17
As promised, Destructoid locked in 300 advance VIP tickets for our readers and are available starting today until they sell out. Here's the link with my super secret code (dtoid): read

Serkis goes insane for Heavenly Sword

Apr 05
  Pro tip: Don't mess with Andy Serkis. He's plotting to rid the kingdom of the weak, old, sick, perverts, fanatics, self-professing messiahs, spineless freaks, terrorists, degenerates, stupid and especially... read

Activision sends Piano Hero fella cease and decist; denies plans of Lawyer Hero

Apr 05
APRIL 5th, LOS GATICOS MUY MUY MALOS, CALIFORNIA -- Activision has apparently sent a sternly-worded cease-and-decist letter to the unsuspecting maker of Piano Hero. The game is supposed to be a tribute to the Guitar Hero fra... read

The story so far: Prince of Persia

Apr 03
Welcome to the first “Story So Far” ever. This series will help you catch up to speed on game sequels and the storylines that preceded them. Today sees the release of Prince of Persia: Rival Swords for the W... read

UNO is the first Xbox Live Arcade game to be downloaded one million times

Mar 29
According to Albert Penello, marketing director for Xbox, UNO, a card game deemed “the devil’s work” by my loving grandmother, is the first XBLA game to go platinum.Most people will cry foul, thinking a more... read

Podtoid 20: Jägermeister & video games

Mar 29
[ Update: You can now stream it from -Niero ] This one's a fatty, weighing in at an hour and a half, but it's a good ride with guests like the lovely Jessica Chobot and Cheap Ass Gamer's Cheapy D. Ron... read

South Korean StarCraft championships video leaves me ... well, speechless

Mar 24
Oh the pageantry of two nerds sitting at a computer surrounded by adoring crowds, bright lights and the pressure of being the best ... simply the best. Color me weird, but I always found the way professional gaming was handled and appreciated overseas to be fascinating and this video is a perfect example of why. Any chance we could ever see a spectacle like this in the U.S.? I doubt it. read

Pac-Man legend: There is only one A.S.S.

Mar 13
Take this documentary of one of the world's most legendary Pac-Man players, Alexander Seymor Smith (best initials ever) as a cautionary tale: Let the world know that there is only one A.S.S. before it's too late. Also... read

It's fairly standard: You go to a convention, you get a ton of swag. One of the most pimped-out swag items we've seen so far, though, is this hotness from Killer -- they make high-end network interface cards that he... read feature


GDC 2007: Last night's pre-party at the W Hotel, Ron loves CliffyB edition

Mar 07
These guys know how to party: last night we spent some quality time with a ton of industry folks at the W Hotel -- en evening of screaming, sharing stories, and testing the body's physical alcohol consumption limits. Pict... read

GDC 2007: Stay at the W Hotel, score a job with Sony

Mar 04
The initial crew of Destructoid has landed in San Francisco as we prepare to demolish the Game Developer's Conference with our mighty foot. As Nex, Colette and I checked into our hotel (the posh W Hotel in downtown Sa... read

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