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The game of life

Promoted from our Community Blogs
Dec 18
[Dtoid community member Gray Times talks about how video games offered him sanctuary when the waking world got too tough. I still remember losing myself in Final Fantasy VI to escape the Hell of P.E. Want to see your own stuf... read
Persona variety show photo
Persona variety show

Uh, okay: Atlus is doing a Persona variety show

Persona Stalker Club
Feb 21
Atlus is planning to start broadcasting Persona Stalker Club, a Persona-themed variety show, starting February 28. The live stream last November that saw the announcements of Persona 5, Persona Q, Persona 4: Dancing All Night... read

I have cancer, but I will be ok

Aug 01
[Promoted from our community blogs, game designer Luc Bernard shares his story. Luc's also  currently looking for a new gig, so please get in touch. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter] I am mostly grateful about th... read

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