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Parental Settings

Steam photo

Steam rolls out parental controls for all users

Set up a PIN to gate the store, individual games, and more
Jan 09
// Jordan Devore
For a second there, I got all pumped to hear Steam Family Options had gone live for all users after previously being restricted to beta participants. Then I realized this isn't the same thing as Steam Family Sharing -- rather...

Excerpt: 5 games kids love and parents hate

Mar 13
// Dale North
I'm lucky to have parents that didn't have a problem with any videogames. Of course, I grew up at a time where there were no first-person shooters and fighting games weren't bloody and/or sexy yet. These days kids have it har...

Nintendo considering new parental controls for 3DS

Aug 04
// Conrad Zimmerman
One of the complaints parents often levy against videogames is the amount of time that children spend playing them. Now, when I was a kid, my parents set clear boundaries as to when it was appropriate for me to play and for h...

National Institute on Media and the Family shutting down

Dec 22
// Conrad Zimmerman
One of the long-standing organizations fighting the good fight for righteousness, decency and protecting our children from those evil videogames has fallen. The National Institute for Media and the Family (NIMF), whose annual...


An update on Xbox 360 social networking family settings

Nov 06
// Jordan Devore
It seems the new dashboard update, which isn't available to everyone just yet, has been getting some flak from those under the age of 18, and rightfully so. The joy of using Twitter, Facebook, and on an Xbox 360 canno...

Swearing CONFIRMED for 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Feb 17
// Jim Sterling
Just in case you were worried that 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand would not have any rude words in it, you can rest assured that swearing has been confirmed! A list of Fiddy's taunts has been revealed, allowing players access to ...

Former Nintendo exec says that dumb parents shouldn't have sex

Sep 01
// Brad Nicholson
Perrin Kaplan, former Nintendo vice president of marketing, shared an interesting thought at a panel on sex and violence in games at PAX this year. Kaplan said, “Parents who use videogames as a babysitter shouldn’...
 photo breaks down games for parents

Feb 05
// Dale North
ESRB ratings on videogames aren't always enough for some parents. While a Mature rating is a clear indicator that a 7-year-old shouldn't be playing the title, a Teen rating may have a full range of questionable content, and E...

Captain Obvious: Parents frequently bungle game gifts

Nov 20
// Colette Bennett
My mother, without fail, would ask me to make my Christmas list every year. Like clockwork, she'd take it, go shopping, and more or less ignore it. I think it took a fit of hysterics at age seven or so to get her to finally l...

Consoles difficult or people stupid: we report, you decide!

Oct 02
// Earnest Cavalli
This piece on Gamepolitics -- the completely unpartisan website focused entirely on truth, justice and not at all becoming offended by anything I might ever type -- reveals some not-so-shocking truths regarding our consoles a...

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