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#PODTOID questions


Podtoid, Podtoid questions, it's the greatest inquest in history

The first time I saw this Simpsons intro it immediately supplanted the actual Flinstones theme in my brain, and I sing it a lot. For the hard-drive-filling encyclopedic knowledge of the show I'm sure many of us share, the musical numbers a...


Ask your Podtoid questions here!

I'm going to a baseball game in the evening, but the afternoon? It's dedicated to Podtoid, baby. The latest episode of Destructoid's flagship podcast was a hootenanny, probably because y'all asked us all them great questions to read and dis...


It's Podtoid day and we need your questions

Another week, another dollar. Podtoid 333: Butts! Butts! Butts! was a spicy meatball and that's in large part because of your questions, like the one about masturbation in a public toilet, or puking etiquette. We are recording yet another e...


25 questions on my dresser, yessir, we need your Podtoid questions

I wasn't even on Podtoid 331: #PleaseBeExcited, but I know it was a rollicking good time, because you guys asked us questions that we then gave snarky/dismissive/thoughtful/funny answers to. It's so fun, guys. Maybe we should've done a call...

Podtoid photo

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want (It's Podtoid questions)

The weeks go by too fast, man. It seems like just hours ago that I had to talk to these jabronis for a little thing called "Podtoid," and here we are, ready to record again. Just let me and my new mouse pad be! Luckily, solace comes in two ...


When the Podtoid's a-rockin', come ask us questions!

Who would have thunk it. You've all been graced with two episodes of Podtoid since I last asked for questions: Podtoid 328: Buckwild GDC Party and Podtoid 329: Tom Clancy's The Division Special. You know what was dope about one of them ther...


Forget it Jake, it's Podtoid questions time

Wow, ya'll catch this Podtoid 327: Bathtubs Full of French Fries? Boy howdy, what a hootenanny that was -- largely because of those lovely questions you filled our bathtub up with (along with the French fries). We're ready to do another pod...


Doctor, doctor, give me the news: I've got a bad case of Podtoid questions!

My friends, did you catch Podtoid 326: MAGFest, Devil Daggers, and PopoloCrois? It was a real hummdinger that one. And why, you ask? Well, in large part thanks to all of your fabulous questions of course! But here is our eternal, weekly lot...


Questions here! Leave your Podtoid questions here!

In 60 short minutes we'll be recording another episode of everyone's beloved family programming, Podtoid. We endeavor to make every subsequent episode of Podtoid greater than the last, the same reason why the cell phone you bought one year ...


Podtoid hungers...for your questions!

Hooooo doggy, was Podtoid 323: Garbage Fish really a whole ding darn week ago? Time flies when you're having fun, which I love to have, with my online pals. And fish fly like a shoddy paper airplane with rapidly writhing musculature!  ...

Q&A photo

Podtoid questions: It's what's for dinner (and what we need)

Let me tell you about questions: I like 'em, I love 'em, and I want some more of 'em. Podtoid 322: Football or Gay Porn? was a great 'cast -- that's shorthand we in the biz use to refer to a podcast. And do you know why it was a great 'cast...

Ask something! photo
Ask something!

Get Confident, Stupid! Podtoid is recording and we need questions

Hi, I'm Steven Hansen. You may remember from such Podtoids as Podtoid 321: Witness the Rise of Bombshell and The Christmas Ape Saves Podtoid. We all had a blast recording 321 and not just because it's like a countdown...to fun! So for Podto...


[Extremely My Sharona voice] P-p-p-p-podtoid questions!

You know what was great in Podtoid 320: Grandma is a Climate Denier? Questions. Questions from ya'll. Or y'all. Or voi.  Man do I want to answer some more of yous guys' questions. Anything other than listening to Brett drone on and o...

Podtoid questions photo
Podtoid questions

Podtoid? Oh, yeah, it's recording....ask us questions!

You know what was missing in Podtoid 319: Kangaroo Hotdish? Questions. Questions from ya'll. Or y'all. Or voi.  Man do I want to answer some of yous guys' questions. Anything other than listening to Brett drone on and on about video ga...

Podtoid questions photo
Podtoid questions

Podtoid records today, ask us questions!

Here's a little peek behind the curtain: there's a good chance you don't listen to Podtoids on Wednesday, unless that's the soonest day post release you can fit it into your schedule, but we mostly record them on Wednesdays. Just a little l...

Podtoid photo

Podtoid 309 records today with Double Fine's Greg Rice

Today, special guest Broken Age producer Greg Rice will be joining the cast of Podtoid, our weekly video game podcast, to to discuss Double Fine's upcoming Day of the Devs event. Of course, we'll be discussing other topics as well, so ...


Podtoid, Destructoid's video game podcast, records today, ask us things if you want

Today, I ate at Del Taco, which has me feeling a bit uncomfortable. I don't know why I just shared that. Maybe bean-and-cheese burritos contain truth serum. Anyway, the show must go on. The show is Podtoid, by the way, a weekly podcast host...

Podtoid photo

Podtoid, Destructoid's video game podcast, records soon, so maybe ask us about stuff

An assortment of Destructoid editors (and a special guest) will be sitting down this evening to discuss the hottest, slimiest news of the week, and probably the 1997 Colorado Rockies, unless you beautiful people have pressing questions that...

Podtoid Questions photo
Podtoid Questions

Podtoid 291 records tonight, with special guest Yacht Club Games!

Shovel Knight is zeroing in on its highly anticipated Xbox One and PlayStation Network launches, so we've decided to invite the fine folks at Yacht Club Games to talk about their creation. We plan to share our opinions on the game, pick the...

Podtoid can has questionz photo
Podtoid can has questionz

Podtoid records today, ask us questions

What will we talk about on tonight's episode of Podtoid? I really have no clue.  Ya boy Steven Hansen and I are both playing MLB 15 The Show, but Donski insists nobody wants to hear us talk about that, which means we need your listener...

Podtoid questions photo
Podtoid questions

Podtoid 281 records today! ASK QUESTIONS HERE!

Another week, another chance for you to ask questions about videogames and water buffaloes and shit. YOU ARE SO EXCITED! So what are you waiting for? ASK QUESTIONS! Holmes, Conrad, Caitlin, and I will be donning our long underwear and recor...

Podtoid questions photo
Podtoid questions

Podtoid 280 records today, ask us questions!

Barring technical difficulties, your regular gang of manly misfits will be recording Podtoid in just mere minutes. Got any questions for Max, Conrad, Jonathan, or yours truly? ASK AWAY!

Podtoid questions photo
Podtoid questions

Podtoid 279 records today, ask us questions!

Max, Conrad, Jonathan, and yours truly (also possibly Caitlin!) will be up to our ears in Podtoid potty talk in just a few minutes. Got any questions for us to not answer?


We're taking your Podtoid questions live today!

Do you love the Podtoid? Of course you do, because you're a lovely person. On today's very special Podtoid, we're going to stream out the questions segment of the show live for your viewing pleasure right here. Hop into our chat room, fire ...


Podtoid records today and we might answer questions

On this week's Podtoid, we will be joined once again by Conrad "The Professional" Zimmerman to discuss another load of old bollocks. Hamza's out of commission again because of his stupid laptop, but we'll make up for it by doing nothing spe...


Podtoid records today so QUESTION US!

It is that time again! After a week of E3 silliness, the crew is back to cram another load of feces into your ears with the number one gaming podcast in the world of podcasts that don't talk about games very much. It shall be all the fun of...


Podtoid records, so questions be asked

Oh for God's sake, what's happening now? Oh, those three pricks from Destructoid are only going and recording another damned episode of that frigging podcast that they're always cocking doing. I suppose you better ask them some questions so...


Podtoid records today, you little idiots!

Podtoid is recording today, even though I just want to play Diablo III all of the time. Meanwhile, Hamza is off duty because he's in Lossing Angles for the pre-E3 pre-preview-preview-pre-hype-pre-preview event. So that will be fun for him.&...


Podtoid Too Hunder Rudd records today, so ask things

Podtoid 200 records today! It will be mostly normal, but there will be a special Podtoid-related thing revealed for long-time fans, so be sure to listen if you're one of those!  Also, questions! Ask us stuff! As a special 200 episode t...


Podtoid records today so feel free to ask things

The three derpsketeers will be on hand to record another load of old balls today, and you may ask us questions if you want to. As always, there's no clue what we might touch upon, so just ask random nonsense and see what happens.  As e...


Jim SterlingFeatured blogger

Destructoid reviews editor, responsible for running and maintaining the cutting edge videogame critique that people ignore because all they want to see are the scores at the end. Also a regular f...



Hitman: Sapienza"Molto buono"


The Climb"You rock, rock"


Soda Drinker Pro"Like explaining an inside joke to someone else"


King's Quest: Once Upon a Climb"A tale of two princesses"


Stories: The Path of Destinies"Choose your own adventure/death"


Koi"Fish out of water"


Severed"Cut my life into pieces / Slash into me"


ZEN Pinball 2: Aliens vs. Pinball"Not the Alien's most terrifying incarnation"


Alienation"Welcome to Earth"

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So I broke and bought a physical copy of Xenoblade Chronicles for 50


Just died of infection and this is what I was treated


Good Got Aesop Rocks new album, finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and beat the Nioh Good

Dr Mel

oy, sometimes when I check on my own blog it gets set to Hidden I didnt realize for maybe a Not a huge deal, but kinda


Manager logic: Floral department needs help over the weekend for mothers Both the new hire and I know nothing about I know my department like the back of my hand and the new guy knows almost They schedule me to work


Your weapon-fu is shockingly


Happy First of May! I did a thing about


I hope you are all putting in ample time into Nioh before the demo expires on I expect you all to master stance changes and report back with your Class

Khalid Eternal Nigh

Doom 2016 datamine reveals a lot of stuff that makes me DLC, modtools public wont see, maybe some sort of sprinting system :/


Playing DoomRL again reminds me that the dev should continue to work on AliensRL and Derek should provide the tileset Yes Im an


Id like to remind you all that we live in a world where Dr Nefarious rule 34 Truly, this is a just One that is great and One that Im proud to live


Pyromancy + Bastard Sword? Yeah I can work with Neat

Luca Blight

After seeing Nathan D finding out things like I decided to keep an eye out and just out that Chairman Drek is a literal It took 14 years to realize Me is smart


Anyone interested in an PC Open Beta Key for Overwatch? First come first

Jed Whitaker

Ive been sick and trapped in How have you been lovely readers?


Thinking about what to game to get to test-drive out the new graphics card when it suggestions?




Ok yknow what screw Im saving anri!


Going to be honest; after playing around a little more with Star Fox Zero, I actually find myself both adjusting to and liking the control The tutorial was kind of crap, but the game itself is nowhere near as bad as some of the reviews have


Tfw Valve still gives you a refund even though you went over 2 hours played on a buggy piece of


That awkward, awkward moment when you realize you should not let your neighbor ever find out youre half

Ein on Shrooms

Why is resting bitch face such a turn on? (Plus so is Aubrey


Ive officially had enough internet for the


Im And Im just really feeling the transformative powers of Sure, in real life Im not all But right now Im a super hot Ghost killing newbs in Heroes of the I rock!


I did it! I finally killed that bastard Pontiff in Dark Souls III! Admittedly it took me over two dozen tries, and I think I got extremely lucky near the end when he didnt attack me much, but I solod it at SL 41 with only +2 weapons, no shields! Yay! :D


Panty and Stocking aired in Six years I swear it doesnt feel like its been that Guys, I think I need to lie down for a Have some expletives while I contemplate my


Alienation is a fun time, yall


Mmmm Yes! Quality


I forgot how fucking awesome DJ Hero I still cant quite 5 star all the songs on Expert in the first game, but I always preferred the


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