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Christmas just came early: A Santa Seaman appears!

Jun 23
// Jonathan Holmes
For those that don't know, Seaman was a Sega Dreamcast title hosted by Leonard Nimoy. It blurred the line betweeg "art" and "mainstream" games like few others ever have, or probably ever will. Seaman's chimera-like star was a...

Battlefield 3 may turn you into an animal murderer

Nov 07
// Fraser Brown
In case you've somehow forgotten how mind bogglingly odd PETA are, they've been kind enough to jump up and down, shouting nonsense in hopes that you'll pay attention to them again. Continuing their confused crusade on behalf ...

PETA's most animal-friendly game of the year? The Sims 3

Dec 31
// Dale North
On this slow New Year's Eve, we only received one press release. From PETA. The group wanted to spread the word about their named game for the most animal-friendly title of the year. It's The Sims 3. I'm just going to let thi...

Flashbang's Time Donkey is now available on Blurst

Sep 02
// Joseph Leray
Flashbang Studios, purveyors of weird and creators of Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Jetpack Brontosaurus, have released a new game. It's called Time Donkey, it was made in eight weeks, and you can play it, absolutely free,...


Club Seals, wear them as hats. That's cool with PETA

Jun 06
// Matthew Razak
You know the folks at PETA get angry over the strangest stuff sometimes. That would be fine if they kept it consistent, but it appears that they're absolutely fine with baby seals being clubbed to death and then having their ...

PETA goes after Take-Two and their Ringling Bros. Wii game

May 13
// Dale North
There's a new "Greatest Show on Earth" and it ain't the big top show you're thinking of. No, the new circus features PETA and Take-Two Interactive. PETA has called out Take-Two's CEO Ben Feder, and now they're worki...

PETA jumps on Call of Duty dog killer bandwagon

Mar 23
// Jim Sterling
The other day, we shared with you the story of a bunch of students who whined about the fact that Call of Duty games allow players to defend themselves against attack dogs. Not one to miss an opportunity to spread nonsense an...

Pikachu fetish gear for the special pervoid in your life

Mar 04
// Jim Sterling
What is this I don't even ... ?As I struggle to find the right words, look upon this horrific blend of yellow cuteness and grotesque perversion, an inflatable rubber fetish suit known as The Pikachoo, altered just enough to a...

PETA names Fable 2 most animal-friendly game of 2008 ... uh, chicken kickin'?

Jan 06
// Jim Sterling
The moment PETA dropped this little press release into our inbox, I laughed until I was sick. The crazy animal rights activists and part-time terrorists have continued to exploit the games industry for attention, naming Fable...

Ten videogames that keep PETA awake at night

Dec 06
// Jim Sterling
As everybody with a brain knows, PETA is an insane organization full of insane people with an insane agenda. However, they do love their videogames, so that makes them alright by us. The animal rights group has taken a signif...

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