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Space Time!

New PBS Digital show Space Time! asks what planet Super Mario World takes place on

Nothing in our solar system
Feb 11
I always enjoy PBS Digital's Game/Show as a source for smart commentary on the culture surrounding games. The whole videogame thing must be good for views, because the first episode of newest show Space Time! is all abo... read

Game/Show is how PBS talks about videogames

Mario, Sonic, and Link on the hero's journey
Aug 28
PBS's Idea Channel has talked about games in the past, at least once or twice. In fact, the show has an entire section on YouTube discussing games. It seems like the section does well enough for itself, as the people behind ... read

Pay your respects to the father of videogames

Ralph Baer still inventing at 90 years old
Mar 08
PBS's "Inventors" series profiles the work of inventors and the latest episode focused on Ralph Baer, the father of videogames. Ralph briefly talks about how the Odyssey, the first gaming console ever, was created and talks ... read

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