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6:00 AM on 08.14.2013

That Dragon, Cancer coming to that console, Ouya

That Dragon, Cancer will be coming to the Ouya in 2014. According to the game's website, "Ouya has chosen to invest in the game to assist with development costs and ensure our game gets made," which no doubt was a good incen...

Steven Hansen

8:00 AM on 08.10.2013

More details on the Amazon console surface

TechCrunch has heard from its own sources regarding the Amazon console, and they have quite a bit more info to share. The hardware Amazon is building could be powered by a Qualcomm MPQ chip, which is the Snapdragon processor ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

11:00 PM on 08.08.2013

Report: Amazon is developing an Android console too

Game Informer is reporting that Amazon is looking to enter the Android console business. Sources approached the magazine with the information, and it seems the we can expect this console by the end of this year, probably arou...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

Review: Dropchord photo
Review: Dropchord
by Chris Carter

It's not hard to be mesmerized by Dropchord's art style. It's equal parts psychedelic and vibrant, and with the combination of an arrangement of electronic music, there's a lot of room for potential here -- especially when Double Fine is involved.

But with Dropchord, a focus on style is exactly what you're getting, with a distinct lack of gameplay variety to back it up.

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11:00 PM on 08.02.2013

Raiden Legacy is now available on Ouya

Pretty much every shmup fan knows how influential the Raiden series is on the genre as a whole, and now, a bulk of it is available on the Ouya. Developer and publisher DotEmu has just released the Raiden Legacy pack, which in...

Chris Carter

10:45 AM on 08.01.2013

Savant is a dubstep bullet hell brawler with elevators

I will admit it: dubstep is one of my guilty pleasures. It just makes me want to ride on top of perilously fast elevators while firing magic missiles at monsters and dodging their seeping maws. Oddly specific, I know, but ap...

Darren Nakamura

4:00 AM on 07.26.2013

73% of Ouya owners have not bought a game

Ou-no. Looks like nobody is punching their ticket to Richville making Ouya games. At least not yet. According to The Verge, Ouya titles aren't making bank, as console owners seem to be sticking with free fare rather than purc...

Steven Hansen

7:30 PM on 07.23.2013

The DTOID Show: Wasteland 2, Borderlands 2, & Square Enix

Since my intrepid co-host is still off in Hawaii, undoubtedly contracting several deadly strains of bird flu, Adam Sessler stepped in on today's show again to talk about Steam's new exclusive daily challenges for Spelunky, t...

Tara Long

4:00 AM on 07.23.2013

First Ouya sales data isn't all that impressive

Ouya hasn't been on the market all that long, but those developing games on the Android-powered platform are already weighing in with their experiences. The general consensus is that Ouya isn't generating a ton of revenue for...

Brett Makedonski

12:15 PM on 07.21.2013

Sup Holmes falls and gives up with Matt Thorson

This Sunday on Sup Holmes we have up and coming game development veteran Matt Thorson on the program. Matt created the Ouya exclusive launch title Towerfall -- a one hit kill, bow and arrow 2D arena combat game. A lot of peo...

Jonathan Holmes

7:15 PM on 07.19.2013

The DTOID Show: Seaman, Strider, & Adam Sessler!

Howdy, folks! Max is off in Hawaii being attacked by giant birds this week, so I got television's Adam Sessler to take his place on today's show. For the record, his hosting skills are impeccable but his drawings c...

Tara Long

3:45 PM on 07.19.2013

TowerFall ditches Ouya exclusivity with enhanced PC port

TowerFall is breaking free of its Ouya-exclusive shackles. The archery deathmatch game is on its way to PC, developer Matt Thorson has announced. "Yes, I am working on TowerFall for PC. But it's going to take a...

Kyle MacGregor

10:00 AM on 07.18.2013

Ouya launching a Kickstarter matcher to get games made

[Note: I absolutely totally bollocks'd up the original story on this, saying Ouya itself was launching a new Kickstarter project, when instead it was matching the money made by other Kickstarter projects. No excuse. Utter nin...

Jim Sterling

7:00 AM on 07.17.2013

How to best enjoy the Ouya

Yeah, this pretty much plays out more or less what I've heard from others with their Ouya experience. [Thanks, Andy!]

Hamza CTZ Aziz

11:30 AM on 07.12.2013

Sonic 4 episodes now available on Ouya

If you're strong, you can fly,you can reach the other side of the rainbow. It's alright, take a chance, 'cause there is&...

Dale North

10:30 AM on 06.25.2013

Seriously though, what the f*ck?


Jim Sterling