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7:00 PM on 01.07.2014

VVVVVV coming to Vita, iOS, and Android this year

Terry Cavanagh's wonderful platformer VVVVVV will become even more widespread this year. In a blog post detailing his existing game projects, which all seem to be in various states of completion, the designer said to expect t...

Jordan Devore

9:00 PM on 12.12.2013

ULTIONUS is out now, features music by Jake Kaufman

Not long ago, Andrew "DarkFalzX" Bado ran a Kickstarter campaign for the pixel art Metroidvania Legend of Iya, which just barely reached its funding goal in the final hours of its run. Though he has been putting his time int...

Darren Nakamura

8:00 PM on 12.05.2013

OUYA now accepts Bitcoins as a payment method

If you have a whole pile of Bitcoins lying around, you'll be able to spend some of them to buy hardware and content from OUYA. Tweeting to this effect earlier today, the Android console-maker's marketplace now features an opt...

Conrad Zimmerman

11:30 PM on 12.03.2013

Dino Run 2 launches free game in last push for funding

Dino Run 2 seemed like a sure thing when it first hit Kickstarter. It's the sequel to a well loved and well played title. It's got top notch animation, music, and art direction. It's coming from established developers with a ...

Jonathan Holmes

3:00 PM on 11.19.2013

GaymerX organizers reveal Read Only Memories

You say the term "adventure game" and you'll get my attention. Say the word "cyberpunk" and you'll really have my attention. Say "cyberpunk adventure game" and I'll be begging for more info. Read Only Memories is a new game ...

Alasdair Duncan

2:45 PM on 11.18.2013

Limited holiday edition Ouya comes in white

Ouya is trying its damnedest to appeal to those looking to put a little gaming under their tree this holiday. Today, a special, exclusive holiday edition of the console has been announced which comes in bright, white case and...

Conrad Zimmerman

10:30 AM on 11.14.2013

Here is what the Ouya's new interface will look like

The Ouya will be getting a very nice looking new interface, as spotted on Engadget. Ouya hired on a designer to try and make the user interface look better, and I think they pulled it off. This new screen looks better, a...

Joshua Derocher

10:30 AM on 10.31.2013

Major publishers coming to Ouya is inevitable, says CEO

Ouya boss Julie Uhrman believes its just a matter of time before major publishers get on board with her revolution. “The publishers are always late to the newest business models,” Uhrman asserted during  Game...

Kyle MacGregor

12:30 PM on 10.25.2013

Ouya rolling out nationwide in Target stores this holiday

The Ouya has had no small amount of supporters, but for "the little open-source console that could," real success might be seen at the brick-and-mortar level. After having been available in select Target stores for the last f...

Conrad Zimmerman

8:00 PM on 10.13.2013

TowerFall targets January 2014 launch on PC

TowerFall is aiming for a January 2014 launch for Windows PC, creator Matt Thorson recently divulged to Shacknews. The multiplayer archery combat game released on Ouya earlier this year and quickly made a name for itself...

Kyle MacGregor

7:30 AM on 10.03.2013

Gridiron Thunder undergoing delays after Ouya controversy

If you haven't heard of Gridiron Thunder yet, I can't blame you, since it's Ouya related. As the biggest project to come ahead in the Free the Games fund, the folks over at Ouya were all set to hand them hundreds of thousands...

Chris Carter

1:00 AM on 09.30.2013

Neverending Nightmares meets funding due to typo

Neverending Nightmares got a lot of press on Dtoid this week. It's also gotten a lot of support from other developers. Everything appeared to be coming together to help bring the game in close to its funding goals, ...

Jonathan Holmes

9:00 AM on 09.29.2013

Potatoman Seeks the Troof hits Ouya on Oct. 2nd

Most of the press about Ouya has been pretty negative lately, to the point where the developers of That Dragon, Cancer felt the need to come out to the console's defense with a very well written article on their relationship...

Jonathan Holmes

10:00 PM on 09.24.2013

Neverending Nightmares draws horror from real suffering

First, a quick announcement -- Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut is out now on PSN and it is incredible. We should have a review for you soon.  Like Lone Survivor, Neverending Nightmares is a 2D horror game. More i...

Jonathan Holmes

Ouya's Free The Games Fund is a bloody mess photo
Ouya's Free The Games Fund is a bloody mess
by Chris Carter

[Update: so it seems Ouya has taken note of articles like this one, and has just updated the Free The Games terms. Now instead of a $50k minimum there will be a $10k minimum. There also needs to be a minimum number of backers, and there will be a maximum amount of funding based on the goal. Instead of a flat six month exclusivity deal, it's down to one month for every $10k raised. You also won't get all of your money upfront (50% upfront, 25% at launch, and 25% after the exclusivity. Oh, and Gridiron Thunder won't get a $100,000 bonus for being the top project, as they pulled out of the fund itself (presumably because they realized the jig was up).

All of this is a noble effort, but Ouya is still refusing to ignore the problem, putting a band-aid on top of a mortal wound. The solution isn't to re-tool and rework this terrible program to be more confusing with more arbitrary provisos attached -- it's to get rid of it entirely and set up a simple transparent indie pub fund, or explore other ways of enticing indie devs to contribute. - CC]

Let's talk about the Ouya.

After a ton of buzz, the Android-based console kind of came and went with a questionable amount of fanfare. But a lot has been going on with the Ouya team besides sanctioning horribly conceived commercials and dealing with 73% of its users not buying a single game. Most notably, a few developers have been under fire for supposedly extorting money from Ouya's "Free the Games" campaign, which will match a successful Kickstarter's earnings -- but only if they raise $50,000 at minimum, and agree to a six-month exclusivity deal.

So people may ask -- why is this controversial? Ouya can run the project the way they want to, right? Well, this is the problem -- what happens if an indie studio puts in $50,000 or more of their own money to fund their own project to essentially extort another 50 grand from Ouya in the process?

Yeah, that's a rather big problem.

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2:30 PM on 09.04.2013

Imagination Is The Only Escape returns on Indiegogo

Many years ago, indie developer Luc Bernard conceived of a game centered on a child working to survive the holocaust by retreating into his imagination. It was once planned for Nintendo DS, but for a variety of reasons,...

Jonathan Holmes