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Omega Force


Here's your first look at Dragon Quest Heroes II

Just as pretty as the last one
Feb 09
// Kyle MacGregor
Square Enix has shared the first images of Dragon Quest Heroes II, and it doesn't look dramatically different from its predecessor. That isn't too surprising, considering its predecessor debuted just a year ago and looked per...
Toukiden photo

Toukiden 2 looks, well, like this

Devilishly good-looking
Feb 04
// Kyle MacGregor
Toukiden 2 was announced at Tokyo Game Show last fall, but little else has been revealed about Omega Force's upcoming demon-hunting game in the months since then.  That is, until now. Koei Tecmo has opened the open-world...

The easy way to earn XP and mini medals in Dragon Quest Heroes

Oct 26 // Jordan Devore
[embed]317559:60858:0[/embed] Head to that level and zoom around to the different nodes. Doing so will cause a group of enemies to spawn and a metal slime may be among them -- if not, zoom to the next location. Once you've done that everywhere, select "Evac" from the start menu and try again. If you're struggling to kill metal slimes before they flee, try to land a critical attack. One should be enough. There are items that increase those odds, like the Raging Ruby, which is also used in mini medal grinding. You can also try raising the Deftness stat in your characters' skill trees. For farming mini medals, there is a very specific approach as outlined in this video. [embed]317559:60857:0[/embed] To recap, you will want Bianca outfitted with a Raging Ruby (lower damage, more criticals +5%), Ace of Spoils (extra spoils +10%), and Allure Ring (mini medal drop rate +2%). That last item is the most important one, and it's earned from the Yangus and Jessica quest line. With Bianca in your party, head to the "Caliburgh - Captain" map. Zoom to the Geargate warp and look for a group of red she-slimes. Swap to Bianca and use her R1 + Triangle attack, which launches a volley of homing arrows (note: you don't need to charge this move -- just press triangle once!). Keep using that attack until the enemies in that area are all dead, and then walk back the way you came to force the group to respawn. You'll do this over and over again and wrack up mini medals as well as some bonus XP and gold. This method is a slog, but it's by far the best option. If you're having trouble maintaining Bianca's mana, in the short term, just evac and start the map again. In the long term, make sure to unlock Powersaver and Critical Surge in her skill tree. She'll never run out of mana again as long as your attacks don't repeatedly miss. A note on new game plus: After the credits roll, you can tie up loose ends or begin a new-game-plus run, though I'd hold off. By starting fresh, you'll gain 50 skill points, but some of the best weapons and items in the game won't carry over. Your Battle Records progress for certain trophies won't transfer, either. It's inefficient. If you want that Platinum trophy, you can and should stick to a single playthrough. A note on those ridiculous post-story bosses: Bjorn is the easiest and should be your first target. Shoot him in the head with the turret on the left, and prioritize shooting down his boulder and fireball attacks. Eventually, you'll be able to hop on his head and stab him in the eyes for a bit. Nokturnus is no joke. Familiarize yourself with his moves above all else. The best advice I can give is to make sure your characters have Artful Dodger and Ace Evader in their skill trees. Without those upgrades, it's very hard to avoid his one-hit-kill attack from above. Atlas is unlocked after you beat all of the Veteran versions of the main story bosses (They're called Grudge Matches on the level select screen.) He has a stupid amount of hit points, but there's an easy way to bring him down: Terry! Equip him with a Mighty Armlet (critical hits on weak points +5%), Wrecklace (Coup de Grâce damage +7%), and Titan Belt (damage to weak points +6%). During the fight, use Terry's Falcon Slash (R1 + Circle) to create copies, then repeatedly spam Gust Slash (R1 + Square). This will rapidly build up his tension meter, at which point you can become invincible, activate his Coup de Grâce, stun Atlus, then repeat the process. You'll need to have Terry at a high enough level for him to kill the boss in time, but otherwise it's easy. (This tactic is super useful in most of the game, by the way.) Zoma is the biggest jerk of them all. He should be your final target. You won't win unless you have a high-level party and equipment to offset his magic. I gave my characters a Bunny Tail (reduced freeze time +40%), Lucky Dragon's Wing (magical resistance +20%), and Raging Ruby (lower damage, more criticals +5%). That finally did the trick.
Dragon Quest grinding photo
And tips for those final bosses
Dragon Quest Heroes made my weekend disappear. I had already invested enough time in finishing all of the side quests that I figured I might as well strive for full completion, but a few optional bosses stood in the way. They...

Dragon Quest Heroes photo
Dragon Quest Heroes

Stop Dragon Quest Heroes from talking out of your controller

Oct 15
// Jordan Devore
Several hours into Dragon Quest Heroes, yeah, I should disable the sound emanating from my controller. Characters like to talk, a lot, and snippets of dialog regularly come through the DualShock 4's speakers. It didn't bother...

Dragon Quest Heroes photo
Dragon Quest Heroes

Take a look at the heroes and enemies of Dragon Quest Heroes

Oct 12
// Chris Carter
One of the first games I ever played was Dragon Quest on the NES, known as Dragon Warrior in the west. It was the game that gave me the RPG knowledge I have today, and I still have vivid memories of the colorful and...
Hyrule Warriors Legends photo
Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends to feature 'player change' and 'Smash Burst Power' mechanics

This is a lot more than just DLC
Oct 09
// Chris Carter
At first glance, I thought Hyrule Warriors Legends was going to just be DLC of sorts, adding a few more characters to the mix. But after more details are coming to light, it looks to be a whole lot more than that. Gemats...

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