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Dtoid TV

Live show: The 2014 Winter Mash Olympics

A celebration of classic, and not so classic, winter sports games
Feb 10
// Rick KingFoom Olson
[Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4p.m. Pacific on Dtoid.TV. Watch Rick 'King Foom' Olson play a variety of games, each day with its own theme. With a heavy focus on community and viewer interaction, you c...

Review: Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games

Nov 08 // Kyle MacGregor
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (Wii U)Developer: Sega Sports JapanPublisher: NintendoRelease: November 8, 2013 (EU) November 15, 2013 (NA)MSRP: $49.99 Hot on the heels of their recent summer excursion in London, the star-crossed companions now take to the icy slopes of Sochi Russia in the series debut on Wii U. The new hardware and controller provide ample opportunity for reinvention. Unfortunately, the title stumbles out of the gate, ultimately producing a performance that isn't quite indicative of its level of talent or potential. Mario & Sonic 2014 features sixteen events across ten sports, including: skiing, skating, snowboarding, hockey, bobsledding, biathlon, and curling. Along with the eight Dream Events, there are two dozen activities to compete across. For better or for worse, veterans from Mario and Sonic's trip to Vancouver will be well-acquainted with a lot of the content on offer. Despite boasting fewer activities than its predecessor, all the quintessential winter sports make a return. And while some of that familiarity is welcome, it would have been nice to see Sega Sports be a little less conservative. Nowhere is lack of progression more evident than the character roster, which remains unchanged from the previous pair of outings with the exact same twenty faces. The most obvious addition is Wii U GamePad support, and it has some brilliant uses. In bobsledding, for example, the player can use the second screen to view the event from a first-person perspective whilst tilting and weaving through the icy passageway. Hockey sports a special power shot feature where players can draw the arc of the shot on the touchpad. Other usages aren't as inspired. Snowboard tricks are also performed with touchpad swipes, but it's just a simplistic back and forth motion that determines the number of aerial rotations occurring in a jump. A large number of events omit the GamePad entirely in favor of the Wii Remote Plus. It's quite a shame and leads to some awkward shuffling of controllers between events. The worst offender here is the biathlon, which isn't a horribly inelegant experience requiring players to swap between input methods on the fly. Events themselves are arcadey and pretty fun once they get going, showcasing simplistic inputs largely based around motion controls. The experience can get bogged down though. Since there isn't a lot of complexity involved, players will likely find themselves flipping from sport to sport in search of new thrills. Sadly, the game is heavily tutorialized, crammed full of unnecessary menus, and requires players to recalibrate Wii remotes every time you want to try something new. [embed]264807:51207:0[/embed] Another notable addition is online multiplayer, which seems adequate enough in practice. The real bummer here is not the functionality, but the lack of diversity. There are only four events, all of which involve racing. Curling or hockey could have been a lot of fun with friends.  There's an under-realized campaign wherein players face off against doppelgangers and a trivia mode to spice things up. However, by far my favorite aspect of the package is the Dream Events, which bring a sense of levity that a game full of colorful cartoon characters absolutely demands. In contrast with the more realistic activities, the Dream Events are totally off the wall. Grove Pipe Snowboarding and Roller Coaster Bobsleigh are both very reminiscent of Mario Kart, while Hole-in-One Curling provides an interesting take on Frisbee golf with one player flicking the GamePad and the other riding a giant stone down an icy hill to a target area. Bullet Bill Sledge Race evokes Star War Episode I: Racer, substituting the pod for a sled and the engines with the eponymous Bullet Bills. There's even a (admittedly kind of lame) third-person shooter that centers around capture the flag and slinging snowballs. At it's core, Mario & Sonic 2014 is fairly competent at what it does, but never manages to be outstanding. There are some clever ideas hidden in there, amongst some shiny visuals and the occasional design headache, but it never pushes the boundaries far enough to be especially unique or interesting. And that's a shame because there isn't a lot of depth here to keep players engaged outside of the extrinsic sense of competition provided by playing with friends.  Mario & Sonic 2014 is a decent party game, but it isn't going to win any medals.
Sonic & Mario reviewed! photo
McKayla Maroney probably wouldn't be very impressed
The prospect of Mario and Sonic appearing side by side in the same videogame was once a near-unthinkable fantasy. But it happened. Thanks to the demise of Sega's console business, the bitter rivals eventually put aside their ...

Mario & Sonic photo
Mario & Sonic

Nintendo Direct: Wii U Mario & Sonic at the Olympics

May 17
// Tony Ponce
Uggggh... a new Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics is coming to the Wii U. Why am I not surprised? The game will take place in Sochi, Russia, the site of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, and will use a combination of Wii ...

You're too slow! Sonic's at the Olympics in StH #242

So fashionably late, the Olympics have long since ended
Oct 26
// Tony Ponce
Uhhhhhhhh... what? An Olympics tie-in? Now? Over two months since the Summer Games ended? I never thought I'd see the day when Sonic the Hedgehog was actually late for something! If it wasn't obvious, Archie Sonic the Hedgeho...

It's time to compete in the Destructoid Retrolympics!

Jul 27 // Chad Concelmo
Here is how this is going to work. This quiz covers 25 questions about retro games, each falling under a different category, or “event,” based on the Olympics. Once you reach the end of the quiz, add up all the correct answers and see if you have a high enough score for a life-changing .JPG medal! Go for the gold! You can click here for all the answers and just leave the window open as you progress through the challenge. Now, it is obviously very possible to look up all these answers on this magical thing called the Internet ... but try not to do that. Just take the quiz and see how well you do based off your memory of these classic retro games. You could look everything up, but where is the fun in that? Once you are finished, share your score in the comments. Let’s get started!   Easy warm-up question! What button do you hold down to run in the original Super Mario Bros.?Click here for the correct answer.   You are competing in the High Jump in the upcoming Olympics. (Congrats!) To give yourself the best shot at winning a medal, which of the below playable characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 should you select to be your coach?Click here for the correct answer. Which of these Final Fantasy IV characters would easily win in a "let's see who can jump the highest and attack with a badass spear" contest?Click here for the correct answer.   Which robot master is most vulnerable to Mega Man’s Knight Crush?a. Blizzard Manb. Flame Manc. Centaur Mand. Tomahawk ManClick here for the correct answer.   Oh no! Donkey Kong has created three fake hammers to confuse Mario! Help Mario find the real one by locating which hammer is in the correct place!Click here for the correct answer.   Choose wisely! In Ghosts ‘n Goblins, which has the quicker rate of fire?Click here for the correct answer.   When E.T. extends his neck in the infamous Atari game E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, what happens?a. He regains his energyb. He levitates in the airc. He sends out a radar signald. The game buries itself in the desertClick here for the correct answer. Which of the below creatures teaches Samus how to wall jump in Super Metroid?Click here for the correct answer.   Which business donates the bicycle to Ness in legendary Super Nintendo RPG EarthBound?a. Mach Pizzab. Fourside Department Storec. Punk-Sured. Onett DrugstoreClick here for the correct answer.   Which of the following Fire Emblem characters is the most vulnerable to an attack by arrows?Click here for the correct answer. In which dungeon does Link find the bow in the original Legend of Zelda (first quest)?a. 1st dungeonb. 2nd dungeonc. 3rd dungeond. 4th dungeonClick here for the correct answer.   Classic arcade game 720° is based on what popular, extreeeeeme sport?a. Freestyle BMXb. Skateboardingc. Surfingd. SnowboardingClick here for the correct answer.   What weapon does the scuba diving main character use to attack the lethal jellyfish and stingrays in NES game Jaws?Click here for the correct answer. What mystical creature is discovered after diving to the bottom of the well in the original King’s Quest?a. Trollb. Unicornc. Mermaidd. DragonClick here for the correct answer.   Which of the following political figures is not a playable character in arcade basketball game NBA Jam?Click here for the correct answer.   How many minutes can Guybrush Threepwood hold his breath underwater in The Secret of Monkey Island?a. Oneb. Fivec. Tend. FifteenClick here for the correct answer.   On their way to Narshe, which Final Fantasy VI party member jumps off the raft at the end of their wild river adventure?Click here for the correct answer.   Which of the following items can you not lift up and throw in Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers?Click here for the correct answer.   Mike Haggar wants to teach a class on fighting. Based on his available moves in Final Fight, which of these wrestling techniques could he not teach?a. Suplexb. Headbuttc. Piledriverd. ClotheslineClick here for the correct answer.   Which version of Aladdin equips main character Aladdin with a sword?Click here for the correct answer. Analogy fun! Excalibur : King Arthur :: Masamune : __________Click here for the correct answer.   You really want a homing gun. (Who doesn't?!) Which of these Contra games will help make your wish come true?a. Contrab. Super Contrac. Contra III: The Alien Warsd. Contra ForceClick here for the correct answer. Arkanoid alert! Which of the below capsules rewards players with the laser upgrade?Click here for the correct answer.   How many maximum carrots appear above Link when riding Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?a. 4b. 5c. 6d. 7Click here for the correct answer. The below horse racing minigame is featured in what Super Nintendo videogame?a. Pocky & Rockyb. Vegas Stakesc. Harvest Moond. The Legend of the Mystical NinjaClick here for the correct answer.   ----- Now that you are finished, add up all your correct answers and see how you did! Here is the scoring guide: Did you earn a medal? If you won a gold, congratulations, you are now officially a gold medal winner in the Retrolympics. When you tell people this exciting news, just mumble the "Retr" part and say the rest really loud. People will think you said "Olympics" and be really impressed. Trust me on this one.

I can’t throw a javelin. Well, I guess I technically can. But I can’t throw a javelin very well. Not even close to the level of one of the incredible athletes in the Olympic Games. In fact, I can’t do anythi...


Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games dated

Jul 27
// Jordan Devore
I love it when I'm able to show my creative headline-writing skills. See that final word up there? Yup, all me. Sega has announced the Wii release date for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games: November 15 in N...

E3: Mario & Sonic visit the London Olympics in CG trailer

Jun 07
// Samit Sarkar
Somehow, the IOC lets Mario, Sonic, and their friends skip the qualifiers for the Olympics every two years. So once again, Sega is developing an Olympic sports minigame collection whose mascot crossover might have been cool ...

Mario, Sonic and all their respective friends and enemies are back again in the mini-game collection based on the Olympic Games. There will be around 30 new events in the package plus some returning events from Mario & So...


Dtoid (the show): Kinected Dead Space Vs. Rising Epic Trejo

Nov 05
// Jonathan Holmes
We went back to the old format for this episode, and went through as much news as possible. I'm surprised that I was actually able to speak some words, as I'd been up for over 24 hours with almost no sleep. I blame you, awes...

Sega nabs the Olympics publishing rights again, this time for Winter Games 2010

Feb 06
// Dale North
First Sonic and friends meet up with Mario and his pals in Beijing last year. I wonder who they'll compete against in Vancouver in 2010. Sony next? Mario and PaRappa? Piposaru?Once again, Sega has been granted the sole game r...

Potential Olympian hockey team uses Wii to train

Dec 17
// Dale North
Aside from their daily training regimen, the UK team currently training for the Olympic men's hockey qualifying tournament in Chile have been told to practice on Nintendo Wii sports games to improve the hockey abilities.EADT...

Mario and Sonic, seriously

Mar 28
// William Haley
In case you missed this mornings announcement or are still rubbing your eyes and patting your stomach simultaneously in disbelief, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is NOT a joke (not an intentional one, at least). Sega doesn&...

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