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Insert coin spring designs available for pre-order

Mar 21
// Hollie Bennett
UK-based designer Insert Coin have announced that their latest set of t-shirt designs are now available for pre-order.  Insert Coin design some seriously awesome videogame-inspired clothing for t...

See 493 Pokemon evolve into 487 anime girls (and 6 guys)

Jan 30
// Jonathan Holmes
Like with that gender-bending Street Fighter fan art and maybe-creepy Roll artwork we recently posted, I have a feeling that this Pokemon fan-art is going to draw some polarizing opinions. It's undeniable that it took a lot o...

Live action Pokemon is a thing that is happening

Sep 14
// Colette Bennett
Well, in someone's fantasies, anyway. We caught this hilarious trailer over at Shogun Gamer, which is most certainly not for a real film -- the full version was screened at Anime Evolution earlier this year -- but is...

16-bit Evil Dead RPG not real, damn well should be

Apr 09
// Nick Chester
First the good news: OMG Evil Dead RPG! Now the bad: It's not a real thing. The above screens are the work of London-based pixel artist Gary J Lucken, who goes by the name Army of Trolls. Lucken posted the mock-up screens on ...


New Life With PlayStation app gives you weather and more things you don't need

Jun 26
// Dale North
You know how the Nintendo Wii has its weather channel? Now the PlayStation 3 will have one. Great.This new "Life With PlayStation" is an app that features a fancy 3D globe that can be explored to reveal weather and ...

Nintendo talks about new non-game DS functions

Oct 31
// Dale North
It makes sense that Nintendo would want to use their portable, wireless touchscreen device for things other than gaming. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata outlined a couple of ideas that they're working on for the DS.Iwata says...

7-11 loses at Halo 3, wins at being wank

Sep 25
// Jim Sterling
Very much like Florian "Has won a powerful enemy" Eckhardt, it seems that 7-11 is both made of fail and due an almighty smack upside the head. Although the store chain is far from known for its sale of videogames, t...

Gungho announces Ragnarok Online for DS, among other things

Jul 05
// Joseph Leray
From what I gather from this poorly translated Famitsu article, Gungho Online Entertainment recently held a business meeting in Tokyo, wherein they announced 3 new games coming to Nintendo's dual-screen über-handhel...

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