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New York City

NYCC: Inafune, Niitsuma and other badasses in attendance

Oct 09
If you walk around the show floor here at New York Comic-Con you'll see a massive cluster in the gaming section. That's all Capcom. I congratulated them on pulling such a crowd yesterday. Today is going to be madness. What's ... read

NYCC: New Capcom Arcade Classics coming to Wii in 2011

Oct 09
There's new Capcom Arcade Classics coming our way, which is always good news in my book. I have and treasure some of the Japan-only, multi-disc Sega Saturn Capcom classics set (they also released these for the PlayStation), ... read

NYCC: Aww! Little Chibiterasu is lost at Comic-Con

Oct 09
If you're walking around New York near Comic-Con this weekend you're sure to come across a flyer like the one shown above. If you're actually inside Comic-Con, especially near Capcom's crowded booth, it's obvious what this si... read

NYCC: Nick Chester sucks at Gran Turismo 5

Oct 09
Nick is the Editor-in-Chief of one of the largest gaming news outlets out there, so this kind of suckage is inexcusable. Laughable. He's one of those guys that only knows how to mash down on the gas pedal button. I can't b... read

Win passes to NYAF/NYCC in Japanator voice acting contest

Sep 20
Our tentacle-obsessed sister site, Japanator, is giving away passes to New York Anime Fest and New York Comic Con, taking place on October 8-10. All you have to do to enter is watch the provided anime videos over on Japanator... read

Weekend Charity: Babycastles promoting indie gaming

Sep 19
Cutting it a bit close for having this officially on the weekend I realize, but sometimes a good reason to donate some money doesn't come along until Sunday. This weekend's charity is the Kickstarter for Babycastles's Manhatt... read

The list of game companies attending New York Comic-Con

Aug 11
Are you going to New York Comic-Con? We are. It's just far enough away that we can have the Con SARS wear off from the San Diego Comic-Con. My things are being sterilized as we speak. It's 58 days away, folks: October 8-10 at... read

People stand in line, go crazy for Need for Speed in NY

Jul 30
Over the next few months, Electronic Arts is touring the United States with Criterion's upcoming racer, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. First stop? New York City! Oh, by the way -- you might have missed it. It happened already.... read

Mario Galaxy 2 launch party has swag and an old man

May 20
Sounds like the Nintendo World Store's Super Mario Galaxy 2 launch party is going to rock. A man with cloud-white hair will be there, doing the voice of Mario and confusing people, because even though he sounds like Mario, he... read

My day with the MLB 2K10 perfect game $1 million winner

May 11
This year, 2K Sports decided to do something unprecedented to market their baseball game, Major League Baseball 2K10 -- in an effort to highlight the game’s improved pitching system, they offered a $1 million cash prize... read
Just like last year, EA Sports went all-out for Madden, unveiling the game's cover athlete on a large billboard in New York City's Times Square. And once again, Destructoid was there to bring you on-the-scene coverage. T... read feature

Crysis 2 doesn't intentionally evoke 9/11

Apr 09
I know I’m not the only person who, upon seeing the newest Crysis 2 trailer, felt that Crytek was evoking 9/11 imagery, perhaps as a function of going for an emotionally charged story. I brought up that point to Nathan ... read

NSMB Wii release bash: Bucken-Berry and Ala-Gold!

Nov 16
So, I took a five-hour bus ride to New York City yesterday to do some video coverage of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii launch event at the Nintendo World Store. It was supposed to be a four-hour bus ride, but somehow the good ... read

New York's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launch event

Nov 10
On the eve of the release of what is arguably the most anticipated game of 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Activision joined with Microsoft and GameStop to take over New York’s Union Square with a massive party ce... read

Tekken 6 is about to throw a party, you're invited

Oct 25
Hey, Dtoid New York. Want to do something fun and possibly win a prize? Then head out to Namco Bandai's Tekken 6 launch party on Oct. 29 from 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. It's being held by New York - Tokyo and will feature a tournament ... read

Wii Sports Resort report: A beach ... in Times Square?!

Jul 24
Yesterday, Nintendo held a launch event for Wii Sports Resort in New York City’s Times Square, allowing the public to try out the game three full days before its launch on Sunday, July 26th. They went all-out for this o... read

Sand dumped all over NYC in the name of Wii Sports Resort

Jul 23
In an effort to promote the forthcoming release of Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo spent a bazillion dollars turning part of New York City's Time Square the game's fictional setting, Wuhu Island. Leading up to the event, Nin... read

Nintendo turns Times Square into Wii Sports Resort

Jul 15
You know if you live in New York, you get to check out all the cool events Nintendo decides to throw over at the Nintendo World Store (and I'm jealous of people who get to do these things!). Their latest performance will incl... read

Find out what the f*ck Starfy is in New York City

Jul 08
When Nintendo announced the Nintendo DS title Legend of Starfy for a North American release, we asked "What the f*ck is Legend of Starfy?" With that question answered, we look towards filling in the next blank: Who ... read

Nintendo partners with DJ Academy for Rhythm Heaven event

Apr 07
If you've already mastered Rhythm Heaven on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo wants to put your real skills to this test this week in New York City. This Thursday, April 9, Nintendo will be hosting a Rhythm Heaven event at the S... read

Street artists invade New York City with tile-mosaic Mario art

Mar 09
I miss living in or near New York City. The culture, the people, the cheap hot dogs, and the night life are unmatched almost anywhere in the world. And now there's this. Looks like some clever street artists are at it in... read

Yuffie to join the cast of Avenue Q

Sep 05
“Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist.” “If You Were Gay.” “The Internet Is For Porn.” These are just a few of the amazing songs in Broadway hit Avenue Q. And before you start making fun of... read

Banjo-wielding chiptunes artist Bud Melvin scores short film

Aug 29
It's Wednesday, and if you live in New York City, you should rush down tonight to The Tank's monthly film series, New York Experimental, for the premiere of the short film, NightSide. Directed by Paul Owens of 2 Player Produc... read

Aural Fixation: The Nullstravaganza continues

Jun 28
 Nullsleep has been quite busy lately, gigging, celebrating the beginning of summer, putting out a new record, and fronting the 8bitpeoples juggernaut, as always. The video before you is part of Nullsleep's perform... read

Wiimbeldon: Barcade, Beers, and Bears! Oh My!

Jun 25
Part hipster costume party, part casual Wii-gamer, and part "Well, I don't really want to fit into either of those other two categories, so I suppose I'll just drink a lot of beer instead" would all aptly d... read a Wii Tennis tournament

Jun 19
That's a tagline you can stand behind. It's concise, speaks directly to the point, and leaves nothing to be desired...except beer. The boys behind the first ever Wii Tennis tournament, Wiimbledon, ensure there will b... read

New York State Senate passes new video game rating legislation

May 22
A press release has been issued to announce the passing of new legislation regarding video game ratings, sales, and violence awareness in New York State. Introduced four days ago by Senator Andrew Lanza, the bill enforces the... read

Recap: Cooking Mama Cook Off Challenge (NYC)

Apr 03
What's that burning smell? Is it the building? Did the knifeless hibachi chef get bored and start lighting things on fire? Could it be that Majesco's Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Nintendo Wii is selling like h... read

Drinks on Kotaku

Jan 29
Kotaku's party at Barcade last Friday was for the button smashing, hipster hoppin', drink slugging folk. Cozily nested in Brooklyn's too-cool-for-school zone, Williamsburg, readers rubbed elbows and talked nerdy w... read

New York is the new Germany; insane legislature crosses the pond [Update!]

Jan 17
Gamepolitics, by way of Gamasutra, reports on a bill that was proposed on January 3rd by Democrat Keith Wright that comes up with some truly draconic rules for the sale of games. From the article:[the bill] would prohibit the... read

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