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My Gaming Collection


I love pre-ordering games

Promoted from our Community Blogs!
Aug 03
// The Scholarly Gamer
[Dtoid community blogger The Scholarly Gamer answered our recent call for "I love what you hate" submissions with this bit of blasphemy ;) Do YOU love something that everyone else loathes? Go write something! --Mr Andy Dixon]...
Biggest game collection photo
Biggest game collection

Man's record-breaking collection contains 10,607 games

A new Guinness World Record
Dec 26
// Jordan Devore
The largest collection of videogames, according to Guinness, belongs to Michael Thomasson. He's got 10,607 games, up from the last Guinness World Record holder's collection of 8,616 titles, reports The Associated Press. My fi...
Collecting games photo
Collecting games

Collecting videogames for fun and profit

Buying games without going broke
Apr 04
// Vito Gesualdi
There's nothing that gets me more excited than a truly epic game collection, like the one being sold earlier this year for $550,000 (pictured above). I’ve been a game collector myself for a long time now, my high s...
Promoted Blog photo
Promoted Blog

Promoted blog: A collector calls it quits

ChillyBilly's Emporium of Collectibles closes its doors
Jan 10
// ChillyBilly
[Dtoid community blogger ChillyBilly shares his personal story of how he became a videogame collector, and why he's decided to stop. Want to see your own words appear on the front page? Go write something! --Mr Andy...


How I acquired the raddest arcade cab of ALL TIME

Apr 16
// Caitlin Cooke
[Ever wanted to own a really awesome arcade cabinet? Caiters did, and she made that dream a reality by picking up an X-men cab. Want to see your own writing on the front page? Write something awesome and put it in t...

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