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Monkey Island

Fourth Tales of Monkey Island episode hits this Friday

Oct 28
The fourth and second-to-last episode of Telltale's Tales of Monkey Island series, intriguingly entitled "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood," comes out this Friday.According to the Telltale press releas... read

Another chapter in the Telltale Games' Tales of Monkey Island episodic series was released yesterday afternoon. Chapter 3, or the “Lair of the Leviathan” kicks off as a powerful whale swallows the whole of the Scr... read feature

What Monkey Island 2 would look like with the CryEngine

Sep 21
Ever considered what LeChuck’s Revenge would look like if it was created using the same engine the visual powerhouse title Cryis uses? At least one guy has. Hannes Appel is doing the silly -- and absolutely awesome -- r... read

My dear Tales of Monkey Island,Telltale has treated you so good, turning you into a successful episodic franchise. Many would say you do the original justice, which is a wonderful thing to see. Oh, and Telltale has decided to... read feature

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 is free for a day

Sep 17
If you’ve wanted to give Tales of Monkey Island a shot, but didn’t have the coin, then consider deeming September 19th a beautiful day. In celebration of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day" this Saturday (this is a real... read

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 hitting September 29

Sep 17
The next chapter in the Tales of Monkey Island series drops soon -- as in September 29th, soon. Earlier this afternoon, developer Telltale Games dropped that mad release date knowledge in our inbox and gave up its name. Chapt... read

Argentine reporter reports on the abuse of grog by teenagers

Aug 29
Hold on to your copy of Brain Age boys and girls, because we are about to get really stupid up in here. Any self respecting gamer knows what grog is, but for those non-self respecting gamers out there I'll fill you in. Grog i... read

Amazon offering non-bundled Tales of Monkey Island downloads

Aug 24
Watch out Ranch Rush and Risk II -- there’s a few new games available on the Amazon “Game Downloads” channel. Telltale Games recently announced that all five chapters of the Tales of Monkey Island series are... read

Telltale games kicked off their Tales of Monkey Island episodic series with a bang in "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal." We came away very impressed with the inaugural effort, praising its wit and gameplay and firml... read feature

Tim Schafer. Tim f**king Schafer. He's a man that most of us know. One of the writers behind The Secret of Monkey Island, and the man behind Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Brütal Legend, Schafer has remai... read feature

Have a tidbit of Tales of Monkey Island's second episode

Aug 18
The new Monkey Island series from Telltale started out with a bang. Brad Nicholson and I both enjoyed it considerably. On Thursday, the next episode, The Siege of Spinner Cay, will be released.  Can't wait for a little f... read

Tales of Monkey Island chapter 2 screens surface

Aug 17
Four billion years ago (Internet Standard Time) Telltale Games announced the launch date of the second chapter in the Tales of Monkey Island series. Due on 20th for the PC crowd -- this Thursday you calendar-less people, you ... read

Tim Schafer on creativity: 'Stupid ideas are often the best'

Aug 14
One of the things I did with my interview with Tim Schafer was allow some community members to offer questions to ask the guy. I liked what DaedHead8 and Krow asked: How is Tim able to be so creative, and how does he get thos... read

Tim Schafer on Monkey Island: 'I get instantly happy'

Aug 13
By now you've heard about the multiplayer for Brütal Legend, as well as the yet-unseen 4v4 mode. But, as we all know, Tim Schafer is a man of many hats, and one of the hats he wore was writer for the original The Secret ... read

Since the initial “wink, wink” line, we all knew that Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition was bound for the App Store. Launching on July 22nd, we were told that this version of the game would be very similar ... read feature

Tales of Monkey Island chapter 2 hitting August 20

Aug 07
The next PC installment of Telltale Games’ Tales of Monkey Island series is coming soon -- as in August 20th, soon. Earlier this morning, the publisher of the series announced the release date and went light on the deta... read

A considerable number of people have been having some issues with the WiiWare release of Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. Graphical hitches seem to be the biggest complaint, though low audio quality ha... read feature

Monkey Island statue is made of greatness

Jul 25
This weekend I come to you on my knees begging for forgiveness. Why do I do this? Because I have never played a Monkey Island game. Not even part of one. Not even one mouse click to make a character walk across the screen. I'... read

Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition hits the App Store

Jul 23
It is now possible to play Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on the go. This morning, we were surprised to find the Special Edition version of the benchmark adventure title on the App Store. We knew it was coming, of c... read

Dear Telltale: I love you, but ...

Jul 22
For helping make point-and-click adventure games popular again and for single-handedly proving that episodic gaming could be a successful and creatively fresh way of releasing videogames, I will always love Telltale Games. Th... read

Let’s rewind to E3 2009. I’m inside LucasArts’ conference room. I’m a few minutes early for the Star Wars: The Old Republic presentation. They have food and drink in both corners of the entrance. I&rsq... read feature

Added idol may indicate new Day of the Tentacle release(s)

Jul 16
Get ready to be really excited Day of the Tentacle fans.Take a close look at the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition snapshot in the header image. The Tentacle idol featured in the center shouldn’t exist. It wasn&r... read

Telltale giving gamers opportunity to put their wit in Tales

Jul 14
If you’ve been mulling Monkey Island one-liners all morning, well, you’re weird. Also, you possess mind powers. This afternoon Telltale Games announced a fantastic contest for Monkey Island fans. Starting today th... read

Secret of Monkey: Special Edition teased as an iPhone title

Jul 10
There’s really no sense in beating around the bush: LucasArts is bringing the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition to Apple’s App Store. Earlier this afternoon, LucasArts tweeted, “For our Monkey fans --... read

Next week on XBLA, Steam: The Secret of Monkey Island SE

Jul 06
LucasArts has announced that The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will be hit both Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam for PC next week, on July 15. The enhanced remake of the original PC title, Secret of Monkey Island, featur... read

New Tales of Monkey island art and screens emerge

Jul 02
The people at LucasArts and Telltale probably think I’m a retard. On my way to the Star Wars: The Old Republic demonstration at E3 2009, I stumbled and then stood with my mouth agape in front of two kiosks in the corner... read

New Tales of Monkey Island trailer

Jul 01
We're all very excited for Tales of Monkey Island, the episodic return of one of LucasArts' most cherished and venerable point-and-click adventure games. Here's a brand new trailer, unleashed upon Youtube by TellTale Games, w... read

[Editor's note: Community member SurplusGamer did a little Q&A on Tales of Monkey Island with Telltale's Mike Stemmle. -- CTZ] In their heyday, graphic adventure games were one of the most popular PC genres around. Sadly,... read feature

Watch LucasArts play Monkey Island over the Internet today

Jun 19
LucasArts are putting on a show this afternoon for people who want a sneak peek at Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. At 3PM Pacific, people from the publisher slash developer will be playing the upcoming downloadable ... read

Producer tells us why LucasArts updated Monkey Island

Jun 17
We talked a lot about Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition today, but one thing we haven’t touched is LucasArts motivation for creating it now. According to Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition producer Craig De... read

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