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5:13 PM on 03.15.2007

Destructoid turns one is officially one year old tomorrow. I also turn 29 tomorrow. Heh, yes ... I actually launched the site on my birthday because proper geeks are busy on their computers on their birthdays. My plans? I'm going t...

Papa Niero

Network news: concert tickets on Dtoid
by Papa Niero

If I may distract you from the gaming goodness, I'd like to point you to our sister site's giveaway for free tickets to the sold-out Miami B-Live concert on March 17. We have 250 tickets to give away in two weeks, so if you want a pair, your odds are looking pretty damn good right now. The concert will feature Paul Oakenfold, Camp Freddy, DJ AM, Mark McGraph, Dave Navarro, and some other whipper snappers. Most of the crew from MiamiNights and Destructoid will be there, so come down and party with us. Good times, good times.

So! If you're in South Florida or know somebody that might be interested, please send them our way. The invitations are beautifully tucked away in a nest-like swarm of shiny black envelopes that are consuming way too much real estate on the table we typically put the donuts on. Your assistance in resoling this grave and pressing issue is appreciated. Thanks and now back to our regularly scheduled heavy breathing and snark.

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6:12 PM on 03.02.2007

Friday Robot Intermission, Also, shirts, GDC, SXSW, and Dtoid 1 year anniversary

Friday. Happy hour. Lights out. Go tell your boss to shove it and that you're not working next week because you're taking a spontaneous trip to San Francisco to party with us. Summa, Ron, Colette, Nex, Dyson, and the ...

Papa Niero

1:47 PM on 11.18.2006

Miami PlayStation 3 camping part 2: Midtown Circuit City and Target

 Represenin' 305! Too lazy to fix my daylight savings time and half asleep, barely coherent, and talking into the camera I found myself driving and running around the brand new (and yet still filthy) Circuit City and...

Papa Niero

2:36 AM on 11.12.2006

South Beach Wii Event - The Video

 So what did Wii do all day? We played the Wii! The games available at the Saturday Miami Wii event were Wii Sports, Warioware, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Excite Truck (plus various videos of other games on a DVD loop...

Papa Niero

10:33 PM on 11.11.2006

Bienvenidos a la Penthouse de Mario

As we had mentioned in our previous post, today's Nintendo Wii event on Miami Beach was to offer the hispanic press an opportunity to play with the system and report back to their viewers. Thus, the entire show was in Spa...

Papa Niero

Wii were on South Beach all day! photo
Wii were on South Beach all day!
by Papa Niero

Nintendo held a press conference today on world famous Ocean Drive in Miami today (aka tourist trap) at the swanky Penthouse suite of the Tides Hotel to give the Hispanic press and local celebrities a chance to play the Wii hands on. Here's the awesome part -- everybody brought their kids too, it was more like an all-out party than a press event. We met with Mario, spent some time with the (hawwwwwwwt!!!) anchors from Univision, the (equally hawwwwwwt!!!) PR people, and took tons of pictures and videos of the event.  We also spent a lot of time playing Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii and will give you some impressions on that.  Stay tuned tonight as we pump all of this through our FireWire, through the interweb tubes, and into your homes.

Wii Swag

And what's this?  We also scored some sw33t Nintendo schwag which I shall not be parting with ;)  The bag included a 64meg Wii-branded memory stick with tons of video footage from the games (press kit), the Wii badge from the picture above, a water bottle, a sweet Wii travel bag, and a squishy Wii Sports bowling pin (for stress relief/self defense).  Tons more coming - stay tuned!

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