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Metroid photo

If a new Metroid is announced at E3, I will get this obnoxious haircut

And I will be disowned by all
Jun 10
// Zack Furniss
Super Metroid is my favorite game. I've always loved the series, and though Other M tried its hardest to tarnish that, my passion remains strong. So when Retro Studios tweets something, and it doesn't even sound Metroid-...
Samus and Sagat photo
'Ah-merr-ica you're gettin' burger hungry'
[Samus and the burger by Evazhou] If you live in the Northeastern United States, you are well aware of the historical snowfall we endured this winter. Everyday existence in Boston this past February was like living inside of...

We Can Do It! photo
We Can Do It!

'Do it' with female Nintendo characters to celebrate Women's History Month

Pretty risqu of Nintendo if you ask me
Mar 17
// Jed Whitaker
Nintendo sent out a press release celebrating Women's History Month with details about the history of its strong female characters, but I think the company might have missed the point. In the gallery below are pictures that w...

Samus asks Nintendo for a new game

Mar 14 // Jonathan Holmes
Nintendo and Metroid photo
...but she'll settle for a hug
Nintendo is famous for frustrating some of their diehard fans. The irony is, those fans are only frustrated because Nintendo is doing a lot of things right. It may not let us buy a lot of their products, and it often ta...

Samus and Sagat photo
Samus and Sagat

BBC Special Report: Samus and Sagat

Feb 22
// Jonathan Holmes
Samus and Sagat: BBC Special Report.
Samus and Sagat photo
If Ridley and Ryu had a baby, it would be this guy
Like the initial entry of any epic trilogy, the first two episodes of Samus and Sagat worked to establish the characters. Now that we're finally into act two of the story, we can start moving into the real meat of this drama...

Samus and Sagat: Prepping for Street Fighter V and Super Metroid II

Feb 05 // Jonathan Holmes
Also, how about a contest? Make a gif from either this episode or episode one of Samus and Sagat. It's easy and fun with this free website, but you can go beyond what the site offers if you want to, with captions and explosions and other added dressings as you see fit. From there, upload your gif and tweet it to @tronknotts along with a link to either this Dtoid post or to this episode of the show on YouTube and you'll be entered to win a copy of a new retail videogame of your choice. Sadly, it has to be a game that I can buy for you from a store in the U.S.A. because I am just going to go to the store and buy you a game. Nothing fancy about that! Just me going to the store, like any other guy. Also, no requests for special editions or hard-to-find games, please. Anything in the $40-$70 range is OK. I hope you enter the contest, and thanks again for watching the show! Entries so far (not including those in the comments) [embed]286940:57204:0[/embed] Charlie Maxwell [embed]286940:57205:0[/embed] [embed]286940:57206:0[/embed] Liam Troy Fullbester Roth Sothy (composer on Xeodrifter!) The Nintenbros Alphadeus [embed]286940:57209:0[/embed] Patty If I missed yours, please drop it in the comments below!
Samus and Sagat photo
Exciting adventure, fashion, and fame
[Update: We've gotten a lot of great entries in the gif contest! It seemed a shame to leave them out in the cold, so I've embedded the animations that never made it to the comments into the post below. I also forgot to tell ...

Metroid Prime photo
Metroid Prime

This damn Morph Ball double jump in Metroid Prime

Anyone else playing through the trilogy on Wii U?
Feb 02
// Jordan Devore
Turns out I'm rustier at Metroid Prime than I thought. I had long forgotten about this tunnel sequence in the fiery Magmoor Caverns. It's sure giving me hell. In order to reach the (entirely optional) ledge above, you have t...
Gaming culture photo
Gaming culture

NBA logos go gaming

Luigi's pants, tho
Jan 24
// Robert Summa
Have a favorite NBA team? Have a favorite gaming mascot? Did you want them combined? No? Well, too bad because someone just did that. Have a look at these cool designs by ak47_studios.
Samus and Sagat photo
A new show about Metroid's star and Ryu's rival living as roommates
[Animation and thumbnail by EndShark] I've done a lot of video series on YouTube over the years -- Teenage Pokemon, Talking to Women about Videogames, Constructoid, Sup Holmes, Art Hawk, and of course, The Dtoid Show. None o...

Samus amiibo photo
Samus amiibo

That defective Samus amiibo fetched $2,500 at auction

And $5.75 shipping; they always get you on the shipping
Dec 01
// Brett Makedonski
One reddit user accidentally picked up a defective Samus Aran amiibo, and he's going to profit considerably off of it -- more than one G per arm cannon. The rare Samus amiibo, which was put on eBay one week ago, just sold for...
Defect amiibo photo
Defect amiibo

Manufacturing mistake bears double arm cannon Samus amiibo

Be on the look out
Nov 24
// Steven Hansen
Reddit user Adamantium126 took the the site with this rare find over the weekend, one he almost tore open straightaway before a friend noticed the peculiarity of it. It's a Samus guns akimbo amiibo from his local Be...
Nintendo photo

Are you getting Nintendo mash-up fatigue?

Now just give me a kiss
Oct 11
// Jonathan Holmes
[Art by Hakuramen] Back in the 1980's, rock band Aerosmith and rap group Run DMC did a cover of Aerosmith's Walk This Way. It was an older song, but the novelty, evocative quality, and skills present in the cover made it a mu...
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate photo
Yes, it's coming westward
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is still coming in 2015 outside of Japan, and there's yet another Nintendo/Capcom crossover coming. A Samus costume is making an appearance, and yes, it will be coming to the western version of the ...

Smash Bros photo
Smash Bros

Here are all the Smash Bros. color variants, including a bad one

Well, except for the secret characters -- we spoiler free here
Sep 11
// Steven Hansen
People have their hands on the full 3DS Super Smash Bros. and all sorts of fun is coming from that, including a breakdown of all the alternate color variants for non-secret characters.  Quick, open the full image&nb...
Metroid photo

Next Level Games was working on a Metroid title

Maybe it still is...
Sep 06
// Jonathan Holmes
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was one of the games that helped turn the 3DS around back when it was struggling to inspire sales. It's a fantastic game, one of the best on the console. Sadly, it may also may be part of why we hav...
Smash color variants photo
Smash color variants

All Smash Bros. characters get 8 color variants, here are all Samus'

Lookin' hood
Sep 03
// Steven Hansen
Sakurai took to the Miiverse with some Super Smash Bros. Samus shots to explain that, "Until now, you were only able to choose from four, or sometimes five or six colors for each character. This time, though, a...
Speedrun photo

Hey, let's watch someone clear Metroid Prime in 55 minutes

That 'escape' music in the opening sequence still stresses me out
Jul 21
// Jordan Devore
Mmm, Metroid Prime. One of my all-time favorites, and yet it's been far too long since I've last played it. For that matter, I don't know that I've ever watched a speedrun of the game in its entirety. This 55:53 single-segme...
Metroid photo

Corey 'Reyyy' Lewis re-imagines Samus as a nature photographer

New comic from former Rival Schools artist
Jul 19
// Jonathan Holmes
Way back when, Corey "Reyyy" Lewis wrote and drew a comic for Udon based on Capcom's cult classic fighting game Rival Schools. It was canceled before the final issue saw print. The fact that it never got a proper resolution h...
Metroid photo

Ex-Rare concept artist reimagines Metroid as a Hanna-Barbera cartoon

Love it!
Jul 14
// Chris Carter
As a kid, I was lucky to have parents who showed me things that came before my time. One such medium was Hanna-Barbera cartoons. I watched hours upon hours of Hong Kong Phooey, Snagglepuss, and Wacky Races alongside...
Metroid photo

This Mayan-styled Mother Brain painting is amazing

Pretty freaky, no?
Jun 27
// Brittany Vincent
Okay, this might very well be one of the most amazing pieces of video game art I've ever seen. It's a Mayan-styled painting by Redditor NotSureHowItGoes' wife, who is obviously quite the skilled artist. I'm immediately drawn ...
The future of Metroid photo
The Prime style and traditional 2D
Every year at E3, Metroid fans patiently wait for news on a new game -- whether it's 2D or 3D -- it doesn't matter. But for the most part, they don't really get their wish, including this week. According to Shigeru Miyam...

Metroid: Zero Mission photo
Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Japanese fans getting a real treat
Jun 11
// Brittany Vincent
Rejoice, Metroid fans! One of the greatest entries in the franchise is making its way to the Wii U Virtual Console, and it could be slated for a North American release if we're lucky enough. Metroid: Zero Mission is headed fo...
Farts 'N' Crafts photo
Using a Varia-ed Suite of condiments
Because you demanded it, dear viewers, this week Max is doing some amazing Samus Aran fan-art using condiments and macaroni. My god this show is idiotic.

Review: NES Remix 2

Apr 21 // Chris Carter
NES Remix 2 (Wii U)Developer: indieszeroPublisher: NintendoReleased: April 24, 2014MSRP: $14.99 Much like the first iteration, the premise for NES Remix 2 is extremely simple. You'll have access to a number of microgames selected from an array of NES hits developed by Nintendo (above), which grant you access to bits and pieces from said games. So rather than play through large portions, you're going to be playing, at maximum, one small level at a time in the form of a challenge. Each challenge can net you up to three stars (including a soft four-star rainbow rating), which can be used to unlock more games, stages, and even remix levels where modifying factors are at play, or characters are combined. Got it? Good. Where NES Remix 2 shines, quite simply, is the superior selection of games. Instead of starting off with a middling selection of mostly arcade titles, Remix 2 gives you the good stuff right away, with games like Mario 3 unlocked immediately. It also helps that there's a ton of variety this time around, since Dr. Mario and Wario's Woods (puzzle games), and Punch Out!! join the fray, in addition to sport-centric games like Ice Hockey and Mario Open Golf. Not all games are created equal, however. Punch Out!! fans in particular will be disappointed that there are only a scant few levels featured -- and remedial ones at that. But for the most part I was happy with the variety, and the challenge level is slightly superior to the original Remix -- Lost Levels and Kid Icarus in particular have a few really fun challenges that will definitely test your reflexes, and some of the Kirby minigames are clever with their use of singular powers. [embed]273431:53463:0[/embed] "Remix" levels return from the original, and they're more or less the same as they were before. As a mixture of singular game challenges with a twist and "insert game character into other game here" modifications, the Remixes are often the most fun part of the game. They'll range from things like "defeat Birdo in Mario 2 while it's invisible," or "get through an entire Mario 3 level in the dark," while mixed challenges might have you play a portion of a Mario 1 level as Kirby, or see boos invading Dream Land. But like the first time around, my chief complaint is that there simply aren't enough remix levels, and not enough of them combine characters. There's a concerted effort this time around to get to that concept rather early (such as Mario 2's Peach transplanted in Mario 3 or Toad in Zelda II), but really, Remixes should wholly consist of those dream team matchups. Despite what you might think at first glance these mash-ups actually work, and mainly serve as a tease while you go back to each game that only serves within the confines of its own retro rules. NES Remix 2 thankfully gives you a cherry on top in the form of Super Luigi Bros. The concept is as simple as it gets -- it's a full remix of the original classic Super Mario Bros., but with Luigi in tow (and his unique jump), and a pretty big caveat -- the entire game is backwards. While this is mostly just an official ROM hack, as an extra, it's greatly appreciated as part of the overall package. It's also technically the last celebration for the extended Year of Luigi in the US (for those who care -- and if you don't, you're a monster). If you bought the first game you'll have another extra included called Championship mode. It's modeled after the Nintendo World Championships event in the '90s, which tasked people with completing various challenges across a few select games, scoring them with an elaborate system. For the challenge, you're tasked with collecting 50 coins in Mario 1 as fast as you can, collecting 25 coins in Mario 3 (the original featured Rad Racer instead), and grabbing a high score in Dr. Mario (which was originally Tetris in the NWC) -- a final score is tallied using a formula similar to the original competition.  This is something that I'm going to be playing for quite some time with friends every so often, comparing scores until the cows come home. I wish this mode was a bit more fleshed out overall though (two Mario games is a bit much), and I'd love to see it as a standard in future iterations of this franchise (SNES Remix, perhaps?). In other words, I wouldn't buy it just to play Championship mode, but it's enjoyable all the same. NES Remix 2 is a solid follow-up with more "must have" games and a few extras to sweeten the deal. If you passed due to the ho-hum nature of some of the titles in the original offering, think about checking it out this time around.
NES Remix 2 reviewed photo
A better remix with stronger samples
NES Remix was able to scratch an itch for many retro enthusiasts out there, but it lacked a certain spark that made it a must-buy for the average gamer. It would be hard to really consider half of the selections "classic...

Metroid photo

Let's celebrate 20 years of Super Metroid with fan art

Someone's got to
Mar 19
// Jordan Devore
If you're counting the game's original Japanese release, it's Super Metroid's 20th birthday today! As much as I'd be content to mope around given that Nintendo isn't doing much to please series fans right now, we should inste...
Music photo

Brentalfloss brings you Metroid: Fight for Love

Fan film/music video features original animation
Feb 24
// Ian Bonds
Brentalfloss stretches his musical theater muscles in his newest video, Metroid: Fight For Love. In the video, Samus belts out a here-to unknown backstory of...a boyfriend? While some may not like the direction of the song's...
AGDQ Metroid photo
AGDQ Metroid

This AGDQ Metroid race is an excellent teaching tool

All four runs shown at once
Jan 13
// Chris Carter
Awesome Games Done Quick just raised over one million for charity, and one of the most interesting events had to be the four way Super Metroid run. In short, speedrunners Garrison, Krauser, Zoast, and Ivan all "race" ea...

100% Series Retrospective: Metroid

Dec 31 // Chris Carter
Why Metroid? The original Metroid, Metroid II, and Super Metroid were among my first ever gaming experiences. Although they were years part and on completely different systems, I felt like they all added to my growth as a gaming enthusiast. They all taught me how to observe my surroundings at all times, which would come in handy for Demon's and Dark Souls years later. They instructed me on the art of cartography, and helped me understand world maps and minimaps for years to come in various RPGs and MMOs. They also helped my twitch skills, which would assist me in my competitive FPS days. But most of all, they allowed me to escape to another world whenever I needed them to, because it wasn't hard to get sucked into a Metroid game. A really cool factoid about the Metroid series is the realization that there were never more than two Metroid games for any given console or handheld -- a true testament to how the series never truly feels over-saturated. It's also one of the first games to ever feature a formidable female protagonist, so it was even culturally relevant at the time. If you haven't joined me on my Quests before, the way they work is pretty simple. It's kind of like a retrospective, but rather than just give you an overview of a franchise, I'll generally let you know what I thought of the game when it was released, and what I think of it now. Some games I didn't know all that well until I replayed them, and for those, I'll provide an "extended thoughts" section for each applicable entry. Metroid - NES [Owned], Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console, 3DS eShop [Owned] COMPLETED The concept of granting players permanent upgrades was not a standard mechanic back in the NES era. Most games relegated themselves to temporary, fleeting power-ups -- but not Metroid. Getting the Morph Ball and the Screw Attack was a life-changing experience. You actually felt like you were achieving something permanent as you went on your journey with Samus. Another cool aspect of the game is the fact that you essentially "level up" by beating bosses to extend your ammo count, and finding Energy Tanks to increase your HP. In addition to the sprawling open-world map, Metroid also introduced a concept that was fairly unknown to the gaming world, intended or not: sequence breaking. In a nutshell, sequence breaking is the idea of going to areas "you're not supposed to go to yet" in order to progress through the game, and/or locate new items. This concept would be perfectly realized in Super Metroid, and would slowly cease to exist as game design progressed into more complicated overworlds. I'll fully admit: even though I play this game regularly, it has not aged well. Those who want to experience Samus' initial outing will most likely want to spring for Zero Mission, which is a re-imagining of the canon, and a remake of the first game. Metroid II: Return of Samus - Game Boy, 3DS eShop [Owned] COMPLETED Return of Samus was an odd game indeed. In fact, it's potentially the strangest (and most confusing) game in the entire franchise. Part of the reason is due to the small screen of the original brick Game Boy, among many other facets like a confusing world map, similar-looking areas, and more vexing design choices. Even still, hunting down the titular horrifying creatures was both scary, and fun. You basically spend the entire game hunting various incarnations of Metroids, which gives it a distinct survival horror feeling to it, that isn't as easily replicated throughout the franchise. There are two new weapons (the "spread-like" Spazer Beam and the Plasma Beam), and new moves like the Space Jump, which allowed you to jump to an infinite degree, or the Spider Ball, which allows Samus to attach to walls. You also start with the Morph Ball, which is a nice touch to provide some continuity from the first game. As a funny bit of trivia, there were technical difficulties that led to the redesign of Samus' Power and Varia suits. In the original game, these two suits were differentiated by color; seeing as that wasn't an option on the monochrome Game Boy, the Varia suit was updated with rounded shoulders. Years later, developer Nintendo R&D1 would help create the Game Boy Color -- a device that would have basically solved this issue -- had Metroid II Color not been cancelled. Super Metroid - SNES, Virtual Console [Owned]COMPLETED I could basically just say "Super Metroid was one of the greatest games ever created," drop the mic, and I know it would satisfy everyone (especially former Destructoid Editor Chad Concelmo). But instead, I should probably talk about why this game is so great. I still remember the day I got Super Metroid. I remember coming in fairly reserved, as the intro area was a bit slow. But once I landed on Planet Zebes, I was utterly hooked. I played it all day long, and even snuck out of bed to play it past my bedtime. It was one of the longest, and earliest gaming marathons I've ever had in my life, and the telling part of this personal story is the fact that I was playing it two weeks later, at about the same frequency. I would map out my progress, share tips with my friends, and race for that perfect 100% rating. Speed runs; 100% runs; you name it, I ran them. Although there are a boatload of reasons why Super Metroid is one of the best platformers of all time, I'd probably give credit to the vibrant, living and breathing world of Zebes first and foremost. I mean, my god guys, Zebes is one of the most wondrous videogame realms ever designed, and exploring every nook and cranny was a privilege that is rarely replicated even today in my gaming career. Also, moonwalking. Metroid Fusion - Game Boy Advance [owned], 3DS eShop Ambassador Program [Owned] COMPLETED Fusion is yet another solid entry in the series. We're already four games in, and we're still going strong here. At launch, Fusion was yet again well received by critics and buyers alike, namely due to the drastically new art direction and solid gameplay. If I had to describe it, I would probably call it a portable Super Metroid -- and that's quite the compliment. Because Samus was injected with the Metroid vaccine, it has a real "Alien Resurrection" feel to it, in which she comes full circle with the creatures she once hunted.There was also a neat little Nintendo extra that involved GBA and GameCube functionality, which unlocked the Fusion suit in Prime, and the original Metroid game. Sadly, the only way to get this outside of tracking down the cart is to obtain it through the now defunct 3DS Ambassador program. Right now, Nintendo has no plans to release the gifted GBA games -- which includes Metroid Fusion.   Metroid Prime - GameCube, Wii (Metroid Prime: Trilogy) [Owned] COMPLETED Nintendo could have had a disaster on their hands when they brought Metroid into the 3D realm for the very first time. Coupled with more mature themes and distinct survival horror tones, there was even more of a chance for a disastrous release. In fact, fans decried the game when it was announced, saying that Nintendo was pandering to the FPS crowd and that the game would be garbage (I totally remember this).Fortunately, Retro Studios (and producer Shigeru Miyamoto) did right by the franchise -- Metroid Prime took the world by storm. Billed as a "first person adventure" game by Nintendo themselves, Prime wasn't simply an FPS in the raw sense of the term -- it offered a full 3D adventure in the same vein as the King's Field series -- but with that distinct Nintendo charm and polish.Also, the game is canon, and takes place after Metroid, and before Metroid II.   Metroid: Zero Mission - Game Boy Advance [Owned] COMPLETED Zero Mission is criminally underrepresented and underplayed. It's also one of the hardest games in the entire franchise to find, since the only possible way to play it is through tracking down the original cart. This game is prime for a re-release, although the GBA is stuck within this nebulous state right now where Nintendo isn't headlining it on the 3DS Virtual Console, so good luck with that. Anyways, Zero Mission is an ace remake of the first game, plain and simple. In fact, I'd say that it's probably the best game in the entire series to select as a "starting point" for new fans, as it acclimates them to the very start of the storyline, and contains updated gameplay in stark contrast to the admittedly dated original. Although it is a remake, it does have new items and all new areas to explore, which makes it worth beating in tandem with the original (hence why I'm including it here!). Also, it's the first game that features Samus playable without her suit, and the first time any system ever housed two Metroid games (the GBA had this and Fusion before the GameCube hosted Prime 1 and 2). Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - GameCube, Wii (Metroid Prime: Trilogy) [Owned] COMPLETED Prime 2 is probably my least familiar game in the series, and one of the only ones I haven't completed. I don't remember what happened around Prime 2's release, but I was extremely busy, and never really got around to playing it. While Prime 1 came at the perfect time, when I was hurting for GameCube games, and Prime 3 when I was hurting for Wii games, 2 was always kind of a non-issue for me. So, in 2013, the time of reckoning will come for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.EXTENDED THOUGHTS:Metroid Prime 2 delivers just about everything you'd want out of a sequel. It's one of the best sequels ever, in fact, as it offers up all the great gameplay from the original with its own signature mark on the franchise. It's a gorgeous-looking game even today, and best of all -- it's probably one of the harder games in the series. Outside of the notorious Sky Temple key hunt (a task I usually loathe in Nintendo games), it's a gem. Metroid Prime Pinball - Nintendo DS [Owned] COMPLETED What can I say about this game that couldn't be communicated in the title. It's pinball, it's based on Metroid Prime, and it uses the DS' two screens to replicate a full board. The idea allegedly came along when Kensuke Tanabe, Producer for Nintendo, thought that Mario Pinball Land would be a no-brainer combination with Samus' Morph Ball form. So basically, he was allowed to make a game because of that, and it came with a Rumble Pak (for the first time on the Nintendo DS). EXTENDED THOUGHTS:Yep, it's pinball. Although there are a number of cool minigames inside each pinball machine theme, you've basically seen this before. Of course, that doesn't mean it's a bad pinball game -- it's actually quite good. Everything is very smooth, from the controls to the animations, it's very cheap if you find a used copy, and it works on your 3DS -- what's not to love? Metroid Prime Hunters - Nintendo DS [Owned] COMPLETED Hunters is essentially an attempt to replicate the Metroid Prime console experience on a handheld, taking place in between Prime 1 and 2. In many ways, it succeeds -- in other, more obvious ways, it falls short.One of the key criticisms was the control scheme. If it wasn't busy giving you carpal tunnel, it was being finicky. But if you can overcome that hurdle, you'll find a fairly well put together Metroid-styled handheld FPS, with a decent multiplayer mode (with bots!). Although I never finished Hunters (I had way too much going on in 2006), I'm ready to finally tackle it in 2013 as part of my Quest.EXTENDED THOUGHTS:Hunters, like Kid Icarus: Uprising (a game that I adore, by the way) feels very weird if you have giant hands, because they can cramp very easily by using the ideal control scheme. But you know what, the controls actually work, and they work well. But that's not the issue here: the problem is the game feels too bland all around. At times, it doesn't even feel like a Metroid game, which is a huge problem.Sometimes, outside of turning into the morph ball and frolicking around, I completely forgot I was playing as Samus. I understand what they were trying to do, when they set off to create a portable version of Metroid Prime, but in the end, it's unremarkable -- the only game in the series I'd use that word to describe. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Wii, Wii (Metroid Prime: Trilogy) [Owned] COMPLETED The Nintendo Wii has officially been out for about seven years now. In that entire time, only two Metroid games were released for it, and only one of them wasn't polarizing. Metroid Prime 3 was the golden child of the two. Like the first two Prime games, both the press at large and gamers alike ate it up. Pretty much everyone (myself included) fell in love with the new IR-heavy control scheme due to the change in pace, and the mesmerizing visuals.The voice acting also wasn't terrible like Other M, which made the poor voice work presented in that title years later all the more strange. Hell, it's not just the voice acting, or even this game in particular: the entire Metroid Prime series is a collective gem. If you haven't played it, get on it. The stock game is not that hard to find, but if you're gunning for the limited-run Metroid Prime Trilogy, plan on spending at least $50 for just the disc. Luckily, I got it at launch. Metroid: Other M - Wii [Owned] COMPLETED Other M gets a bum rap. There, I said it! After nearly six months of listening to people who dumped on it and taking their word at face value, I finally decided to pick the game up due to a deal I couldn't resist ($20, which is now more like $5). During the course of that day, I fell in love with it, despite all of the negative press it had thus far. You see, Other M has a lot of problems -- but for me, most of them are not gameplay related.Yes, it relegates Samus into an undesirable collection of tropes, and nearly ruins the character. But personally, I was able to ignore this part of the game by muting every cutscene during the experience, essentially treating it like every other game in the series that has a fairly light narrative. If you come at it at that angle, it's a much more enjoyable videogame. Gameplay-wise, it feels pretty solid, boss fights are extremely fun, and I personally enjoyed the art style quite a bit. I seriously doubt Team Ninja will have the chance to make an Other M 2, but I'd love to see them tackle a new IP using a refined version of this engine.But I still appreciate Other M for what it is. While the Prime trilogy reinvented Samus for a new era, Other M will forever remain, for me, as one of the more interesting games in the franchise -- for better or for worse. Final thoughts: As a fan, what would I like to see out of the franchise in the future? Well, another game for the Wii U or the 3DS would be a great start. I don't mind that Retro Studios is working on a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns (a franchise I love even more than Metroid), but of course at some point, it would be nice for the Metroid masters to get back to the grindstone. What I want is for Nintendo to give us a real, raw 2D Metroid that isn't a hybrid like Other M. I enjoy the Prime games but they stand on their own, and since the Wii triple-pack can be played on the Wii U for years to come, they can be cherished. Just like how Donkey Kong Country Returns re-ignited a long-gone platformer spirit of the franchise, a Metroid Returns, if you will, could do the exact same thing. It could even star someone other than Samus and take place during another game (like Super Metroid), which would allow new players to acclimate to another hero while blowing fan's minds in the process (start off the game with Samus or just the suit, and have the game actually be about someone else, Metal Gear Solid 2 style). While we're at it, it would be nice if Nintendo did a little more for the series in general. We got all sorts of celebrations for Zelda's 25th anniversary, but absolutely nothing was done for Metroid. There's hardly any merchandise for Metroid in the Club Nintendo store, and I even had trouble finding any sort of official products for the series in general.Nintendo, the fans are out there -- if you build Metroid a venue, they will come.
Carter's Quest: Metroid photo
Carter's Quest
[Read on for a description of every Metroid game ever released in the US, and my completion of them all in 2013.] As 2012 came to a close, I really enjoyed my opportunity to tackle every Resident Evil, Tony Hawk, Kingdom Hear...

Xenoblade, Metroid pricin photo
Xenoblade, Metroid pricin

GameStop to sell Xenoblade, Metroid Prime Trilogy for $40

$40 each, of course
Oct 18
// Steven Hansen
Just a couple months ago, GameStop was selling copies of Xenoblade for upwards of $90. The retailer has exclusive rights to the title, you'll remember. This monopoly and price hike raised a number of issues, especially when i...

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