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Medal of Honor

It could be fair to say that Call of Duty, as a franchise, has a large target painted on its back. There's been a very real backlash from the hardcore gamer community in recent months, as the series' popularity and installmen... read feature


Jun 11
E3 2012 was considered by many to be the most gun-heavy show we have ever seen. However, looking back upon the week, there really were no more shooters than usual. In fact, most of the games were featured in last year's line... read

It hasn't even been five years since the advent of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and already we have games with incredibly uninspired gameplay and generic names to go with it. This isn't to say that Warfighter isn't a compe... read feature

E3: Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-order DLC announced

Jun 04
It seems pre-order bonuses are becoming more and more common these days. Today, in addition to giving gamers a taste of what to expect with the latest entry in their Medal of Honor franchise, EA announced several bonuses.&nbs... read

Medal of Honor: Warfighter coming to PlayStation Vita?

Jun 02
Could Medal of Honor: Warfighter be coming to PlayStation Vita? French retailer CDiscount seems to think so. The online tech store's website has  follow-up to Danger Close Games' 2010 series reboot listed as av... read

E3 screens for Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, MOH: Warfighter

Jun 01
Electronic Arts is demanding attention, if my inbox is anything to go by. Three separate emails, from three separate EA employees, each containing one screen for a game that'll be at E3. The three games are Dead Space 3, Crys... read

Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer is about wars, fighting

May 20
The modern military shooter might be as hackneyed as one's set during World War II once were, but I've found myself oddly excited for the follow-up to Electronic Arts' 2010 series reboot. Something about Medal of Honor's aut... read

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter vid is more of the same

Apr 12
A new trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter surfaced earlier today. It's mostly gameplay, though it doesn't show anything that looks really new or unique. Still, it looks fabulous, if I do say so myself.If you haven't h... read

The DTOID Show: GDC 2012 Wrap-up!

Mar 11
Did you catch today's live Destructoid Show? We're all thoroughly exhausted from GDC, but Hamza Aziz, Jordan Devore, and Conrad Zimmerman were good sports and stopped by the studio for some good old-fashioned video game disc... read

GDC: MoH: Warfighter multiplayer inspired by FIFA

Mar 07
Along with the Battlefield 3 expansion reveals, Electronic Arts gave some more details on Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Greg Goodrich, executive producer on the series, came on stage to talk about how the ne... read

Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer debuts, out October 23

Mar 06
Tier 1 is back as you can tell by the debut trailer for Medal of Honor Warfighter. The trailer mixes in some gameplay video while someone from one of those scary foreign countries talks about how scary the scary American sol... read

The DTOID Show: ME3, Max Payne 3, Raccoons & Balloons

Feb 26
Hey gang! In case ya missed it, The Destructoid Show was LIVE on Friday afternoon. Here's a recording of it. We talked about how Killzone 3's multiplayer is going free-to-play, how BioWare wants UK residents to petition thei... read

OXM unveils Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Feb 23
Official Xbox Magazine has details on the new installment of Medal of Honor in development at Danger Close. Interestingly enough, DICE won't be handling the multiplayer component this time -- it's being done in-studio. On a l... read

New Medal of Honor and NFS this year, hints UK retailer

Jan 12
Social media are hard to use, aren't they? Earlier this morning, @gamedigital -- the Twitter account for UK retailer GAME -- tweeted that "This morning we're at an EA presentation, where we hope to see some pretty cool games... read

New Medal of Honor teased on Battlefield 3's online pass

Oct 24
Battlefield 3's online pass printout brings more to consumers than just an inconvenient input code -- printed on the reverse is an image that seems to be teasing another Medal of Honor game. It features the game's official si... read

Electronic Arts shutting down online for older games

Jul 13
EA is performing a cull of online components for a number of older titles, including entries in the Battlefield, Need for Speed and Medal of Honor series. The most tragic shutdown is, of course, Army of Two. The dedicated co-... read

Limited Edition 8-disc soundtrack for Medal of Honor

May 02
Jesus. Eight discs? La-La Land Records has released an 8-disc set of music from EA's Medal of Honor series of games. Each of the eight discs have been remeasured from EA's vault, and there's also content from the co... read

World War II just isn't cool anymore. Thanks to market saturation and the immense popularity of Activision's Modern Warfare titles, there was no way that Electronic Arts could have gotten away with put... read feature

Military bases still boycotting Medal of Honor

Oct 06
Despite Electronic Arts bowing to the minority and "removing" the Taliban from Medal of Honor, military base stores still plan to boycott the war-themed shooter on the grounds that it would still be disrespectful to sell the ... read

Medal of Honor PC beta now open to all

Oct 06
Were you positively aching to get into the Medal of Honor beta that has been running for a while now? Good news! Electronic Arts has opened the PC beta up to anybody who would like to play it. So, if you wanted to have the ch... read

Looks like the whining and bitching of mainstream press and the mothers of dead soldiers has finally gotten to Electronic Arts. Despite repeatedly standing by its decision to include the Taliban in Medal of Honor, the publish... read feature

Medal of Honor breaks pre-sell records, open beta coming

Sep 30
Medal of Honor comes out very soon -- October 12th -- and people are still getting their pre-orders in. EA says that the game has already broken records as far as pre-sells go, hitting the highest number of orders in the fran... read

Medal of Honor outrage 'hurt' developer

Sep 28
Much has been made of the upcoming Medal of Honor and its controversial decision to let players fight for the Taliban in its multiplayer mode. Despite the fact that we all saw the outrage coming from a mile away, developer Da... read

Objective Raid mode in Medal of Honor, Beta October 4th

Sep 24
EA dropped the fifth in a series of Medal of Honor trailers showing available game modes and maps into our inbox tonight. This go around we're shown the "Objective Raid" multiplayer mode in the "Kandahar Market" map. In... read

EA blames media for Medal of Honor controversy

Sep 16
As soon as we heard that Medal of Honor would feature the Taliban in its multiplayer component, we all could have easily predicted the media shitstorm would ensue, as "real journalists" stumbled over each other in a scrabblin... read

Politician says Canada is angry about Medal of Honor

Sep 07
Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay has become the latest in a growing line of people who presume to speak for their entire country and for every soldier in the world, criticizing Medal of Honor for its Taliban shenan... read

Medal of Honor banned from military stores

Sep 03
Military personnel looking to pick up Medal of Honor this October will have to do so off-site. The Army and Air Force Exchange Services has announced that the game will not be stocked in any on-base GameStop or other post ... read

Medal of Honor undermines the values of New Zealand

Aug 31
New Zealand has become the latest country to feature angry backlash over Medal of Honor as the grimly predictable carnival of kneejerk punditry continues. New Zealand's Minister of Research, Science and Technology has attacke... read

Call of Duty military advisor defends Medal of Honor

Aug 23
While politicians and pundits have jumped at the chance to attack Medal of Honor, the military advisor who worked with Activision on Call of Duty has defended EA's upcoming shooter. Claiming that Taliban soldiers are "hard li... read

British politician 'disgusted' over Medal of Honor

Aug 23
The grim spectacle of people kneejerking over Medal of Honor continues, this time with a British politician who is "shocked" at the idea of the game existing, and wants UK retailers to boycott the game.  “I am disg... read

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