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Mario Galaxy

Goomba photo

Goombas almost never made it into Super Mario Bros.

And more interesting factoid about the iconic enemy
Nov 16
For many, the Goomba was the very first enemy they ever encountered in a video game. The squishy mushroom-eque adversary of Mario has been famously trying to thwart the Italian plumber for over 25 years to little success -- ... read
Smash Bros. photo
Smash Bros.

There's a Super Mario Galaxy stage in Smash Bros.

Nov 15
All of this talk about Super Mario Galaxy, and now Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed a stage based on that beloved game. Life is good. Providing just a bit more to get our imaginations going, Sakurai no... read
Mario Galaxy not dead photo
Mario Galaxy not dead

Mario Galaxy is not dead, says Shigeru Miyamoto

Thank goodness
Nov 14
I'm not sure how many of you thought that Super Mario 3D World signaled the end of the Galaxy sub-franchise, but Miyamoto has seen fit to put a stop to any rumors that may be milling about out there. In the latest Iwata asks,... read

Three Wii games drop to $29.99 price point

Super Mario Galaxy 2, NSMB Wii, Wii Sports Resort
Sep 06
Three of the top Wii games have dropped to a discounted price of $29.99: Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Wii Sports Resort.  Super Mario Galaxy 2 is still one of my favorite Mario games. It ranks up ... read

Sundays with Sagat: Mario 64 vs. Mario Galaxy

May 30
[Sundays with Sagat is a video series where a man named Sagat talks to you about videogames. This is serious business.] This week's episode started off really good. Sagat went on a tear about how each Mario game has a coun... read

Is Super Mario Galaxy 2 the best platformer ever created?

May 27
The answer is yes. Sound off in the comments! Oh, I have to write more? Shoot. Okay, I will elaborate on why this is, but just know that there won’t be some kind of surprise ending at the conclusion of this feature. The... read

Watch a whole crap ton of SMG2 vids at V.Toid

May 23
Oh, you're here. You're not playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, even after Dale and Chad's recommendations? Well, uhhh, maybe there's a reason for that. Not a good reason, but maybe you're just wishing to watch a lot of videos of ... read

Look, I'm not about to ruin the first ten minutes of a game I'm about to go out and buy the second Best Buy opens up today. However, if you're still on the fence for some reason about picking up Super Mario Galaxy 2 or you'r... read feature


Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't have a hub world

Mar 22
It seems Nintendo will be taking a more simplified, classic approach to level navigation in Super Mario Galaxy 2: unlike its predecessor, there won't be a hub world. Game Informer reports that like New Super Mario Bros. Wii a... read


Feb 27
Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park fame once said life finds a way. He should have said life finds a gay, since that seems to be an even greater truth. At least on the Internet. You can put anything in front of your typic... read

Super Mario Galaxy 2 gameplay needs no introduction

Feb 26
There's really nothing we need to say about this gameplay footage for Super Mario Galaxy 2. However, we don't like five-word posts at Destructoid. There are other blogs you can go to if you want that kind of brevity. So, I'm... read

Mario Galaxy 2 box art features Mario buggering Yoshi

Feb 26
The box art for Mario Galaxy 2 features no "UR MR GAY" chicanery, but it does feature some hot plumber-on-dinosaur action! Apparently a man can get lonely in space. We're not here to judge Nintendo's lovable mascot, but perha... read

Mario Galaxy 2 screenshots are f*cking gorgeous

Feb 24
It's not often you can use the term "f*cking gorgeous" when talking about Wii screenshots, but Nintendo's artists always find a way to squeeze some impressively beautiful visuals out of the little white waggle box. It's all i... read

New Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer shows off drill power-up

Feb 24
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out on May 23 here in America and a new trailer has arrived showing off some of the game's new features. Of note is Mario's new drill power-up which lets him pierce the heavens ... and planets hiding ... read

Ladies and gentlement of the Wii-loving public, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! Mario Galaxy 2, the long-awaited sequel to Mario Galaxy, is hitting North America on May 23. Not soon enough, some might say, but it... read feature


Rumor: Sonic the Hedgehog playable in Mario Galaxy 2

Feb 06
In what will probably be the strangest rumor this weekend, a new slice of gossip is claiming that Sonic the Hedgehog will be a playable character in Mario Galaxy 2. In a way, that's very plausible -- if you've not been able t... read

Fan-made Mario ad hits you right here (points to heart)

Jan 02
I'm posting this for Chad. Why? Because he was unable to do it thanks to the fact that he's weeping under his desk with years and years of Mario love (and a massive amount of Mario Galaxy love) flowing out of his eyes. If ev... read

Nintendo loves to convince embittered and cynical "hardcore" gamers that they haven't changed, and nobody wants to claim that he's still "cool" more than lovable mentalcase Shigeru Miyamoto. If you were wo... read feature


Miyamoto claims Mario Galaxy was conservative: Not enough pretend saxophone?

Oct 30
Former design icon and current maker of pretend videogames Shigeru Miyamoto has been casting a critical eye over his team's earlier Wii games, claiming that something was "missing" from Twilight Princess and that Su... read

I thought I was done with you: New Mario Kart Wii Tournament now live

Jun 01
Sick of Mario Kart Wii already? Today, that may change, at least a few minutes. Nintendo has just gone public with their latest online Mario Kart Wii tournament, accessible to anyone with a Wii, the game, and a wireless inte... read

Miyamoto doesn't know what Ratchet and Clank is: That's a man up on his games

Dec 14
A while back, Insomniac made a somewhat arrogant claim by stating it was flattered that Super Mario Galaxy had Ratchet & Clank-inspired spherical worlds. It was a presumptuous statement to make at the time, and now legend... read

Ocarina of Time reclaims number one game ranking

Nov 22
For a while, Nintendo crown jewel Super Mario Galaxy had become the highest ranked game of all time, beating out The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and breaking a nine year streak for the N64 classic. Well, a new review... read

Toys R Us rewards you for buying Mario Galaxy with a $25 Gift Card

Nov 11
As some of you may already know, Toys R Us is tempting customers with the promise of a $25 Gift Card if you purchase Super Mario Galaxy at one of their retail stores. If you're going to get it (and you aren't already standing... read

Halloween is over; Mario Galaxy Christmas crap hits stores next week

Nov 01
Happy holidays, Nintendo fans. Just in time for ... a few days after Halloween, (why do they do that?) GameStop is offering up some Christmas merchandise to celebrate the release of Super Mario Galaxy. Shipping November 7th a... read

Luigi is a playable race in Super Mario Galaxy!

Nov 01
Where I come from, my online haunt long before Destructoid, we have a certain rule -- thou shalt pay homage to the Green God. The superior Mario brother, Luigi, is something of a cult figure in my part of the 'hood, so it's w... read

Piracy is the new black: Mario Galaxy leaked to the 'net

Oct 25
This NeoGAF post has information on the apparent leak of the Mario Galaxy code well before the game's official release. It seems that the demo copies found at local Electronics Boutique stores only have a ten minute time limi... read

Nintendo ships Mario Galaxy demo to stores: Demos entire game

Oct 24
GoNintendo is reporting that one of its readers headed out to his local GameCrazy in order to try the Super Mario Galaxy demo ... a demo that just so happens to be the entire game. Earning the envious rage of gamers everywher... read

New images for Super Mario Galaxy shows off the new suits

Oct 15
It's going to be a big month of releases for Nintendo next month. Out of all the games, Super Mario Galaxy is going to be their biggest. Of course, I don't need to state the obvious, it's a Mario game after all. For ever... read

New sUpeR MaRio GalAxY trailer, courtesy of Amazon

Oct 14
Not often a source of exclusives, nevertheless has a new trailer of Super Mario Galaxy, a game that many of us are seeking as salvation this Christmas. The above video ticks all the Wii trailer boxes -- bright colo... read

New Mario Galaxy video reveals power-ups galore; sadly, still no dolphin suit

Oct 11
It’s hard to believe that Super Mario Galaxy (easily one of the most anticipated games of the year) will be hitting North American shelves in just one month from tomorrow. Usually, I would slap your wrist and te... read

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