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PS Classics

Manhunt joins PS2 Classics collection May 14

The Warriors come out to play soon
May 09
One of gaming's most unapologetically violent titles, Manhunt, will be making its way to PlayStation 3 next week. It'll cost $9.99 and should be on PlayStation Network when it updates on May 14, but it's Manhunt and kind... read

AO-rated Manhunt 2 coming to PC next week

Nov 01
Remember Manhunt 2? Of course you do, but not because it was a good game (because it definitely wasn't), or because it did anything revolutionary. Nope, we all remember Manhunt 2 because of the controversy that swirled around... read

Manhunt 2 coming to PC, ESRB gives it an AO rating

Aug 25
A recent ESRB listing confirms that Manhunt 2 is coming to the PC, but it may not be a pretty port. According to the listing, Manhunt 2 PC is an AO-rated title, which means that it has content not fit for minors … or r... read

New study allowed kids to play Manhunt

Nov 14
A recent study has been filtering through the Blogocube which suggests that violent games dramatically affect the heart rate and sleep patterns of children. The study charges kids -- aged between 12 and 15 -- with playing a n... read

Manhunt 2 destroying British society on Halloween

Oct 06
A year has passed since Manhunt 2 was released in the United States, and so far nobody has been murdered as a result. The game was banned by the BBFC, meaning it could not be legally sold in the UK for fear that doing so woul... read

Manhunt 2's big ban bonanza continues: High Court quashes appeal

Jan 25
It's certainly been a rollercoaster for Manhunt 2 in the UK. Banned by the BBFC, edited by Rockstar, still banned by the BBFC, appealed for a reclassification, and now STILL banned by the BBFC, it really seems like a lot of e... read

Rockstar's Manhunt 2 appeal is successful

Dec 10
As you may already know, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has made things very difficult for Rockstar, shutting down the release of Manhunt 2 in the UK twice. Rockstar hasn't given up, and now it seems that the... read

Does Manhunt 2 make the mentally ill look bad?

Nov 19
He might be several weeks late to the party, but that's not stopped National Alliance on Mental Illness executive director Mike Fitzpatrick claiming himself a slice of the outrage pie. Outrage pie is delicious, after all, wit... read

Target decapitates Manhunt 2 from store shelves

Nov 06
After Target learned that people could see the censored kills in Manhunt 2, they have decided to take the game off of their shelves:"While 'Manhunt 2' was given a 'Mature' rating by the ESRB, we received additional infor... read

The torture porn showreel: See the Manhunt 2 that they didn't want you to see

Nov 03
Fresh from the hacker's pantry, here are the uncut scenes from Rockstar's controversy magnet/attention whore, Manhunt 2. In all its bleak and bloodsoaked glory, this showreel of murder is taken from the hacked PSP version ... read

ESRB clears PSP Manhunt 2, Rockstar dodges an unnecessarily violent bullet

Nov 03
Remember this? Jim "Bangers n' Mash" Sterling brought you the news of the not-so-shocking hack within the PSP version of Rockstar Games' interactive torture porn title Manhunt 2 recently, and it was assumed by almos... read

Manhunt 2 opens with your character, Danny Lamb, strangling an elderly, unarmed nurse almost to death. Yeah. It's that sort of a game. Ignoring all of the BS politics of making a game that entertains solely through violence... read feature

Take-Two confirms Manhunt 2 hack on the PSP

Nov 01
After Rockstar's latest controversy magnet was released, a rumor began to surface of a hack on the PSP version of Manhunt 2 that made previously cut material available for viewing. A Take-Two representative has today confirme... read

CBS looks at the Manhunt 2 controversy, makes for excellent filler

Oct 31
Mainstream news wouldn't exist without fanning the flames of controversy, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more adorable set of billows than Katie Couric. In the above clip, Ms. Kittenpuff Couric -- or, more specifically... read

Welcome to the Manhunt 2 circus: Hysteria, idiocy and artistic defense

Oct 30
In case you didn't know, Manhunt 2 is released tomorrow, set for a fitting Halloween release date. As expected, the imbecile parade has been out in full force, with panic and fear setting in for the release of this so-called ... read

The final trailer for Manhunt 2: It's got lots of whores!

Oct 24
The final countdown trailer for Rockstar's controversial Manhunt 2 is finally upon us. The trailer reveals more aspects to the story, the enemies you will be dealing with, some of the grousome ways you can take people out wit... read

Sony Europe blamed for Manhunt 2 leak

Oct 22
Busted! Remember when a leaked build of Manhunt 2 managed to make its way out? Now it looks like a representative from SCEE was the responsible party, and Take-Two has just released a statement. "Take-Two Interactive has... read

Rockstar drops subtle hint, sends us a personalized Manhunt 2 straitjacket

Oct 22
I guess nobody told FedEx, but 8:30 in the morning is a little early to deliver someone a straitjacket. I suppose they had no idea that's exactly what Rockstar had tossed in a package and sent to my house -- a personalized &q... read

BBFC rejects Manhunt 2 again, Rockstar calls this a 'setback for video games'

Oct 08
It is no secret that the world (except for maybe the Netherlands) is not giving Take-Two/Rockstar's Manhunt 2 an easy time. The game's violent content has been beaten to a bloody pulp by the various ratings boards, and this l... read

With Manhunt 2 able to chop itself down to an M-rating, the controversial title is now heading to the PS2, PSP and Nintendo Wii on Halloween. To celebrate this compromised victory, Rockstar has teamed up with the Radio Rebell... read feature

[Intensely NSFW] Wrench murder: It's not just for BioShock anymore! [UPDATE]

Sep 13
The above video is a compilation clip demonstrating the stunning variety of horrific assassinations one can perform with a common, everyday wrench in Rockstar Games' upcoming controversy slut title Manhunt 2. As some of you... read

Manhunt 2 before and after: neutered edition?

Sep 12
As the October release date slowly creeps ever so closer, a select few of us have been quietly keeping tabs on Rockstar's controversial Manhunt sequel on the Wii, waiting for word of exactly how toned down the finished game i... read

Manhunt 2 uncut in The Netherlands: Get your import mojo on

Sep 04
While America and Britain still consider their populations full of people who need entertainment screened like nations of giant infants, it seems that at least one country is sensible enough to let its people think for themse... read

Ask The Weekly Geek: AO Ratings and You

Aug 31
PAX knocked me on my ass, so it's been a while, but welcome back to a brand new edition of Ask The Weekly Geek! This week, I will use my MASSIVE BRAIN to tackle yet another inquiry by you, the intrepid Dtoid reader. Prepare y... read

After being picked apart by the ESRB and having us ponder if it would ever see the light of day at all, Manhunt 2 has finally been given an M rating, the green light -- and a Halloween release date! Rockstar couldn't be more ... read feature

Rockstar Leeds boss: The games industry should rally behind us

Aug 15
With the appeal against the BBFC's banning of Manhunt 2 on-going, Rockstar has spoken out about the situation again, but this time it's the UK's Rockstar Leeds doing the talking via company founder Gordon Hall. Hall has just ... read

It's a long road from here to Manhunt 2: Rockstar's appeal could be a struggle

Aug 09
I had reported in an earlier post that Rockstar was going to appeal the BBFC's decision to ban its PS2/PSP/Wii title Manhunt 2 in the United Kingdom. However, as one might imagine, this is not going to be an easy task. Next-G... read

Rockstar officially appeals the Manhunt 2 banning

Aug 01
It's been a while since we ran anything on this matter, but news has now surfaced that Rockstar Games made an official plea with the Video Appeals Committee, hoping to overturn the BBFC's banning of Manhunt 2 in Britain. As y... read

Condemned 2 toned down in wake of Manhunt ban

Jul 24
The uprising kicked up in by the de facto banning of Manhunt 2 had some folks scratching their heads. They wondered: why all the ruckus over Manhunt? The original wasn't all that great, after all. Though I count myself am... read

Rockstar hits out at article on Manhunt 2

Jul 21
A month ago, ran an article on Manhunt 2 and the game's banning at the hands of the BBFC. While the article, written by contributor Rob Fahey, began by initially expressing distaste at the fact that such... read

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