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Max Anarchy trailer puts me in full hype mode

Jan 27
I loved MadWorld. I didn't always like it, but I always loved it. The graphics, the character design, the boss fights, the soundtrack; they were all enough to keep the game's various shortcomings from bothering me. I feel th... read

SEGA: MadWorld would 'possibly' be better on 360/PS3

Dec 15
SEGA marketing mushroom (he is made out of mushroom bits) Alan Pritchard has dug up MadWorld -- otherwise known as The Corpse That Never Dies -- claiming, like so many before him, that perhaps the Wii was not the right place ... read

MadWorld director leaves Platinum to work with Mikami

May 10
Shigenori Nishikawa is moving on. He directed Platinum Games' Wii game MadWorld under Platinum creator Shinji Mikami, who is also known as the creator of Resident Evil. Now Mikami has moved on to create a new studio named Tan... read

Sega: MadWorld was 'mismatched' on Wii

Apr 07
MadWorld is something of a polarizing game, with some players enjoying the old school, blood-soaked brawler, and others feeling that it wasn't all it could have been. In any case, the game didn't sell very well at all, and pu... read

MadWorld cosplay gets to the point

Nov 30
Action packed gameplay, a unique art style and an old school arcade feel couldn't make MadWorld sell well on the Wii outside of Japan (unless you consider mature games on the Wii niche titles, which wouldn't be too far off ba... read

Q: Okami and MadWorld should be embraced by the public

Sep 15
Everybody knows what happened to Okami. It was a critically acclaimed game by Clover Studios, but no matter how much respect and praise it won for its beautiful art style and interesting gameplay, the mainstream consumer didn... read

Scrapped MadWorld finisher will blow you away

Aug 16
There are 60,000 or so of you out there who get to watch the video below. That's because you went out and bought MadWorld and loved how awesome it was. Maybe, like me, you're still trying to figure out the perfect combination... read

Madworld on sale at Amazon today

Jul 21
Just this past weekend, I picked up a used copy of MadWorld. I had played the game briefly and come away feeling not that impressed. Thinking I may have simply not given it the opportunity to impress me, I thought I should gi... read

MadWorld soundtrack officially released, available now

Jun 30
If you liked the violent, three-colored world of MadWorld, you may want to check out the official soundtrack, coming to us by way of Sumthing Else Music Works. Now availabe on both iTunes and the Something Else store, this al... read

MadWorld soundtrack on sale June 30

Jun 17
MadWorld is a fun game and one of the best parts of the game, to me, was the outstanding soundtrack. The music is so over the top with different styles yet it's all blended together beautifully. The soundtrack was originally ... read

Custom made Jack figure celebrates Easter with awesome

Apr 12
Imagine this: you wake up on Easter morning and instead of a chocolate bunny in your basket is a six and three quarter inch tall action figure of Jack from MadWorld. You'd be thanking the Easter Bunny for decades to come. Tha... read

MadWorld's audio commentary is so dumb, it's brilliant

Apr 02
Have you played MadWorld yet? You know, the superviolent, superstylized action game that fulfills the Wii's annual "over-the-top game where the Wiimote is used as some sort of dismemberment device" quota?If you have... read

NIMF bashes MadWorld for ruining the Wii's family fun ... ugh

Mar 10
It's been a while since some gang of whiny pussies moaned about the Nintendo Wii daring to have a bit of variety on its system with Sega's M-rated MadWorld, but luckily The National Institute on Media and the Family is here t... read

The story behind the blood: MadWorld's opening movie leaked

Feb 26
 UK gaming blog Playr posted this video of the opening cinematic from upcoming blood fest MadWorld, and I'll be damned if it doen't look awfully intriguing. I love the feel -- like reading a black and white comic book --... read

MadWorld producer says a sequel could be in our future

Feb 18
It's hard to say if I'll want another MadWorld before I've even gotten in any time with the original game, but that's never stopped the ambitious types that plan ahead. Atsushi Inaba, the producer behind MadWorld, had a few c... read

MadWorld has mad preorder swag if you live in the UK

Feb 18
I hardly need any additional excouragement when it comes to preordering MadWorld, as it's been on my radar as one of my most anticipated Wii titles for some time now. However, the Sega Europe blog just updated with some reall... read

MadWorld dev diary reveals the evolution of Jack

Feb 17
Of course, by "evolution" I mean the painstaking process of taking the ogreish tough guy seen on the left, and transforming him into the ogreish tough guy seen here on the right. Amazing, isn't it?The dev diary also... read

MadWorld holiday trailer is made only slightly less awesome by censorship

Dec 15
[video]114586:870[/video] Sega of America sent us this “Happy Holidays” trailer for Platinum Games’ hyperviolent upcoming action game MadWorld, and they made sure to let us know that it was censored for &ld... read

Madworld offers 'Blood Bath Challenges' for the multiplayer-hungry

Dec 08
Those of us disenchanted with the Wii's lack of "mature" titles have surely got a bone in the pants for Platinum Games' upcoming gorefest Madworld. Described as a game wrapped around the concepts of brutality and ex... read

More MadWorld screens come gushing like from a slashed artery

Nov 17
If MadWorld is anywhere near as glorious as these blood-drenched screenshots, you may not be able to peel yourself away from your Wii once it finally comes out next year. Between this and Bayonetta, Platinum Games has set my ... read

New MadWorld trailer, now with extra blood and fists

Oct 01
Being shown MadWorld at this year's E3 was like some sort of moment where time freezes and you can't believe what's happening is actually happening. While a polite group of people from Platinum Games showed Dale North and mys... read

E3 08: Sega Blowout: Madworld

Jul 15
When Chad let us know about the upcoming Wii game Madworld last month, I was honestly pretty surprised. A violent, black and white game where you can paint the environment with the crimson red blood of your foes didn’t ... read

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