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Live-action SF photo
Live-action SF

Street Fighter V live-action prologue coming in March

Get your green screens ready
Jan 02
// Nic Rowen
If you love to watch talented athletes wave their hands around and pretend to throw fireballs at each other, I have some good news for you. Street Fighter: Resurrection, a live-action mini-series intended to serve as a prolog...
GTA V photo

Fast and Furious 6 chase recreated in GTA V

The Lasterest Ride
Oct 20
// Mike Cosimano
Fast and Furious 6 is an excellent film. I know Fast Five is the zenith of the series for most fans, but I prefer Furious 6 for the same reason I prefer Saints Row IV to The Third; the excitement ramps up in a ...
Shame, shame photo
Shame, shame

FTC comes down on Machinima for 'deceptive' Xbox One marketing

Microsoft absolved of any wrong-doing
Sep 02
// Brett Makedonski
In late 2013, around the time that the Xbox One launched, YouTube content creation group Machinima struck an advertising deal with Microsoft. The marketing campaign would feature videos from Machinima's network of influencers...
kitty0706 photo

Remembering kitty0706

Promoted from our Community Blogs
Jan 31
// SeymourDuncan17
[Dtoid community blogger SeymourDuncan17 remembers a pioneer in the machinima scene. Rest in peace, Kitty. --Mr Andy Dixon] [Image credit: SpikyMilkshake] This has been the hardest blog for me to write. Even though I hav...


This live-action Street Fighter series is actually pretty great

Way more enjoyable than the Mortal Kombat live-action series
May 23
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
So Machinima's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist series is surprisingly enjoyable to watch. I was worried this would be another hit-or-miss situation as with the live-action Mortal Kombat stuff, but that's not the case here. I...

So there's this: Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

First trailer is uh...
May 09
// Dale North
Ah man! I love Honda. Not E. Honda. Just Honda. Great lawnmowers. I also love videogame fan films. Watching them feels kind of like eating 3 pints of Ben and Jerry's in one sitting. Wrong but tasty. Guilty but satisfying. Also, Ken's hair. [inhales deeply] Ken's hair. I HAVE to see this series. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist officially debuts on May 23 on the main Machinima channel.
Smashed Bros. photo
Mega Man, Mario, and Captain Falcon
Super Smashed Bros. is the new cartoon that I've been working with Machinima and a group of like minded artists who like Nintendo and drunk cartoon characters. The first episode is about Captain Falcon and Mario getting...

DTOID News photo
Watch DTOID news... with your EYES!
Welp, here's your exciting video game news! Lots and lots of fun things, like Nintendo's financial problems, [obvious] lack of plans to move into mobile games, a single Super Smash Bros. screen, and the rumored new console,"...

Microsoft secret ads photo
Microsoft secret ads

Microsoft secretly pays YouTubers to advertise Xbox One

'Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket'
Jan 20
// Steven Hansen
[Update: In a statement, Microsoft said it "was not aware of individual contracts Machinima had with their content providers as part of this promotion and we didn’t provide feedback on any of the videos. We have asked...
Borderlands 2 photo
Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 writer comments on Handsome Jack fan video

Burch not involved with the project
Dec 28
// Jonathan Holmes
Machinima is set to launch a video series about Handsome Jack, the villain of Borderlands 2. It's not looking like a huge budget production, but that doesn't mean it wont be a good watch. I managed to get Borderlands 2 write...

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn gets an Emmy nomination

Oustsanding Main Title Design
Jul 19
// Abel Girmay
I don't care if you like Halo 4, or any game in the series for that matter. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is far and away the best example of how to adapt a videogame franchise to a live-action setting. I watched it expecting lit...

The Call of Duty dog gets his own animated short film

He's a totally OP pimp-ass beast dog
Jun 04
// Abel Girmay
From the minds behind Two Best Friends, comes a Machinima short honoring the courage, bravery, and America of Call of Duty dog. Saving children by day, blowing up terrorist strongholds by night, Call of Duty dog only stops t...
Part one of an ongoing series
Bioshock Infinite has been out for a little while now. The spoiler police are starting to doze off at their posts. The game's harshest critics and most passionate fans have seemingly declared a temporary cease fire (at least...

Mario Kart photo
Mario Kart

Player Vs Pain tortures people while they play Mario Kart

Happy Easter
Mar 31
// Jonathan Holmes
G4 and Attack of the Show are no more. What's G4 superstar Kevin Pereria been up to in the meantime? Among other things, he's taken to Machinima with Player Vs Pain, a show about hurting people while they play videogames. Ke...

Teenage Pokemon: Console Class Battle Royale

Feb 17 // Jonathan Holmes
*Credits* Lead Animator- Dave Ernst Misty intro animation- Nick Shoen Character design- Lindsay Collins CGI Effects- Anthony Gonzalez Misty- Tara Long Mr. Mime redesign- Sarah Thomas
New Teenage Pokemon photo
New Teenage Pokemon every Sunday morning
[Teenage Pokemon is a cartoon show about Pokemon in their middle stage of evolution -- not a girl, not yet a women. New episodes every week.] When I was growing up, social classism wasn't really an issue in "gamer cultu...


Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn launches its finale

Pining for a Halo Movie? Watch this for now
Nov 02
// Chris Carter
You've heard of Forward Unto Dawn, right? Machinima's live-action video series that's setting up Halo 4? Well, it just ended, and you can catch the finale today, as well as the rest of the whole shebang which clocks in at 84 ...

Sifl and Olly are sock puppets that review videogames

Sep 04
// Jonathan Holmes
The late 1990s were a very different time for entertainment. It was a time when MTV played music videos most of the time, and when they didn't, it was usually so they could show you something that you couldn't find anywhere ...

Destructoid versus Machinima post-game recap!

May 09
// mrandydixon
In case you missed it, Destructoid challenged the folks at Machinima to a friendly round of Tribes: Ascend yesterday and we absolutely demolished them! Playing like the well-oiled robot overlord we are, we won the first four...

Twisted Metal: Be Mine is disturbingly funny

Feb 13
// Brett Zeidler
Blue Goggles Films had one of their newest videos featured on the Machinima channel recently, and it's absolutely brilliant. David Jaffe himself enjoyed the video, exclaiming "DAMN NICE!" on Twitter. It features Sweet Tooth ...

The Videogame Show What I've Done: MW3 Black Ops

Jan 25
// Jim Sterling
Allow budding videogame journalist Rory Fingers to take you by the hand and introduce you to a world of gaming insight beyond your wildest imagination. The Videogame Show What I've Done is one man's epic journey through the greatest interactive art that humanity has created. This week, the hit 2012 game Modern Warfare 3: Black Ops is up for appraisal. Feels good man.

Get intimate with the creators of Sanity Not Included

Jan 11 // Jonathan Holmes
[embed]219353:42337[/embed] Dtoid: You make videos where videogame characters move around the way you want them to. How do you make it do that? Computers? Lyle: Well they’re videogame characters, by design they’re supposed to move the way you want them to. The camera’s usually the bigger issue. It’s different for everything. Some games have a theater mode which allows you to rewatch matches and move the camera around (Halo, CoD: Black Ops, Etc.) Some games have a way to go into a free camera after you die in multiplayer, or somehow move your gun out of your face in first person so you can have other people act out the scene while you cameraman it (Gears of War, Modern Warfare 2). Sometimes you just gotta zoom way the fuck in until the HUD is out of the way and then pivot the camera around the player so it looks like different shots (Pretty much anything single player.) It varies, but yeah, there are skits like “Chode Police” and “Prostate God” that use resources like Unreal Development Kit and Gmod to create custom animation with game characters. Wow, that was a lot of nerd talk. I can get pussy, I swear! Dexter: Yes, the computers! We just use the actual game most of the time, crop out the HUD etc. And if a game has a theatre mode e.g. Halo then that's pretty useful, although sometimesI'll have special animations done by my friend in Unreal Engine so I can make Dom and Marcus dance, make love, etc Dtoid: In the season finale of your show, Nathan Drake turns into a bunch of spiders. That's an awesome idea. Why are you more interesting game developers than Naughty Dog, and why isn't Uncharted as funny or interesting as your videos?Lyle: Ummm, believe it or not that’s actually IN the game. There is at least one developer in Naughty Dog that is clearly an underappreciated source of amazing ideas. Unfortunately the higher-ups seem to be doing everything in their power to stifle his creative genius and hide it from the world, because it was only available as a preorder bonus from a specific chain of retailers, while it should have been one of the core gameplay mechanics. Dexter: This sketch is actually based on a true story. Lyle and I were playing Uncharted 3's multiplayer, He tells me to watch his character. He turns into spiders. I scream "what" loudly in disbelief As to what the fuck just happened, my body starts to sweat and shiver, my "what's" gradually became louder and more confused until I accepted the simple truth -- Nathan Drake can indeed turn into spiders. What the fuck. Dtoid: We live in a strange time where Television, Film, and Youtube all have separate but equally influential places in the entertainment industry. Would you say you were more heavily influenced by internet videos, films, or television? Feel free to name drop some of your favorite things! Lyle: I’m going to guess these answers will turn out really fucking different. For me, Internet definitely. I remember when I was like, fuck I dunno, 14? my friend showed me this (now long dead) series of internet cartoons called Tomorrow’s Nobodies as well as a bunch of other crude and violent cartoons on sites like Newgrounds. There’s a certain level of comedy that only comes from unadulterated crudeness. I thought it was hilarious that they were able to say “fuck” as much as they wanted without getting bleeped or make jokes about shoving crippled autistic kids into swimming pools. For the most part I try to stay away from retreading the same ground other people do though, especially when it comes to videogame shit. There’s obviously a certain limitation that comes from using game characters, and fuck, Mario is always going to be Mario no matter how you spin it, but if it can be avoided I go out of my way not to directly parody the specific game I’m using for the skit and rather try to create a comedic scenario that works for the characters based on the way they’re designed. Dr. Kleiner from Half Life looks like he’s a doctor, so in the skit where he’s having the epic battle with the shitting guy you’re not supposed to really interpret him as “Dr Kleiner” but rather as “a doctor”, so it’s more believable when he tries to finger people’s asses. Because that's what doctors do. Finger asses. People draw the obvious comparison to Robot Chicken because of the formatting and genre, but sketch comedy is something that’s been around longer than color TV. The only real similarity to that show specifically is the transition. It wasn’t a big influence as far as humor goes.Dexter: The Room. I love the magical writing Tommy Wiseau has brought to the world, such lines like "oh Hi Danny" and "oh hi Mark" really ring true to me. Dtoid: What do you make of your audience? Do you guess that they are just like you? Younger? Older? Faster? Stronger? Lyle: There’s a lot of variation in the audience. There are my fans, Dex’s fans, any overlap of the two, and people who don’t know who the fuck either one of us are and just watch the show on Machinima. There are a couple things they all have in common. First of all, I hate them, and second they have shitty taste in everything. So yeah, I guess they ARE just like me as far as those qualities go.Dexter: They all look like this- Some of the smarter ones like this- It ain't easy pleasing hedgehogs. Dtoid: Like a lot of machinima's, your videos seem to both mock and pay tribute to the way the voice acting and the behaviors of videogame characters sometimes appear totally disconnected from each other, both in terms of emotional inflection, logic, and otherwise (Example: Jill Sandwich). What is it about that disconnection that causes it to resonate so deeply with gamer culture? Lyle: I could answer this but since these are pretty much all Dex’s skits I’ll let him do it. Gives me time to rub one out. Dexter: Most likely as it's pretty awesome to hear Marcus Fenix with a sonic voice shouting "die motherfuckers". [embed]219353:42338[/embed]Dtoid: Are there any jokes that you feel would be taking things too far? Would you ever fear offending/mocking your audience? Lyle: Any jokes that I would feel are taking things too far? No. Were it up to me every episode would be an hour long puppet show wherein the main character is my penis with googly eyes glued to it featuring liberal use of the N word. Unfortunately for the world both Machinima and Youtube have content guidelines that prevent me from doing this. People getting offended by our show is honestly the best possible outcome. You are never more passionate about something than when it offends you. Think of it this way, if someone says “I like your shirt” you’ll probably just say thank you and that will be the end of it. If someone says “that shirt makes you look like a shit eating asshole” that can turn into a 3 hour argument, assuming that isn’t the look you’re going for. Maybe you’ll even tell your friend how some asshole who looks like they shop at a thrift store called your tight fitted purple Abercrombie tanktop into question, you shit eating asshole. Regrettably most of our fans now seem indoctrinated to offensive material, but fear not. Plans to kill and replace them go into effect very soon!Dexter: Not really, the only thing that falls under that category is I sometimes feel I can't use a joke as it might be too mature for most of the audience and they wouldn't get it. I think anything can be funny if you don't take it seriously and you pull it off right, though using the word "faggot" is a big NONONONONO in the Machinima world. It makes the clearance guys shit bricks, so many in fact that they can build houses with them for the homeless, which begs the question.. surely using the word faggot is helping the community? Dtoid:  Rumor has it this is the last episode of Sanity Not Included EVER. Then again, Ozzy said that 20 years ago, and I think he's still touring. Are you sure the series is over? If so, what are you doing next? Lyle: Whoever your source is, it’s likely they’re actively trying to feed you false information. Sanity will DEFINITELY have a third season. It’s got more than enough kick left in it for that, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want it to outstay its welcome and stagnate and I don’t want to just be known as “one of the guys who do Sanity.” I’m starting to get into music a bit more. Sanity’s opening theme and the ending credits song you heard in the finale were both by me. I’ve got a new series in the works which is music oriented, and I plan to at some point release a solo album, but it’s too early to go into specifics on either one of those things. In the Ozzy analogy, I’m Zakk Wylde, and it’s like... 1995 or something like that. This seemed a lot more clever in my head. Dexter: Far from it, we definitely will do a season 3 and we suspect it will be out around the first quarter of 2012 (if we aren't all dead by then) though I think if we were going to continue after season 3 it would probably just be based on the animations, but I dunno who knows what the future brings! Hopefully many Cinnabons. Dtoid: Is there anything I missed that you really want the Destructoid readership to know about Sanity's Not Included? Lyle: Sanity Not Included? No, but if anyone steals my idea for Manaconda’s N****rquest I swear to god I’ll cut their fucking jaw off. Dexter: Eat your fruits and vegetables Oh and punch babies.

It's quite rare for a completely surreal videogame-based sketch comedy series to become a success. It's even more rare that the people who produce that brand of comedy show their faces out in the wild, where they may be pote...


Garrymon Episode 2: The nightmarish Pokemon spoof returns

Dec 10
// Tony Ponce
It's been almost two years since we saw the first episode of Garrymon, the Pokémon spoof that used Garry's Mod with hilariously creepy results. During that time, creators HyperJerk and Dtoider Jetz had to restart the ...

Machinima teases (fake) Angry Birds movie trailer

Dec 07
// Victoria Medina
All I want for Christmas is for this Machinima trailer to be for a real movie. Sadly it isn't, which I think is a shame. Don't worry though, there is an Angry Birds movie in the works. It just isn't an homage to Snatch (the movie, you perverts). Seriously though, this is an amazing idea, and while I have less than no desire to see the real Angry Birds movie, I would go watch this movie. Twice.

Resident Evil: First Hour is off to a lumbering start

Dec 02
// Tony Ponce
Machinima is back with a new live action web series, this time based on Resident Evil. The show is a prequel of sorts to RE2, following Leon Kennedy as he turns up to the wrong station on his first day. Episode 1 is extremel...

Tips from the pros on how to make funny videogame films

Oct 17 // Jonathan Holmes
Are all the performers in your films SAG approved thespians? If not, how hard would it be to score a roll in your next feature? We don't think any of our actors are in SAG. None of us are in any guilds of any kind, unless you count the blacksmiths...of which this video had eight dues paying members. And anyone can be in our internet videos. You just have to be extremely talented, willing to work for free pizza and live in New York City. (Also as a disclaimer - We aren't making a whole feature... just the trailer. Unless you know someone at 20th Century Fox.) What gave you the idea to take a more sympathetic look at Donkey Kong; a sexually semi-assaultive Gorilla-villain who throws barrels at anyone who dares to come near him? We wanted to put the DK character into the workplace comedy genre, so we decided to go with an Office Space style loser. Someone who toils away at an average job and then when he gets screwed over, snaps. I think everyone can identify with a shitty office job. We'd also like to give the question maker 10 points for using the word "semi-assaultive." Are there any other games from the "guys running around on scaffolding getting killed by falling objects" genre that you might turn into a live-action comedies? Burger Time perhaps? No games from the extremely specific genre you named BUT we would love to make more of these trailers based on classic video games. It's super fun and they seem to be well recieved. How long are you planning for the full length Mr Kong feature to be? Like I mentioned. We are not actually making the whole feature. Just the trailer. BUT if we did make it, it'd be close to 4 hours long and would have a lot of time travel involved. What's the hardest thing about making these sorts of films? The hardest thing about making these sorts of film projects is making sure we get all our information right. When parodying something like this, something that's loved by so many people for so long, we want to make sure we are doing it justice. There are so many little aspects and details to these games that everybody knows and loves, we got to make sure we include as much as we can, and correctly. We've got to be able to tear apart each detail down to the mustaches, and bring it to life. What's the best advice you could give to someone who's hoping to make their own successful short films and/or internet series? When making videos like this for an internet audience we always try to keep it short, keep it original, and keep it funny. Which can be hard if you want to make videos like this because of all the information you have to try and squeeze in there. But you want to make sure people aren't bored with your project. Try and surprise people with different things. Thats where you can find a lot of the humor as well. Any chance for a Tommy Wiseau cameo in the final feature? Maybe as Funky Kong? We would LOVE for a Tommy Wiseau cameo. In anything we do. Any chance we can work with Tommy Wiseau we would definitely take it. The fact that we haven't yet is TEARING US APART LISA! Anything you really want our readers to know about Mr Kong, or any of your other projects? Mr. Kong was a blast to make. Everyone we work with on these kind of projects, from the actors to the people that help us out behind the scenes, are all super talented, top notch people. It takes a solid team and network of people to keep the process of making these videos so fun. And as long as we got that, you can expect a whole lot more from Captain Hippo. (Check us out at

See that video up there? It's got over 150K views so far, and it's been out for a little over a week. For the internet, that's not too bad. How does one go about getting a video like this produced, distributed, and that many...


Live action Donkey Kong makes metaphor reality

Oct 09
// Jonathan Holmes
Machinima is at it again with another live-action movie trailer based on an old-school, semi-abstract videogame concept. They run with the dichotomy between Donkey Kong's beastly manner and his stately ne...

PlayStation Home welcomes movie makers

Sep 30
// Fraser Brown
I'm not sure if there's crazy stuff going on in PlayStation Home that most of the world is not privy to, but if there is we're sure to find out now that Sony has released a new video capture tool. The Loot Active Camera gives...

O hai, bonus Tommy Wi-Show video!

Sep 25
// Tony Ponce
Did you enjoy the series debut of The Tommy Wi-Show? Would you like some more? I bet you would like some more. Here's some more. In this extra footage, T.W. squares off against the nightmare king Freddy Krueger. By the way, check out the dude's fingers -- he is definitely hard to the core! Tommy Wiseau vs. Freddy Krueger: The Tommy Wi-Show (Machinima) [YouTube]

The Tommy Wi-Show debuts and it's ... yep!

Sep 25
// Jim Sterling
Notorious movie director Tommy Wiseau has rolled out his new videogame-based show, The Tommy Wi-Show and it is exactly what fans of his work were likely expecting. Tommy garbles his way through awkward scenes, and plays some...

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