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Love to hate it

DS and 3DS are BS?

FEZ creator thinks DS and 3DS are bullsh*t

Indie dev Twitter rage! Fun, fun, fun!
Mar 23
Indie game developers are certainly an outspoken lot, aren't they? Phil Fish, creator of the dimension-flipping XBLA platformer FEZ, finally decided to hop on the Monster Hunter train starting with Ultimate for 3DS. He thinks... read

While many videogame characters are beloved around the world, there are a handful that are reviled by a large majority of the gaming population. And, to be honest, “reviled” may not even be strong enough a word. I... read feature

Final Fantasy XIII and the NBA All-Star celebrity JAM

Feb 10
In the spirit of Shaq-Fu, Beyoncé pretending to like Rhythm Heaven, and countless other videogame/mainstream media pairings, Square Enix and the NBA have announced Final Fantasy XIII as a presenting partner of the 2010... read

You will never look at Mario the same way again

Nov 20
What is it about this obese Mario mask that makes it so damned terrifying? My immediate thought was the tongue. Oh God, the tongue! But then my eyes were drawn to the bulbous red nose. Has Mario ever had a red nose before? He... read

The return of the mack: Luc Bernard's new game is out

Jun 13
Yes friends, from here on out, Luc Bernard will officially be known as "The Mack", and he has returned. Ironically, his theme song is not the 70's funk hit by the same name, it's actually What's up doc, can we rock?... read

Too Human finished ... may God have mercy on us all

Aug 02
It appears as if Too Human's long and painful development has finally been put to rest and, presumably, Denis Dyack can go back on his meds again. That's right, Too Human is gold and ready to go. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the (... read

Conflicted about how to show your love? Give her The Heavy!

Feb 13
That sounds infinitely more perverse than I intended it, but it's too late now. Thanks to the talents of graphic illustrator Alexandra Neonaki, showing the geek guy or gal in your life that you heart them is as easy as hittin... read

GDC: We didn't invite Jack Thompson

Nov 06
Yesterday we told you that GamePolitics found news that Jack Thompson might be attending the Game Developers Conference as a keynote speaker, but it turns out that the GDC knew nothing of this. Now it looks like Jack is that... read

The Memory Card .17: Hover bike madness!

Sep 20
Although they may have gotten more complicated and deep over the years, videogames have definitely not become more challenging. Not to say that is a negative thing by any means, it is just hard to compare the tu... read

Camelot developed We Love Golf! announced for North American Wiis

Sep 14
Capcom has announced that they will be publishing the Camelot developed Wii title, We Love Golf!. Previously revealed under a more clever name, Wii Love Golf, for Japanese territories, the title will be coming to North Americ... read

The Memory Card .13: The submerged letter

Aug 23
This series focuses on the most memorable videogame moments of all time, but who says some of these self-proclaimed amazing moments aren’t unforgettable for all the wrong reasons? Just because something is... read

BBC thinks that games are serious business

Aug 06
I was totally unaware that the BBC got owned in the face when it was revealed that a number of its phone-in competitions were fakes. That's hilarious, especially as the good old British Broadcasting Corporation is a huge pile... read

Your Xbox 360 looks like a rice cooker

Apr 30
It's been called a gigantic mouse, a pregnant wii, and the new MAC. But what is it really? I wish it was a fuzzy logic Japanese rice cooker/Xbox 360 combo, but it's just a concept replacement chasis called "Ovo&... read

The guilty pleasures of gaming

Touch it
Apr 27
The word hardcore when applied to gamers tends to paint a picture of a person who plays games like Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Gears of War, not someone who sits with his little Nintendo DS and plays hours of Cooking Mama or ... read

Experience the hardest Mario ever (no fluffing required!)

Apr 11
If you are ever in a situation where your little sister complains about a Mario game being too hard, please just slap her and show her this video. Created by a random somebody in Taiwan (my vote is for escaped mental patient... read

Tetris is keeping women in the kitchen (update)

Apr 04
Doctor Freud would love feminists because they seem to be as obsessed with penises as he was. Mighty Ponygirl over at Feminist Gamers recently wrote a piece about how Tetris is a sexist game. I wasn't sure if she was kid... read

My name is Bob and I'm an angry gamer

Feb 23
We all get frustrated playing video games. No one likes to lose and no one likes to run the same level over and over again trying to complete it. It sucks when a game isn’t going your way. How each of us reacts to ... read

Naruto may be the butt of every Japanator joke, but the popular anime franchise does have a huge following. Underachieving children everywhere will eat it up!  This new trailer, however craptacular in video quality, doe... read feature

Resident Evil 4 could have been scarier

Feb 13
HardestBoss spotted a video of an early Japanese E3 build version of Resident Evil 4. These concepts were dropped from the final game because it was "too paranormal" to mesh with the game's ultimate storyline: T... read

Nintendo's last-gen graphics turn off Bethesda, Epic Games

Feb 09
A ShackNews interview with Bethesda reveals that the company wanted to bring Elder Scrolls Oblivion to the Wii, but the system obviously doesn't have enough under the hood to support the game. This is unfortunate, as the... read

Destructoid's most discussed of 2007

Jan 27
In addition to tracking the most lurked through stories on Destructoid, we also keep an eye out of the most active discussions.  You can always find this info on the top right hand corner menu right above the Top 20 Buzz... read

Shield video game: Attention whoever made this piece of crap

Jan 23
Licensed games, there's a reason they suck. Most of the time they are pathetic rush jobs and just an excuse to make an easy buck while never putting that much effort in quality control. I'm used to this, I understan... read

Like Second Life? Go get a First Life instead

Jan 21
I don't like MMORPGs. I don't like the concept of it and I despise what it can do to a person. But I'd rather go play World of Warcraft than to ever get into Second Life. If I had to sacrifice my life for the gami... read

Sims Stories: episodic standalones inbound

Jan 16
Episodic content isn't going away. No, it is instead leaking into all kinds of franchises and into the dirty minds of those that ruined the concept of "expansion pack" for everyone. I'm pointing the finger a... read

Old G4TV lives in Canada

Jan 08
Over a year ago, G4TV opted to change their station format from an all tech/gaming channel to more of an all guy channel with new programming like that of SpikeTV, in hopes that they would draw in more viewers and advertis... read

Soda Popinski, I will end you

Jan 03
Yeah, you're l33t as hell. You can trounce waves of fearsome baddies without breaking a sweat. You've made your friends scream in anguish over Xbox Live and humiliated them with your mad skills. Little girls cry at th... read

The glory days of G4TV remembered

Jan 02
Ask any gamer that watched G4TV before 2005 about the state of the station's programming now and expect him to spit on the ground, set a picture of Kevin Pereira on fire, and then curl up in ball to cry about the good ... read

A guide for all console haters

Dec 26
Having a hard time coming up with that perfect comeback on why the PS3 sucks compared to the Nintendo Wii?  Tired of never knowing what to say when you want to slam Xbox 360? Well, Ottsel the Obnoxious Sidekick has post... read

Sexism in video games

Dec 12
While surfing on my favorite blog to hate, Official, I came across this documentary, "Damsels, Vixens and Buff Guys: Sexism in Video Games", which looks at the stereotypes used in video games to depict b... read

Sony fixes PS3 video issues; world passes out from disbelief (Update)

Dec 07
So, I've finally crossed 100 posts on Destructoid (this being #101), and am a little high, considering I've only been here about a month. Within this short period of time, I have managed to piss Summa off on multiple ... read

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